Question: Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol?

Combined with faulty auxiliary lighting and many other small problems, the cars poor quality led to rumors about its demise in 1996. However, Honda decided to keep it on sale for at least one more year, and we cant say that was a wise decision, as only 5,603 cars were delivered in 1997.

Does Honda still make the Del Sol?

The Honda del Sol is a 2-seater targa top car manufactured by Honda in the 1990s. Based on the Honda Civic platform, the del Sol was the successor to the popular Honda CR-X....Honda CR-X del Sol.Honda del SolWidth1,695 mm (66.7 in)Height1,255 mm (49.4 in)Curb weight2,295–2,535 lb (1,041–1,150 kg)Chronology20 more rows

What replaced the Honda Del Sol?

The Honda Del Sol was canceled in 1997. There would be no replacement for the 1998 model year. Then in 1999, Honda launched the S2000 for the 2000 model year. It was a larger and pricier, full convertible.

How much is the Honda del Sol?

Del Sol TrimsCoupeOriginal MSRP / PriceHorsepowerCivic del Sol 2dr Cpe S Manual$15,080 / $13,529106Civic del Sol 2dr Cpe Si Auto$18,100 / $16,239127Civic del Sol 2dr Cpe Si Manual$17,300 / $15,522127Civic del Sol 2dr Cpe VTEC Manual$19,600 / $17,5851601 more row

Is a Honda Del Sol a JDM?

Honda Del Sol: Heres What You Didnt Know About The JDM Sports Car. Despite being often overlooked in favor of the Miata, the Del Sol is a surprisingly fun and easy-to-live-with JDM sports car thatll cost you peanuts. ... Its fair to say that most current owners love their cars.

There is evidence that it did in the past, but in direct response to the Toba Catastrophe reducing the human population to roughly 1,000 to 10,000, humans evolved to lose this to enable rapid repopulation. Consequently, amateur pornography in the Johnsonverse tend to be much longer in runtime.

Egypt Egypt was never Christianized, Islamized, or even secularly Arabized. The Egyptian Arabic language never gains dominance, but still exists as a minority language.

Island of Sodor The Island of Sodor is real in the Johnsonverse, as are its people, railways, and engines. One big difference that goes without saying is that none of the vehicles have faces. The Reverend Awdry grew up on Sodor, and his childhood experiences there were the direct inspiration for his Railway Series books.

That same year, Skylab was moved into a graveyard orbit and replaced by a newer modular station called Spacelab, which was expanded with new modules over the years. At T+1 minute 20 seconds, the first stage of the Saturn V suddenly exploded.

The crew Robert Crippin, Ken Mattingly, and William Pogue survived, as a result, but the Saturn V was grounded, and all lunar flights put in a stand-down state. It was modified to hold a five-man crew in 1987 as part of a joint program with the European Space Agency. Lunar flights were reintroduced in 1977 with Apollo 50, commanded by Neil Armstrong. Later that year, the Manned Venus Flyby took place, with the crew of Apollo 11 making their final flights.

Despite Apollo continuing, the Space Shuttle continued development regardless, in hopes that it would slowly replace Apollo. Ultimately, though, the entire system never played nothing more than a supporting role, always second-to-run to Apollo. The shuttle system's primary role, when it wasn't launching satellites and probes or carrying out SpaceLab missions, was delivering new modules to Spacelab the station.

Apollo was used increasingly for military applications in the 1980s, as the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 never existed. In addition, Skylab B was launched into lunar orbit as LunarLab, with its own crew rotation cycle; LunarLab was launched in response to an announcement by the Soviet Union that it would be launching Salyut 7 into lunar orbit, and as a result, was a primarily military station, but also did scout out potential landing sites for future lunar flights; ultimately, Salyut 7 was never launched into lunar orbit, instead staying firmly in low Earth orbit.

But these military operations were overshadowed by an even bigger accomplishment. The payload: the Martian Excursion Module. On March 27, 1986, a little over a year after launch, Apollo 90 landed on Mars, with John Young and Robert Crippin being the first humans to set foot on Mars. Two more Martian flights were flown in 1989 and 1993, before the Mars flights were put on the backburner to focus on a new project. Other changes were to come to the Apollo program. Today, Apollo is still going strong, with no sign of stopping.

