Question: Are Terezi and Dave friends?

Daverezi is a fairly popular ship in the Homestuck fandom. ... The ship primarily raised in popularity during Act 5 Act 2, where they were shown to be good friends, and Terezi seemed to frequently flirt with Dave.

Are Terezi and Dave dating?

Terezi and Dave were in a relationship that stopped later due to her black entanglement with Gamzee.

Is Dave in love with Karkat?

In the retconned timeline, Dave and Karkat developed a much closer relationship during the meteor trip, possibly due to not having to compete over Terezi. ... They have been confirmed to be in a romantic relationship by Vriska and Jasprosesprite^2.

What blood is Nepeta?

TriviaMaid of TimePage of BreathKnight of BloodNepeta LeijonKanaya MaryamVriska Serket“arsenicCatnip [AC]”“grimAuxiliatrix [GA]”“arachnidsGrip [AG]”Heir of VoidBard of RageWitch of LifeEquius ZahhakGamzee MakaraFeferi Peixes4 more rows

Does karkat like John?

John grew up in a peaceful household with a loving guardian. Karkat, who grew up as the adopted child and caretaker of an angry giant crustacean, envies John the tranquility of his childhood. Because of this, and because John is the leader of the session whose Scratch took away Karkats own victory, Karkat hates John.

She lives in a treehouse in a forest. Her custodian is a dragon who is still asleep in its egg. She was dating Vriska and the two of them called themselves the Scourge Sisters. One day while they were playing against Team Charge, Vriska paralyzed Tavros. Terezi was outraged and broke up with her.

Her blinding is what woke her dream self on prospit. This somehow resulted in her being psychically linked to her sleeping custodian, who taught her how to see by smelling colors.

Sollux told Terezi about the game they were going to play and offered to give her control over the red team. She recruited Gamzee and Tavros possibly Kanaya too. When she came to Karkat, he insisted he be leader.

This meant Terezi had to help Karkat enter the medium.

Are Terezi and Dave friends?

She did, but not without coloring his house and throwing his toilet in the process. Soonafter she went outside because her dragon was going to hatch, and she wanted to greet her in person for the first time. When Gamzee helped her enter the medium she revived the dragon through the kernelsprite.

During the game, Sn0wman communicates with her and tries to convince her that Jack is a bad person who needs to be exiled. Karkat refuses to believe this due to Are Terezi and Dave friends? blind hero worship of Jack. She agrees to overthrow the black queen, but apparently they exile Jack too at some point. Their relationship seems to be healthy and sweet, if a little on the down-low. She even acknowledges that everyone respects Karkat Are Terezi and Dave friends?

a leader. She also gets to bitchslap Vriska when she wakes up on Prospit.

Terezi Pyrope

In the meteor, Terezi checks on Prospit to discover it has been destroyed, and he dreamself had died along with it.

She goes to her computer to tell everyone in a memo, but is interrupted by her future self and told to wait about three minutes. Three minutes later she is sent a metric fuckton of money, by none other than Dave Strider.

She goes to find out who Dave is, then proceeds to try to make friends with him. And lord did their relationship have problems at this point. When Vriska forced Dave to fall asleep at a pivotal moment, and upon discovering that John may have been the cause of their problems, Terezi sought out revenge by talking to John in the past. She directed him to his denizen, who John went to fight too early. He died doing this, and created the doomed timeline that caused Davesprite to exist.

Feeling guilty, and wanting to make it up to John, she shows him how to get to Are Terezi and Dave friends? next level. Terezi and Dave bond an awful lot, as she helps him create a stable timeloop to help his friends. This also ensures they will meet in the first place by getting Dave rich. He was in such a rush to become as powerful as John would be post game, he kept insisting Terezi teach him how.

Are Terezi and Dave friends?

So she Are Terezi and Dave friends? another offshoot Dave, who the main Dave would have to kill so he could become a god. Dave could not kill himself. This Dave Are Terezi and Dave friends? in turn murdered by Jack, but not before trying to talk to Terezi. Terezi felt horrible for it, and ran away crying. After failing to revive Tavros with a kiss, she assumed Vriska was the murderer, and went on to play around, somehow missing every piece of logical evidence and becoming certain that Vriska was going around killing people.

She was given a letter that told her she was being challenged on the roof. This was a set up by Gamzee to ensure Terezi would go there.

She decides to go on the roof anyway. Vriska is there, and ensures her that the only person she killed was Tavros. They leave it up to a coin toss, which Vriska could not lose. Using her powers, Terezi sees what would happen if she lets Vriska fight Jack. Jack would ignore Vriska, follow her trail back to the meteor, and kill the trolls inside.

Enraged, Vriska would face off against Jack. Whether or not she would win is never revealed, but she would have put up a spectacular fight. Unfortunately, Terezi did not want all of her friends to die. As Vriska was leaving, she stabbed her in the back. He and Karkat throw down, and it is resloved through hugging.

Are Terezi and Dave friends?

She and Dave get very close, and eventually start dating. Despite this, Are Terezi and Dave friends? still seems to harbor feelings for Karkat. She also meets her own ancestor, who is so cool that she feels ashamed of herself, feeling she can never aspire to be as awesome. Terezi also starts dating Gamzee in private, without telling Karkat or Dave.

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