Question: What does Besa mean in English?

Besa (pledge of honor) is an Albanian cultural precept, usually translated as faith or oath, that means to keep the promise and word of honor.

What does Besso mean in English?

votes. it is beso and it means kiss.

What is English word of Maida?

/maidā/ mn. maida uncountable noun. In India, maida is refined wheat flour.

What does Kula mean in Spanish?

Culo is a vulgar word in Spanish literally meaning “butt” or “ass,” used in a range of coarse idiomatic expressions. The term is also a milder colloquial term for “butt” in Italian.

Are Albanian people loyal?

Yes, Albanian women are loyal than any other women in the world. As we know, loyalty is a strong bond of marriage between men and women and Albanian women know perfectly how to make this bond stronger. They are also popular because they stay loyal even after years of marriage.

What does Kula mean in Russian?

kulanoun. A tower, turret or a steeple on the Balkans erected during the period of Ottoman domination on the area. Etymology: From a South language, from kule, from قله, from .

Why is Albania a bad reputation?

Albania doesnt have a good reputation amongst Europeans. ... A lot of this unfortunate stereotype stems from the waves of Albanians who immigrated to other parts of Europe in the 1990s, some of whom became notoriously known for being involved in criminal gangs.

Daniel Nations has been a tech journalist since 1994. His work has appeared in Computer Currents, The Examiner, and other publications. Generally speaking, the alpha test is an internal test to find bugs, and the beta test is an external test.

What does BESA stand for?

During the alpha phase, the product is usually opened up to employees of the company and, sometimes, friends and family. During the What does Besa mean in English?

phase, the product is opened up to a limited number of users.

What does Besa mean in English?

The Upsides and Downsides of Being a Beta Tester If you get invited or make it into the beta test of a site or service that's open to the general public, you'll be one of the lucky few to try the new site or service and all of its feature offerings first before anyone else. You'll also be able to provide the creators with feedback and suggestions for how to make it better.

What is Besan? (with pictures)

If you want to find out about other cool, new sites and services that are currently open to beta testing, go and have a look at. This is a place where startup founders can list their sites or services to attract the best testers like you.

What does Besa mean in English?

It's free to sign up, and you can browse through a few categories that you're interested in checking out.

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