Not even the uncertainty of the Trump administration affected it, as President Donald J. Apollo is due to undergo a few major changes in the coming years. Gallery A gallery showing the spacecraft in Kerbal Space Program is coming soon. China The current flag of Tibet. A map Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol?

North and South China, Tibet and Korea. In 1949, the United States successfully negotiated an armistice between the People's Republic of China and Republic of China, and established a border at the Yangtze River. Despite this, no major border incidents have occurred between the two nations.

As a result of this division, China never became an economic powerhouse, with South China becoming the world's second-largest economy despite its smaller land size. North China uses the same government, flag, and currency as the real-life China, while South China has those from Taiwan, which is incorporated into South China.

This also means that China never took Tibet, which is still its own independent country; its 1912 flag was kept until 1970, when it was redesigned in a nationwide contest.

One major difference is the formation of the International Mandate for the Concessions, Settlements and Legations in China commonly referred to as the Legation Citieswhich aims to provide equal and open access to the South Chinese markets. The initial plan was for these cities to be administered exclusively by the Soviet Union, but this plan was quickly abandoned due to North China and Russia sharing a land border, thus making this arrangement impractical.

Instead, the administration contracts were awarded either to other communist nations, or even nations that weren't in either sphere. The Hattori Coup was incredibly unpopular with the war-weary populace of Japan, leading Hattori to order mass, indiscriminate killings Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol?

civilians to shut them up. All this did was galvanize anti-militarist support, and Yoshida loyalists called upon the United States to remove Hattori from power. On June 6, 1952, American forces commanded by Douglas MacArthur marched on Tokyo and ordered Hattori to surrender. MacArthur's forces and Hattori's loyalists engaged in intense urban warfare for three days until MacArthur ordered tanks to move in, breaking the stalemate.

Angry citizens, tired of the Japanese government, stormed the National Diet Building in an insurrection that Hattori's loyalists were powerless to stop. A militia group presented Hattori to MacArthur, who had him executed on the spot.

In the days that followed, the United States reoccupied Japan, with Hattori's supporters fleeing to the countryside. On July 1, 1952, the United States and provisional Japanese governments signed the Treaty of San Francisco, stipulating that Japan, as a nation, would cease to exist, and all of its lands would now be under full American control.

The changes were immediate: Japan's eight regions were reclassified as states for example, the Kansai Region Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol? the State of Kansaiand all prefectures were reclassified as counties for example, Iwate Prefecture became Iwate Countythough they are still generally referred to as prefectures like how Louisiana's counties are called parishes, and Alaska's counties are called boroughs.

A new American flag with 56 stars was hastily designed and put into effect in the hours after the treaty was signed.

Racial conflicts between whites and ethnic Japanese are also a major issue, though in a twist of irony, whites are the ones being discriminated against along with all other non-Asian races, being viewed as occupiers. Seventy percent of the region speaks in both the English and Japanese languages, with five percent speaking only in English, and the remaining twenty-five percent speaking only in Japanese.

Tokyo subway Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway, as well as Tokyo Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol? Area Rapid Transit, the Saitama and Toyo Rapid Railway Lines, the Yamanote Line, the Toyoko Line, and both subways in Yokohama the Yokohama Subway and Minatomirai Lineare operated by one company, Transport for Tokyo, and as one continuous system. Judge Judy The show still airs to this day, meaning Judy Justice does not exist; Season 26 saw Judy herself back in the courtroom, along with limited audiences, as well as a new graphics package replacing the general style introduced in 2004 and the reinstatement of the Bill Bodine-composed music cues used prior to 2004.

Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol?

Also, the show is still distributed by Worldvision Enterprises which Johnson acquired a controlling stake in via Blockbuster Entertainment in 1994. Communist China attacked South Korea, and General MacArthur drew up a plan to use 50 atomic bombs against both North Korea and North China.

In our timeline, President Truman dismissed MacArthur for trying to go behind his back to implement this plan, but in the Johnsonverse, Truman realized this was the only way they could break the stalemate. On February 23, 1951, Operation Hudson Harbor was executed, and all North Korean positions were Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol? off the map by Mark 4 nuclear bombs carried by B-29 bombers. Over 50 bombs were dropped along the Yalu River to create a death zone that the North Chinese could not send any forces or supplies through.

