Question: Why is Makima so powerful?

Contract Creation: As a devil, the Control Devil can bestow contracts upon humans for a price. Thanks to her ability to control humans, she can force them to make a contract with herself.

Why do people wanna kill Makima?

It was also revealed that Kishibe also had a plan to kill Makima for greater good by asking his former partner, Quanxi, to join his cause while knowing that Makima is listening to every conversation that he had.

Is Makima the gun demon?

After learning from Madoka that most of the humans in Special Divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been killed in coordinated gun attacks, Makima states that it is likely the Gun Devil is involved. However, Makima later claims that these guns are manufactured by humans secretly despite the international law.

Does Makima kill power?

Her power was also shown to be capable to wound the Darkness Devil and she was also shown to kill Power with the same psychic gun powers that she used towards the Darkness Devil itself.

Who defeated the gun devil?

Makima In September 12, 1997 the Gun Devil appears again at the coast of Kaho City in Akita Prefecture for 12 seconds and killed several men, women and children. However, he is defeated by Makima and then he possessed the corpse of Aki. He is later defeated by Denji.

Does Utahime hate Gojo?

Utahime is friends with Shoko Ieiri (whom she wants to quit smoking). She hates Satoru Gojo most of the time.

Is Makima the villain?

Makima is the main antagonist of the manga series Chainsaw Man.

As a result of her upbringing, she then made a pact by the Japanese Prime Minister as their agendas were intertwined with each other: Creating a better world for humanity to flourish and to do that, she need the power of the Chainsaw Man to do so to eradicate the problems plaguing humanity such as Death, War and Hunger.

However, at the same Why is Makima so powerful?, she intends to make a world where she stood equal with other humans so that she could bond a familial relationships as she need someone to embrace her and shower her some love due to her upbringing by the Japanese government which is the reason why she pursues Pochita, or better known as Chainsaw Man in true form, and become infatuated with him due to how powerful she is.

Her intense dislike with the Japanese government and how her upbringing affected her can be shown when she expresses a with the Kyoto Bigwigs during as they attempt to meet with each other in Chapter 22 or at the very least, shown when Makima was crying in the cinema after seeing a movie with Denji where two people hugged each other.

However, despite her poor upbringing, due to her nature as the Control Devil, it was then revealed that she was feared by the mankind itself from the early history when creatures feared to be controlled and was killed 29 times while also earning a horrific reputation as she was also largely feared across the world including the United States in which the President attempt to liberate his country from her grasp.

At one point in her Why is Makima so powerful?, she came into the village near the seaside where The Angel Devil resides alongside his loved ones while brainwashing the Angel Devil to use his powers which resulted on all of the people in the village including his loved ones were massacred by the Angel Devil himself as Makima tries to suppress any memory the Angel Devil had in order to prevent him knowing the truth while also fabricating the story about his own origins.

At some point in her past, she participated in a fight against the Chainsaw Man in a long and epic battle with the Weapon Devils and Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, making Makima heavily implied as one of it's members, as it was revealed that Chainsaw Man ate the devil that made the concept of hybrids to exists which causes the hybrids losing their identity whether they were humans, fiends or not.

During the battle, it was revealed that the Chainsaw Man vanished to the point that both Weapon Devils and the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, including Makima, had a hard time to search the whereabouts of Chainsaw Man until they found out that the Chainsaw Man was still alive in a different form while nearly meeting his near-death state and was treated well by Denji.

Intro Arc Makima made her first appearance in Chapter 1 when she, alongside her accomplices, visited the crime scene where Denji massacred the Debt Collector and the rest of the Yakuza members who were possessed by the Zombie Devil in an attempt to exterminate it. Finding out that Denji was responsible on beating their attempts to kill the Zombie Devil, Makima suspected that Denji neither smell like a human nor a devil while turning him back into becoming a human by hugging him.

Why is Makima so powerful?

