Question: How do I change my ebay page layout?


By clicking the Edit drop-down menu at the upper right of any Selling view, you can preset what youd like to see in the display, using the Customize options.

Documentation that is included with preamps is very basic instructions.

How do I change my ebay page layout?

Wiring diagrams can be provided, but I assume a builder knows how to hook up the input signal, output signal, high voltage, and filament voltage. Not much else to do besides that. Some people can't figure that out but most can, if you can't I can try to help via email. In many cases I can build a product for you faster than I can answer questions for How do I change my ebay page layout?, so you need to determine your knowledge level and skill level to determine whether you should be buying a kit or a finished product.

How do I change my ebay page layout?

But before you turn away, I want you to know I have personally and throughly checked this out, it's now in my own personal system. One output, no tape loop, no tone controls, just a super nice package that delivers excellent tube audio music. Both of these stages are supplied with a regulated B+ voltage, one for each channel.

How do I change my ebay page layout?

This stage gives a low output impedance of around 450 ohms and isolates the phono amp from interconnects and further amplification. I have been on a quest for the best affordable phono preamp I can find.

I grew up with vinyl. First, you have the ability to properly load your cartridge. By loading it with 19K and 200pF, the high end smooths out substantially, it becomes much more listenable.

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The Shure V15 sounds great with a standard 47K load. The Benz Glider requires a 200 ohm load. The next stage utilizes another 6922, loaded with a constant current source.

The last stage is an Aikido style cathode follower, which also gives very low distortion, eliminates noise, and, provides low output impedance. So what does it sound like? Well, I'm hearing more detail and ambiance, incredible bass authority, clean effortless highs, and freedom from overload. I'm hearing deeper into the recording than with any of the other phono preamps I have tried, with greater realism and fantastic dynamics.

Thanks Roy, you have done it again! I might try and change the settings, but for now I am very impressed. I also have a Bottlehead and a Hagerman Cornet with a lot of expensive boutique parts, etc.

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It does so much more for the music! Opera vocals come through like never before and it can do complex orchestral like I've never heard it. The small nuances of concert hall ambiance takes me back.

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