The Yalu Radiation Zone was declared terra nullius until the International Atomic Energy Agency declared it habitable again in 2012, a full sixty years after the operation was carried out. North Korea immediately surrendered, and North China pulled back.

The Soviet Union, which had bomber and submarine forces in the area, was intimdated into pulling all forces out of the area, as they had very few nuclear weapons of their own compared to the United States.

In a controversial move, Kim Il-sung was granted amnesty on the grounds that he never get involved in politics again.

He went on to become Korea's most-prolific restauranteur, a legacy carried on by his son Kim Jong-il and his grandson Kim Jong-un. This also means that the 2014 Sony hacking incident never happened.

To this day, Operation Hudson Harbor is a topic of debate and controversy, with historians questioning if the United States was justified in carrying out the bombings which were done with the permission of South Koreaor if the United States should have settled for an armistice.

As for international opinion, nuclear weaponry was still in its infancy, and to the United States' credit, the lowest-possible yield on the Mark 4 bomb was used against North Korean positions, and only airbursts were used on the Korean Peninsula, both factors limiting the damage and ensuring radioactive fallout wouldn't hinder Korea's postwar recovery.

North Chinese and American authorities also worked together to keep fallout from the Yalu groundbursts from drifting into Korea.

Politics thread: Yo, you got a source for that?

In addition, no future wars saw nuclear weapons used, despite several close calls. Mills Lane Lane in a 2021 double-page magazine advert with other Big Ticket Television judges. Lane never had his stroke in 2002, and was able to reprise his role in the 2006 revival of Celebrity Deathmatch.

In addition, his courtroom show, Judge Mills Lane, moved over to Johnson Domestic Television for Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol? 4, and still airs today. Whitmire also still performs Wembley Fraggle and Sprocket in Fraggle Rock-related projects.

In addition, Kermit became a regular on Sesame Street again starting in Season 45 due to Johnson licensing the character to Sesame Workshop. This also means that Whitmire also remained as Ernie. Palisades Toys Because Palisades was acquired by Johnson in 2005, they're still in operation to this day. Here is a list of product waves for each lineup: The Muppets Wave Products Variants Accessories if applicable Sesame Street Wave Products Variants Accessories if applicable Fraggle Rock Wave Products Variants Accessories if applicable Godzilla franchise As Toho Company Ltd.

The entries in the series are as follows: Films Alpha Timeline No. Kamacurus Kumonga 9 Destroy All Monsters August 1, 1968 Ishiro Honda Akira Ifukube Baragon and Varan have bigger roles, as new suits were made for them Monsters that had been planned to appear in the film do appear, including Maguma, King Kong, Ebirah, Kamacurus, and Mechakong; Kong is able to appear because the original 1933 film was a Universal-Johnson co-production, and as a result, both companies share the rights The film is set in 1968 instead of 1999 Monsterland is referred to as Monster Island Kamacurus and Ebirah side with the Kilaaks and are killed for their troublesand Mechakong is deployed after it is revealed that Dr.

Anguirus Rodan Mothra Imago Baragon Varan Gorosaurus Kamacurus Kumonga Ebirah Maguma King Kong Mechakong King Ghidorah 10 All Monsters Attack December 20, 1969 Ishiro Honda Kunio Miyauchi The film takes place in the real world instead of a little boy's imagination; as a result, Gabara is real The film is a coming-of-age story for Godzilla Jr.

The film's title comes from Gabara rallying several monsters such as Ebirah, Kamacurus, and the Giant Condor, for revenge against Godzilla; they end up being defeated by Godzilla Jr.

Anguirus Rodan Mothra Imago Baragon Varan Gorosaurus Manda King Kong Maguma Kamacurus Ebirah Giant Condor Gabara 11 Godzilla vs. Little Godzilla 22 Godzilla vs. The World Godzilla 2000 Kiryu 27 Godzilla: Tokyo S. Name Released Director Composer Notes Monster s featured 23 The Revenge of Cthulhu November 17, 2006 Made in response to complaints about the series finale of Monster World namely the fact that Shinji and Asuka did not become a couplethis film was dedicated to them and their relationship, as well as Cthulhu's last-ditch effort to achieve his goals of extinguishing all life on Earth.