After Denji turns back becoming a human, Makima then offered Denji two choices: Being killed as a devil or being treated well like a pet as he will be fed well. Denji decides to choose the latter option because Makima would offer the likes of toast with butter and jam, salad, coffee or a dessert, something that Denji would be happy with due to the misery that he had endured. As a result, Denji then went along with Makima's wishes. As Denji grew happy because he saw someone treating him well for the first time to the point she gave him a suit just to cover his naked body, Denji then suddenly grew hungry and having their moods collided due to Why is Makima so powerful?

being hungry, they then went into a convenient store in order to eat some food while Makima will cover the costs which causes Denji falling in love with Makima for the first time.

As they arrived in the shop while Denji wanting to eat a corn dog and an udon curry in peace, they encountered an innocent bystander who was attacked by a devil and his daughter being dragged into the woods.

As a result, Makima then ordered Denji to defeat the devil and save the girl otherwise the udon Makima ordered will get soggy much to Denji's chagrin as he wants to eat his food in peace. After successfully rescuing the girl and defeating the devil which Why is Makima so powerful? on Denji getting exhausted, Makima grew fascinated with what happened to Denji after seeing the devil that he had as a pet, Pochita, become his heart because there are no precedents about it while also giving him a reward by feeding him an udon.

When Denji asked about the type of the guy Makima likes, she simply says that she likes people like Denji which causes Denji to assumes that she must like him. After the conversation, Makima then brought Denji into the one of the Devil Hunter Organization's division known as Division 4 with her explaining the details of the organization itself.

While Denji was imagining on working together with Makima, she then paired Denji with another Division 4 member, Aki Hayakawa, much to Denji's dismay. However, Makima also promises Denji that she will work alongside him if Denji does his best to become a devil hunter. However, despite their strained relationship at first, Makima still insist Aki to be paired with Denji much to the former's disappointment. At the same time, Makima has no hesitation to dispose Denji if he either quits the Organization or violated any rules.

When Denji asked Aki about her being a good or a bad person, Aki answers Denji's question by saying she is a good person and he owes her his life. In Chapter 4, when Denji and Aki Why is Makima so powerful? to kill a devil Why is Makima so powerful? possesses a certain corpse and reading the corpse's porn magazines, Denji decides to feel the softness of a woman's breasts including Makima as a reason to live.

As a result, Denji decides to work extra hard to earn his own reward. Returning to the headquarters, it was revealed that Denji is now paired with a devilman named in order to experiment with the 4th section squad as despite her dimwitted, rude and condescending nature, Power is a devilman with a high level of reasoning despite Devilman are sometimes subject to extermination.

Arc As Power and Denji went into a small scale patrol, Makima gave Denji some advice about encountering with the police or the private devil hunter and if Denji has more questions, he could ask Aki about it much to Denji's disappointment due to the quarrel that he had earlier with him.

After hearing that Power went into an uncontrollable frenzy by committing an unnecessary carnage towards a devil to satiate his bloodshed, Makima then reprimands both Denji and Power with the former being incompetent on handling Power while the latter would potentially get arrested because of incidents like this. When Power decides to lie to Makima in order to save her own skin, both Power and Denji quarreling with each other which resulted on Makima stopping the fight and attempts to reconcile them.

As Denji and Power went into devil hunting, Makima then met Why is Makima so powerful? the higher members of the bureau about the American incident which causes the Soviets using devils for military applications to fight against Japan. It was revealed that she also experimented on Division 4 Why is Makima so powerful?

she wants to develop the squad of dogs and use them for battle purposes. After the Bat Devil incident, Makima then decides to arrange Power living together in Denji and Aki's apartment much to their dismay as Power is revealed to be Why is Makima so powerful? problem child in Why is Makima so powerful? apartment. As Denji tried to finish the paperwork alongside Makima due to the collateral damage the former had caused during his fight against the Bat Devil, Makima then Why is Makima so powerful?

about Denji's current sour mood after seemingly fulfill his wishes on touching a woman's breasts and as a result, Makima attempts to cheer him up by explaining that sensual relationship would work if Denji understand his partners nicely while at one point, also biting his finger, telling him that he needs to memorize the bite that she gave to him very well even if Denji will go blind in the future.

