Question: What powers does Daken have?


Daken has inherited a potential of mutant abilities from his father, although he possesses certain powers Wolverine does not have. Dakens primary mutant power is a rapid healing factor that allows him to recover damaged or destroyed parts of his body faster and more extensively than a normal human.

Of the various with kids, children bear the most familial resemblance. For instance, Daken has the power to manipulate people through pheromones. Daken's pheromone secretion allows him to heighten the emotions of others as well as disorient them, making it both offensive and defensive.

This power has helped him against some of his toughest foes, using their current statuses against them and helping Daken utilize stealth in a way that even his father couldn't.

What powers does Daken have?

Now, here's how this power makes Dark Wolverine quite different from the original. Along with a mutant healing factor, animal-like senses and a trioDaken also has the mutant power to manipulate the pheromones of himself and others.


Among other things, this allows him to mask his presence while also heightening the emotional state of others around him. For instance, if anyone is experiencing even the slightest levels of fear, sadness, sexual stimulation or similar sensations, he can amplify this to take over their actions and override whatever else they are trying to concentrate on.

Daken cannot, however, activate these feelings out of nowhere, and the person has to be already feeling this way in order for this exploitation to work. This is all on a physical, biological level and has nothing to do with psionics, so those such as Daken himself with immunity toward telepathy and psychic prodding are still vulnerable.

This pheromone power can also mess with a target's own physical senses, namely depth perception and awareness, leaving them particularly open for attack.

What powers does Daken have?

This control of the bio-electric field means that electronics can also be manipulated. The full extent of his technological control has never been truly portrayed, however. Daken has developed an expert knowledge of how to use this power and the various mental and emotional states that can be controlled through it. For instance, he's used the ability to increase the fear or cowardice present in others, such as when he asserted his dominance over Bullseye, who was at the time operating as an anti-hero version of Hawkeye.

He can also mask himself to the point where even his father Wolverine couldn't track him with his own acute senses. The sexual nature of this pheromone skill has been used to influence men and women throughout the Marvel Universe. The most impressive example of his emotional steering, however, was when he encountered the angry Skaar, the Son of the Hulk. Tampering with his emotional state, Daken calmed Skaar down and made him revert into human form.

This means that even the threat of a rampaging Hulk could be quelled as long as Daken is around. The ability to mask his scent and What powers does Daken have?, as well as What powers does Daken have? his opponents unaware and sluggish and utilize technopathy is a great stealth tool and makes up for Daken's comparative lack of experience in that regard compared to Wolverine. Both Wolverine and have worked in the past in various forms of espionage on a professional level, something that Daken can't quite boast.

But even What powers does Daken have? this reconnaissance familiarity, Daken is easily one of with one of the most advantageous power sets. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, playing video games, watching documentaries and catching up on the latest Vaporwave and Electro-Swing musical releases.

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