Jet Jaguar Mecha-King Ghidorah Kiryu Evangelion Unit-01 Evangelion Unit-02 Evangelion Unit-00 Evangelion Unit-03 Evangelion Unit-04B SpaceGodzilla Battra Ebirah Kumonga Kamacurus Titanosaurus Zilla Megaguirus Female Godzilla 25 Shin Godzilla July 29, 2016 Hideaki Anno Shinji Higuchi See above 26 Rise of the Ultra Kaiju 2017 27 Godzilla: Civil War 2018 28 Godzilla vs.

The Tricephalon June 8, 1979 Universal Jun Fukuda John Williams In 1977, Universal proposed to Johnson to make a non-canon Godzilla film. John Williams was tapped to compose, and he created a score incorporating classic Ifukube themes. Universal initially planned to use stop-motion, but upon realizing why Eiji Tsuburaya had elected to use suitmation in 1954, attempted to construct their own suits, but the first prototype was unsatisfactory.

Toho built a brand-new Godzilla suit TricephGojiand made extreme modifications to the ShodaiGhido suit, which involved replacing the wings with a pair of front legs, adding a fin on the back, and repainting the suit green. The film was a modest box office success, and won an Academy Award for Best Special Effects.

Godzilla Tricephalon Godzilla 3D November 11, 1983 20th Century Fox Steve Miner Jerry Goldsmith In 1983, Steve Miner proposed to make and direct an independent Godzilla film, and Toho approved of the plan. Toho agreed to let Miner develop a conceptualization of his film and begin seeking for backing from Hollywood studios. Miner started by hiring Fred Dekker to write a screenplay and William Stout to develop concept sketches. The first thing I said to Steve was, 'If all this movie is about is this big monster destroying buildings, we're screwed.

Stout based his Godzilla design on a prototype developed and constructed by paleontologist Steve Czerkas and even made a teaser poster for the film, depicting Godzilla spitting atomic breath on the Golden Gate Bridge. Dave Stevens developed numerous storyboards based on the Godzilla designs. Miner contacted some of the biggest names in Hollywood special effects at the time. Many of them were invited to a special screening of the original Japanese version of Godzilla.

Rick Baker was contacted to develop an animatronic Godzilla head for close-up shots, and Jim Danforth was set to animate stop motion, with David Allen set to head the animation team. When Phil Stacker caught wind of the film, he not only expressed approval, he even lent the TricephGoji suit to Miner.

The film was released to mixed reception but decent box-office returns. After production wrapped, the TricephGoji suit was returned to Toho, where it was refurbished for use in Wrath of Godzilla, where it was renamed 84Goji. Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol? Television Series Name Airdate Notes Zone Fighter 1973-1977 In our timeline, this series was cut short by the Energy Crisis, while in the Johnsonverse, Zone Fighter managed to run for several seasons.

The Godzilla Power Hour September 9, 1978 - December 8, 1979 Instead of being an animated series by Hanna-Barbera, this series was live-action, using live actors and suitmation. As a result, Godzilla portrayed using the MegaroGoji suit has his proper roars.

In addition, classic Godzilla monsters are present in the series, either helping Godzilla or being his opponent of the week; Gigan and Megalon, in particular, were recurring antagonists, while Anguirus appears in every episode. Godzilla, King of the Monsters! This was a hybrid series combining animated humans with live-action suits, and is considered non-canon to any established timeline.

The main purpose of the series was to promote the Trendmasters toyline. It is not canon to any timeline. Movie Airdate Notes Principal monsters Godzilla: Super Fight 2009 The first made-for-television Godzilla movie, meant to build public interest in the franchise ahead of. The film sees Godzilla transported to another planet by the Kilaaks to engage in gladitorial games against other kaiju taken from other planets, with the winning kaiju's planet being spared destruction.

During the games, Godzilla finds himself being forced to work with his old enemies King Ghidorah, Gigan, and the Black Hole Alien Mechagodzilla to break out and return to their respective planets.