In addition, Makima also tells the story about a seemingly formidable devil that appeared 13 years ago known as the Gun Why is Makima so powerful? that killed millions of innocent people while also telling him that if he managed to defeat the Gun Devil by collecting his fragments in order to locate the gun devil, she will grant anything that Denji desires much to Denji's excitement. Arc As Denji grew ecstatic after hearing Makima will grant Why is Makima so powerful? own desires, Denji and the rest of the Division 4 members joins a mission Makima had arranged to defeat a devil hiding in Hotel Morin in order to retrieve one of the fragments of the gun devil.

After they successfully manages to defeat the devil, Makima then arranges them Why is Makima so powerful? come to the bar alongside other Devil Hunters in order to celebrate their victory with some nice drink. During their party, Aki then suddenly grows curious about the increasing amount of Devils with Gun Fragments that tried to target Denji which resulted on Aki suspecting Makima that she knew something about them.

After Denji recovers from his drunken experience and knowing that his first kiss almost tastes like a puke which left him speechless, Makima decides to cheer him up by giving him a lollipop Why is Makima so powerful?

making Denji's memory of his first kiss being tasted like a flavor of coca cola chups. In Chapter 22, as she and her associate went into Kyoto in order to meet the bigwigs in there to increase the number of strength of the Devil Hunter in order to protect Denji from harm, Makima seemingly expressing her displeasure at first due to her lack of interest meeting with the Kyoto Bigwigs and prefer to eat her meals in a tranquil environment.

However, to their surprise, a group of terrorist, revealed to be the followers of The Gun Devil, hijacked the train and attempts to kill Makima once and for all in which they seemingly succeeded at first glance.

Why is Makima so powerful?

Arc However, after she was seemingly successfully murdered by the Gun Devil followers, suddenly Makima miraculously revives herself while ordering the devil hunters that she met in Kyoto, Yutaro Kurose and Michiko Tendo, about cleaning the bodies of her associates that were killed by the Gun Devil followers and another corpses that were scattered Why is Makima so powerful? the train as she orders both Kurose and Tendo to cancel the luncheon between the bigwigs of Kyoto. It was then revealed that after miraculously reviving herself, Makima then brutally kill all of her assailants as their corpses were also scattered in the train and has a giant hole on their body.

After knowing about the incident of the massacre of the Devil Hunters committed by the followers of the Gun Devil and is also aware about Denji and his companions was also being defeated while Denji was almost kidnapped by a and his accomplices, in order to retrieve Denji's heart for the Gun Devil as the Katana Man also attempts to avengeMakima then orders both Kurose and Tendo to bring 30 criminals that were sentenced to life imprisonment and also ordered them to reserve shrine with high elevation in order to bring 30 criminals there while ordering both Kurose and Tendo to bring her new clothes as her old clothes were stained by blood.

As Kurose and Tendo followed Makima's orders while also using a blindfold in order to prevent themselves seeing what will Makima do, it was then revealed that Makima then performs a ritual to kill Denji's enemies in a very brutal fashion as their body exploded while Makima orders the criminals to mention the names of the enemies who were involved in Denji's fight against Katana Man.

After seeing all of Denji's enemies being eliminated by Makima including the Team E section, Akane becomes very aware of what Makima has done and knowing her formidable powers, Akane then orders Katana Man to run away as fast as he could despite Katana Man was initially under the impression that he had killed Makima before via his subordinates.

In addition, it was also revealed that all of the criminals died during the ritual after mentioning Denji's assailant. As Makima went back into Tokyo after finishing her ritual, she then encounters one of the surviving Devil Hunters of Why is Makima so powerful? horrific massacre, Madoka, while the latter reported Makima about what happened in the massacre: Almost every devil hunters that are non-humans died as Makima suspected the attacks were related to the Gun Devil and this incident resulted on the Bureau suggesting all of the 1st-3rd division of the organization to be combined with 4th division to compensate the lack of manpower as they will handled by Makima afterward while Madoka tells Makima to resign from her job.

