Question: What happens if you click the symbol in a breadcrumb?


Clicking a breadcrumb removes all the conditions to its right. Clicking the condition separator (>) before a condition removes only that condition.

Whims, Aspirations, and Goals: A Quick Guide Whims, Aspirations, and Goals: A Quick Guide 2014-10-24 SimGuru Grant Hi Simmers - We build big games with a lot of stuff to do. One of the ways we do this is with our Goal systems, including Whims and Aspirations. Today, I snapped some screenshots to go over a few of the things you might have missed.


Whims I told my Sim to take a Brisk Shower. This gave her the Energized Emotion. Sims always have two basic Whims, which are the little fluffy clouds above their Portraits.

However, when Sims have any Emotion other than Fine which is our neutral Emotionthey get what we call an Emotional Whim. This Whim is in the far left and is based on their current Emotion. If your Sim is Sad, for example, you might get a Whim to Water your Garden with Tears.

If you hover your cursor over any of the Whims, you can find What happens if you click the symbol in a breadcrumb? on that Whim. You'll find the high level subject, where it came from an Emotion, Trait, or Aspirationhow much Satisfaction you'll receive for completing it more on that in a secondand a detailed explanation. See the little red X? If you ever don't want to complete a Whim, or want a different one, simply click that X, and it goes away.

What happens if you click the symbol in a breadcrumb?

Aspirations Let's look at Aspirations a bit! Click the big star icon in the bottom right. This tells you what your current Aspiration is, your level of Satisfaction and current goals for your milestone.

What happens if you click the symbol in a breadcrumb?

If you hover over the goals, you'll see detailed information on how to complete it and how much Satisfaction you'll receive. Changing Aspirations Tired of your current Aspiration? Want to change things up? You can switch it without losing progress.

What happens if you click the symbol in a breadcrumb?

So, if you start as an Angler but switch to a Creative Aspiration, you'll keep that original Bonus Trait. But you can still receive really cool reward Traits for completing all the Aspirations, so experiment and try stuff out. You're making progress on this thing. Click the little gift package icon on the right side of your Aspiration panel to see the Aspiration Reward Store.

Here, you can buy Potions that change your Sims' weight or current Emotion. Or, my favorite, you can purchase permanent Reward Traits. You can really change your storytelling or game strategy with these.

Experiment, mix, and match, and see how many you can earn before that fateful day comes when Grim sweeps your Sim away. Remember, if you ever want to see your Traits, click the Traits button. I think that's it for now. Any questions about Whims, Aspirations, or Goals? Be sure to ask me on Twitter SimGuruGrant. Now, please feel free to return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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