Question: How do I get WhatsApp Web on my tablet?


Click the green download button to install the WhatsApp application on your computer. Then find that file in your downloads folder and double-click it to install. On a Windows computer, you should follow the steps in the installer and on a Mac simply drag the WhatsApp icon to your applications folder.

The mobile app, which is currently testing to bring, is something almost every mobile manufacturer is shipping pre-installed on their mobile phones, WhatsApp.

How do I get WhatsApp Web on my tablet?

WhatsApp Messenger for Android Tablets One of the biggest reasons for its popularity is the ease of creating an account on WhatsApp. Your phone number is your username, and the password is a security code which WhatsApp automatically manages to verify when you give them your phone number.

How do I get WhatsApp Web on my tablet?

WhatsApp is designed to be a Mobile messaging app, even though they now allow users to send and receive messages on Computers, they are still keeping the installation process limited to mobile phones. I have also downloaded WhatsApp for Samsung Tab. Enter the mobile number you have access to, it may take a little longer to get the verification code as WhatsApp automatically tried to verify the number.

How to use WhatsApp on iPad

Verify your number either by the verification code sent to your number or an automated call on the same. Note: You can not use one WhatsApp account on two devices, as it will automatically get disconnected from the previous device.

This is how we can download WhatsApp for tablets on Android. I have provided the WhatsApp download link not only for Samsung but all the other Android tablets as well. So, so make sure you use the link above to get the latest version.

How do I get WhatsApp Web on my tablet?

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