As Madoka asked about Makima's anticipation of the massacre, she only answered Madoka's question by saying that couldn't share any bureau secrets with civilians while also giving him a paycheck as he left his job. When Kurose and Tendo tells Makima that they were nervous about joining the special division as they only came for guidance as they needed to go back to Kyoto in one week, Makima only felt disappointment with their rejection and the seeming nervousness as they will miss a giant opportunity to stay in Tokyo because according to her there Why is Makima so powerful?

many good restaurants in Tokyo that they can visit. At the end of the day, with Makima's suggestion, they ended up joining with Makima's squad in order Why is Makima so powerful? guide the 4th division members including on helping Aki on gaining another powerful devil to help him in the quest of defeating the Gun Devil that killed his family and Katana Man and Akane who killed one of his companions, Himeno, to the point he had to made a contract with the Future Devil that tells Aki about him dying in worst possible way in the future.

After their first battle with Katana Man and Akane, it was revealed that Makima ordered both Denji and Power to look after Aki who was at the hospital and in the same chapter, Denji was then faced with a crisis of empathy after Himeno was murdered while also contemplating about Makima's death would also depresses him for three days before enjoying his life Why is Makima so powerful? which resulted on him perceiving himself losing any semblance of humanity after losing his heart.

After contemplating, Makima then arranges a meeting with Denji and Power in a graveyard and leaving them to be trained by the most powerful devil hunter ever lived, Kishibe, after the previous incident with Katana Man and Akane which left Makima worried so that she could get the two into shape to fight against future enemies.

As Kishibe then attempts to report Denji and Power's progress in their training towards Makima as they hang out in a bar, Kishibe then suspects Makima knowing about the massacre that happened with the Devil Hunters including the people on Division 4 as he suspects that she let it happen.

However, Makima rebuffs Kishibe's claim by saying she was also being massacred by the Gun Devil followers too while claiming that she wants to save as many people as possible from the devils. At the same time, she also tells Kishibe about the Division 4 members mission to capture both Katana Man and Akane Sawatari becoming the opportunity to show their capabilities because the mission will be aggressively reported to the Bureau if it was successful and the Division 4 will have more freedom to operate to save many people as possible.

However, as Kishibe suspecting Makima was seemingly lying through her teeth about her saving humanity from the devils, she only left a rather unsettling grin on her face. As the small scale raid towards Katana Man's headquarters begins, Makima then arranges a meeting with one of the Yakuza Leader regarding the Devil Hunter massacre in which he responded by saying that he didn't order the shootings because Akane was the person responsible on pulling the strings of the massacre after tricking them making contracts with the Gun Devil while Makima also asks the details of the contract.

Seeing the Yakuza Leader's refusal to cooperate with her, Makima then attempts to bribe him by giving him a package. However, he still refuses to cooperate because of his care towards Why is Makima so powerful?

members that were not being able to be replaced by a mere money. This resulted on Makima telling the Yakuza Member about the content of the package: Human eyes from their loved ones and their relatives much to the leader's disgust as he looked on the contents of Makima's package as she prove her point. As Makima also tells them that their loved ones can be returned back to normal if they cooperate, Makima was almost attacked by a Yakuza member in which she retorts back by using her telekinetic power which resulted on the Yakuza bleeding while also calling out the Yakuza Leader about their so-called excuse calling themselves necessary evil when in reality, they bring more harm than good towards other people.

After the devil hunters manage to defeat both Katana Man Why is Makima so powerful? Akane, Makima Why is Makima so powerful? reports the incident towards one of the members of the bureau while also managing to gain another fragment of the Gun Devil to find the devil's whereabouts easier.

As she met with Denji and Power again, Makima then notices the change in appearance of Power and suspects that she drank a lot of blood during the fight against the Zombies and tells Denji that Power blood was drained periodically in order to prevent her becoming worse than before. As a result, Makima then ended up pairing Denji with another devil, The Shark Devil Why is Makima so powerful?