Barubaroi November 2011 Loosely based on a concept that evolved into Godzilla vs. The World, this film was made in direct response to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, with Barubaroi being awoken Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol?

the earthquake and coming ashore. This time, though, the humans have help from another alien species known as the Sterlans. Godzilla King Ghidorah SpaceGodzilla Due to never being fired fromCombs did not commit suicide in 1996, and still hosts the show today.

He was replaced by Burton Richardson, who still announces today. Combs' old set was sent to the Johnson Studios museum, where it still stands today. Michael Burger has hosted ever since. In 2003, the set was replaced with a replica of the 1973-78 set, and the show reverted to the 1970s version's theme music. Production also moved back to Television City in 1991.

Paul Boland has announced since then. Set used since 2015 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? It still ended in 2014 due to Chris Tarrant's retirement, and was revived Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol? 2018 with Jeremy Clarkson; the graphics there are much better.

The Olga van den Brandt graphics were introduced in 2019, with better animations for the lozenges and money straps. Potion Pictures' graphics for the main screen and video floor remained. Good Morning America broadcaster Robin Roberts has hosted since April 2020. After Harrison's departure, sportscaster Bob Costas took his place for the 2021-22 season.

Gallery Roberts hosting a Millionaire episode in 2020 During his participation in the anime made by Johnson Television starting in 2013, Tim Johnson was able to convince Robin Williams who voices Navi in the series to get help for his depression. As a result, he did not commit suicide, and reprised his role as the Genie in the 2019 live-action remake of Aladdin to universal acclaim. In addition, he never a falling out with Disney after Aladdin came out as then-Disney chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg never reneged on his promise not to use Williams' name, voice, or likeness in any merchandise such as toys or fast foodand voiced Genie in all subsequent appearances, as well as The Return of Jafar.

The television series, as a result, experienced multiple delays getting to air because the staff had trouble figuring out which of Williams' ad-libs to use.

Tim Curry Tim Curry never had his stroke in 2012, and as a result, is still very active and hammy. Northern Calloway Calloway was reminded to get a psychologist to help him by Sheldon Johnson, Jr.

Handford and Alan still exist, the former being David's mentor and the latter working for David at Hooper's Store alongside Chris. In addition, Maria married David instead of Luis, who remained single. Jim Henson Henson didn't ignore the symptoms of pneumonia, and got proper treatment.

His directing career saw many big successes, and he even got to Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol?

a Godzilla film Godzilla vs. The Worldand several episodes of Monster World. Henson died in 2018 of natural causes. Jane Henson Jane Henson didn't get cancer, and is still alive.

Jerry Juhl Juhl is also still alive. He still writes for modern Muppet productions. He still performs his roles today, and also performs Molc in the Star Pirates franchise. Jerry Nelson Nelson never had all of his health problems, and managed to live until 2019, when he passed away from natural causes. It is said he died of a broken heart after Jim Henson died. Frank Oz After Johnson's acquisition of Disney, Oz returned to the Muppets in 2015, though on a part-time basis.

Eric Jacobson still performs Oz's characters on a regular basis, with Oz making occasional return appearances. Kevin Clash Due to Clash's sexual abuse allegations being exposed as false as well, he still performs Elmo and Hoots the Owl on Sesame Street, as well as Clifford on modern Muppet projects.

The season also aired from 2015 to 2016 and consists of 65 episodes each season since then consists of 65 episodes as well rather than 35. The credits are a shot-for-shot remake of the credits sequence used between Seasons 11 and 23.

Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol?

Animated skits were recreated in widescreen. The episodes also capture the feel of the classic 1998-2009 skits, though with a slightly modern twist. As a result, Joey Mazzarino never left the show. Following Delgado's death, it was announced that an episode in the same vein as the famous 1983 Mr. Hooper episode will be made.

