Question: Where can I watch Cupids match?


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While visiting the cemetery, he appears to his young daughter, Angela.

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After her initial shock, Angela accepts that she needs to help her dad earn his wings to get into Heaven by working Where can I watch Cupids match? him to match soulmates with each other.

Where can I watch Cupids match?

The first match: Angela's teacher, Miss Taylor, and the substitute gym teacher. Ii cannot wait to see what happens next! This is such a wonderful concept for a story.

Where can I watch Cupids match?

It left me with the same type of warm, hopeful, loving feelings as my favorite Christmas movies do. There is something so beautiful about the innocence of a child and the hope that they still carry that most adults have lost.

I cannot wait to see all of the exciting, funny and heartfelt moments that this child and her father are going to share. I am ready for a hundred more episodes!! It's off to a great start! The fun starts right away with a great song for the show and then carries forward into what is a unique and entertaining premise.

Where can I watch Cupids match?

My favorite aspect to this is that it's going to be a show that our whole family can watch together. One person found this helpful.

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