Beam much to Denji's dismay due to Beam's annoying behavior. Arc Seeing Denji was a bit down after getting paired with the Shark Devil, Makima then decides to invite Denji on a date together by watching several movies in the theater in order to entertain him much to Denji's excitement. As both Denji and Makima watching several movies in theater, they seemed to be uninterested due to how uninteresting the two movies are until they watch the third movie with a huge tearjerker scene where a person hugged his long lost partner which causes both Denji and Makima to cry, seemingly showing an emotional vulnerability Why is Makima so powerful?

a glimpse of humanity for the latter. After their date together as they discussed about the movies, Denji decides to asks Makima if he has a heart, Makima then sticks her head to Denji's chest as she hears that Denji's heart is still beating while saying he does have a heart much to Denji's surprise.

This resulted on Denji become relieved after talking to her and decides to think that his heart belongs to Makima alone as she won't fall into anyone else until he ended up meeting with another woman named which resulted on him unable to resist her temptations due to her seemingly genuine affection and care towards him as they ended up building a bit of an intimate relationship which causes Denji to be conflicted until Reze reveals her true nature as an assassin wanting to obtain Denji's heart for the gun devil much to his dismay.

In the meantime, it was also revealed that Makima paired Aki with the Angel Devil for some patrolling reasons while also hoping they could get along well so that Aki could use him as a valuable asset for the future.

In addition, Makima also tells Aki about Angel Devil's horrific backstory about him killing all the villagers where he was born and absorbed their life forces to make them as weapons while also revealing to Aki that the swords that he used were made by the Angel Devil, at least what Makima was supposed to tell to Aki about his seemingly traumatic backstory at first.

It was revealed that Angel Devil preferred to live in a country despite Makima finding him first. When chatting about one of Aesop's Fables most famous tales, The Town Mouse and Country Mouse, with Aki, the Angel Devil tells Aki that he preferred to be the country mouse despite Makima seemingly treat the Why is Makima so powerful? Devil well in the city after she caught him and brought him there. After Denji's fight with Reze ended, Denji decides to run away with her from the Devil Hunter bureau despite Reze telling him that her relationship with Denji was fabricated just so that she could kill Denji easier, Reze decides to arrange a meeting with Denji at a cafe when they first time met as a result.

However, their meeting was suddenly interrupted by Makima as Reze encountered her in an alleyway with Makima making an appearance emerging from the swarm of rats as she tells Reze about her interests with the Town Mouse and Country Mouse story with Makima's favorite character being the latter due to the Country Mouse story made Makima reminisce about her friend owning a field in a country as Makima helps him to kill the mouse plaguing the field. After the conversation, it was revealed the Angel Devil conspired with Makima to kill Reze by making the former throwing a spear to mutilate her arm and also impaling her with the spear, murdering Reze in cold blood.

When Makima asks about why the Angel Devil forgot to bring Aki with him in order to participate on killing Reze, the Angel Devil merely answered that Aki had no interest to kill a woman. Due to Reze's death, it was revealed that Denji had waited in the cafe for a long time until the nighttime comes which resulted on the Why is Makima so powerful? owner kicked him out due to closing time until Power decides to pick him up. International Assassins Arc After working hard as a devil hunter which resulted on her getting paid by the bureau, Makima decides to invite Denji and his companions to go to a vacation to Enoshima.

However, at the same time, due to Denji's fight with Reze being overexposed by the media, she also brought several devil hunters to accompany and protect Denji because several assassins across the world attempts to kill Why is Makima so powerful?

and obtaining his heart to get several rewards while revealing that the vacation was postponed for now for one month in order to save their energy to fight against the Gun Devil. As the assassins around the world preparing themselves to kill Denji, Makima then had a little conversation with Kishibe about the dangerous assassins that they need to be wary on with that made Kishibe worried due to how powerful she is while Makima also perceive to be a dangerous enemy due to the numerous of contracts the assassin had and they would met their impending doom once Santa Claus manages to use the powers of one of the devils.

In the meantime, when one of the assassins, decided to make their moves, the Violence Devil who was hanging out with one of the Devil Hunters, Kobeni Higashiyama, then tells about the thing that he remembered when he died is that Makima saved him from trouble.