He learned to become a better person after he met creator at a convention in 1976. He also married his then-girlfriend Lynne Naylor in 1991, having four children with her. In addition, his company,is still active, and many of its ex-employees such as Naylor, Jim Smith, Eddie Fitzgerald, Mike Fontanelli, Bob Camp, Bob Jaques, Richard Pursel, Vincent Waller, Chris Reccardi until his 2019 deathWilliam Wray, Katie Rice, Robyn Byrd who is John K. Story instead was officially licensed by Cartoon Network, not edited to remove interviews, and was an eight-episode miniseries that aired throughout the summer of 2020.

John Lasseter As with John K. He is also involved in the Toy Story television series see below as an executive producer, and is also involved in.

Phil Hartman walked out on Brynn Omdahl instead of threatening to do so, which started. He is still alive, and still voicing his recurring characters Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz and other one-shot characters on The Simpsons a live-action Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol?

starring Hartman reprising his role as Troy was also released in 2001in addition to voicing Zapp Brannigan on Futurama. Fry is instead known as Curtis J. Judy Garland Before shootingJudy was advised by himself to get treatment for her drug use.

She never had a drug overdose, and is still alive. Hot Cuba wound up rejuvenating her career. Greg Burson Burson never got arrested, and is still alive; he still voices many of Daws Butler's characters, as well as several of Mel Blanc's Looney Tunes characters in multiple forms of media.

He also voices Solomon and Billy Bear in the Ludicrous Limericks series, having voiced the characters since 1978 after their original voice actor, Billy Bletcher, retired due to health issues. These stereotypes were wrong then and are wrong now. The Splash Mountain attraction in the Disney parks was never altered outside of long-awaited maintenance. Cinderella remaster In 2015, as part of the 65th anniversary of the film, Johnson released a remastered version that restores all of the original colors, backgrounds, outlines, and magic dust, replacing the infamous 2005 remaster.

Rob Pilatus Pilatus never died of a drug overdose, as he and Fab Morvan were signed by Johnson Records in 1992 to perform new songs with the actual Milli Vanilli singers as backup singers for an album, though they had vocal training for six months before recording, much to some controversy; Sheldon Johnson, Jr.

Carrie never Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol? a heart attack on Christmas Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol? 2016, and is still alive. This also meant The Rise of Skywalker didn't require major rewrites being known as its original title Duel of the Fatesand Fisher reprised her role as Leia in Star Wars: The New Republic which was made instead of Star Wars: Resistance.

Fisher also still voices Angela on Family Guy. Her mother Debbie Reynolds is also still alive. Peter Hawkins Hawkins never developed a brain tumor in 1992, and thus did not retire from voice acting, voicing the Daleks in the movie and every character in the 1997 Captain Pugwash series.

He is also still alive. John Stephenson Stephenson never got Alzheimer's disease in 2015, and is still alive. Slate from of The Flintstones being the only cast member to do soand is also on Transformers: The Great War as the voice of Huffer, Windcharger, Kup, Alpha Trion, and Thundercracker. The league was co-founded by Johnson along with Tony George in 1994.

Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol?

His final career start was at the 2008 Daytona 500, in Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol? he finished 16th. Stewart never declined as a driver, mainly due to the confidence he got from racing packages that suited him. Adam was not killed during a practice session for the Busch 200 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. He moved up to the Winston Cup Series in the 45 Sprint Dodge for 2001 as planned, and has since won at least 67 races and four championships 2003, 2012, 2013, and 2019 ; his father Kyle also retired after the 2005 season.

Adam also has a son,who is currently running in the Busch Series in the 46 Motorola Dodge and is set to move up to the Cup Series in 2023. Trump Tower Johnson Industries beat out Donald Trump's offer to buy Bonwit Teller's flagship store in 1977, with the deal closed in 1979.

As a result, it's still used as an administrative building with all its Art Deco details and sculptures intact, while Trump Tower is instead located at the intersection of West and Oak Streets in Brooklyn. Chris Latta successfully got Why did they stop making the Honda del Sol? for his alcoholism once The Transformers moved to Johnson, and didn't die of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1994. He also continues voicing Cobra Commander in all G.

Burns although Hank Azaria still voices Moe. The Cinemassacre podcast has the same arrangement, and is filmed on the Rental Reviews set, although some episodes may be shot on the Retail Reviews set when needed.

The Wiggles The Simpsons and Family Guy After Johnson's acquisition ofTim announced in a press confere.

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