Question: Can I create a Facebook account with Yahoo email?

Connecting your Yahoo account with your Facebook account effectively expands your Yahoo contacts list. To do this, youll need to open your Yahoo account settings on a desktop; as of October 2016, you cannot link Facebook and Yahoo via the Yahoo mobile app.

Can I sign up Facebook with email?

Enter your mobile phone number. To use an email instead, tap Sign up with email. Tap Female, Male or Custom to select your gender. Choose a password and tap Sign Up.

Why wont it let me make a Facebook account?

Make sure that your name follows our guidelines. Try signing up again at If youre still having trouble signing up or if you think your name was rejected by mistake, let us know. If youre trying to create an account to promote a business, product, organization or idea, please create a Facebook Page.

Can I use an email from a deleted Facebook account?

A Facebook account thats permanently deleted cant be retrieved; therefore, all of the information in the account is lost completely. Emails associated with the account are no longer attached to it, which means you can use them to create a new account anytime.

How did I end up with 2 Facebook accounts?

2:394:15I Have Two Facebook Accounts, How Do I Delete Just One of Them?YouTube Can I create a Facebook account with Yahoo email?

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How to Add an Extra Email on Your Yahoo Account: 7 Steps

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Can I create a Facebook account with Yahoo email?

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