After Santa Claus decided to make the move to kill Denji by turning several innocent villains into dolls, Makima orders her devil subordinates to protect Denji as they can and retrieve as many bodies as possible due to the potential larger number of deaths thanks to Santa Claus's attacks during their attempt to defend themselves against Santa Claus's dolls. When Quanxi made her move by attacking the Why is Makima so powerful?

store which resulted on two of her being taken as hostages by Kishibe and Denji, Quanxi decides to have a little nice chat with Why is Makima so powerful? in which he subtly warns Quanxi by writing a note towards her by saying that Makima is listening to the conversation while also expressing his intent to make Quanxi joining her forces to kill Makima once and for all under the Why is Makima so powerful? that he would guaranteed her safety. However, Quanxi decides to turn down Kishibe's offer and ended up fighting together when one of the Three Brothers, Aldo, attempts to shoot Denji.

As all of the people inside the Department Store were transported to hell thanks to Santa Claus's machinations as she attempted to deal with a formidable primal devil,in order to gain ultimate power while also using Denji as a sacrifice, Makima then sends one of her devil subordinates, the Spider Devil Prinz, into hell in order to fight against Darkness Devil for a while and as Prinz was defeated as she was unable to withstand the power of the Darkness Devil, Makima then orders Prinz to bring her to hell.

During her trip to hell, Makima then fights with the Darkness Devil as she manages to overpower him with just pointing her finger which wounded the devil itself despite Makima's right arm was contorted in exchange.

Why is Makima so powerful?

When making the deal with the Hell Devil in order to send all of the devil hunters and Denji back to their world, Makima was nearly impaled by the Darkness Devil with it's sword but manages to escape in the end. After the Devil Hunters Why is Makima so powerful?

Denji manage to escape hell, Makima then encountered the real Santa Claus who then becomes a doll-like monstrosity after gaining a huge power from the Darkness Devil.

As a result, Makima then pulls Denji's cord to revive him and activate his chainsaw form in order to defeat the Doll Devil once and for all. During the fight against Santa Claus and her dolls, Kishibe then had a conversation with one of the Devil Hunters, Hirofumi Yoshida, about Makima playing some kind of 3D Chess together with Santa Claus in order to reach a rather ambiguous goal while revealing that protecting Denji was never one of Makima's real intentions while also having a sight of relief as according to Yoshida, there are no rats or birds for Makima to use as Makima will use lower lifeforms to hear several people's conversation including the one that they had.

After both Denji and Quanxi manages to defeat Santa Claus which resulted on the latter ending their temporary truce by decapitating him, Makima Why is Makima so powerful? encounters Quanxi and her girlfriend as the latter attempts to surrender to Makima in the end with a compensation of not killing her girlfriend and letting Makima chop her limbs.

At the same time, both Kishibe and Yoshida decides to use a blindfold in order to prevent them seeing the horror Makima inflict to Quanxi as Kishibe preferred to blindfold himself because he didn't want to see a thing.

Arc After the fight against Santa Claus, Makima then arranged a meeting with Denji in a cafe as they conversing about Denji visiting Aki in the hospital as it was revealed that Denji ate Aki's food when Aki didn't want it and also Why is Makima so powerful?

about their trip Why is Makima so powerful? Enoshima. Initially, Denji wants to go with Makima, but in the end, he decides to turn down the Why is Makima so powerful? due to Power becoming a nervous wreck after her encounter with the Darkness Devil in hell and decides to take care of Power in the end. As Makima arranged a meeting with the trio again regarding the fight against theAki attempted to request Division 4 to withdraw from the current mission.

However, Makima still insists that Denji and Power go into operation to defeat the Gun Devil as she had them temporarily joining Division 7 to carry out the operation in order to show their capabilities. This resulted on Aki having no choice but to join the operation with Denji and Power to guard them until Makima then reveals the horrific truth about what happened to the Gun Devil: It was then revealed that the real gun devil was actually defeated and confined after it appeared on the Soviet Union and was in an unconscious state with 20% of his fragments were possessed by America, 28% by Soviets, 11% by China, 4% by other countries and 37% were possessed by Why is Makima so powerful?

devils. It was also revealed that the gun that used by the Gun Devil Followers that killed Aki's other companions were made by men despite manufacturing guns were strictly controlled by the International law. This is because every government in every country manages to use the loopholes that the International Law had by circulating guns by having them manufactured and also trafficking them in secret under the pretense they made a contract with the gun devil.

As a Why is Makima so powerful?, Makima decides to go an all out war towards other countries by taking Why is Makima so powerful? of the fragments of the gun devil that they had possessed so that she will keep all of the fragments for Japanese government in order to get the upper advantage towards other countries as the fear of the Gun Devil will also make the Gun Devil stronger much to Aki and Denji's shock.

After contacting with the Future Devil as he heard from him that he and Power will meet an inevitable death due to them being slaughtered by Denji which would result the ultimate devil that even the other devil fears will come, the Angel Devil suggest Aki to contact Makima to prevent his death as she ended up arranging a meeting with them at the beach the day before a big operation and during their trip at the beach, when Angel Devil asked Aki about why does he like her and why did he fall for her, Aki answers that he couldn't remember any of it.

As Aki wants to make Denji and Power happy and survive well, Makima then uses this as an opportunity when Aki says that he will make any contract with any devil as it was revealed that Makima is a devil itself that tries to manipulate Aki to make a contract. Seeing what happened with Aki, the Angel Devil had his real past memories triggered which resulted on him attempting to kill Makima in which she retorted by brainwashing him again in the end while justifying what she had done towards Aki and the Angel Devil by saying that she did this because Japanese is full of spies more than any other nation in the world while the operation to slay gun devil has been exposed which made it meaningless in the end.

As her true nature as the Control Devil was revealed by the President of the United State as her existence will bring the worst kind of peace, the President of United States had no choice but to made a contract with the Gun Devil as a last resort to liberate themselves and the other countries from her grasp which resulted in the President sacrificing the one year of the life spans of the American people.

Makima then goaded the gun devil to Why is Makima so powerful? her which resulted on the city of Nikaho in Akita prefecture including it's citizens being brutally decimated by the Gun Devil and also resulted in Aki and Makima's seemingly death. However, the shot by the gun devil was revealed to be nothing but a small wound for Makima as a halo of brain matter emerges from her wound and floats over her head which resulted in her using the abilities of other devils and the former and current devil hunters so that she could use their devil contract to decimate the Gun Devil.

Why is Makima so powerful? to the Gun Devil's defeat, Makima then tells Denji about the Gun Devil possessing a body of someone corpse and said corpse is currently ringing his apartment doorbell, said corpse is revealed to be none other than Aki who was possessed by the gun devil and tries to attack Denji and Power. After being possessed by the Why is Makima so powerful? Devil, Aki's mind was warped because he reminisced about a snowball fight with Denji and Power.

Because of this, Denji attempted to snap Aki out as he accidentally caused severe collateral damage and killed innocent people while also fatally injured Denji. This resulted in Denji being given blood by other civilians and having no choice but to kill Aki in the end who still reminiscing about his childhood until his death. As Denji bought some ice cream for Power to eat via the park vending machine as he eats one of them which he ended up vomiting despite getting a winner's ice cream stick while also laying down on the park's bench in a lifeless manner, he then encountered with Makima who ended up bringing him to her house to cheer him up a bit.

As Denji arrives at her house, she reveals herself to be a dog person with several dogs that she kept at home and tries to treat Denji well by giving him some tea and tiramisu which resulted in Denji becoming a bit comfortable in her home as Makima cheered him up on what Why is Makima so powerful?. However, when she asked Denji about his request after defeating the Gun Devil, Denji then decided to become Makima's personal dog after seeing how she treat her dog well much to Makima's surprise as it was revealed that Denji is unable to think about himself anymore and wanting to liberate himself from the burdened thoughts.

After Denji wilfully becomes Makima's new personal dog so that he could experience happiness, it is revealed that she called Power and as Denji wondered on why Makima invited Power, she tells Denji that dogs were unable to think and then orders him to open the door. As Denji opened the door, it was revealed that Power Why is Makima so powerful?

a birthday cake to entertain him as Makima decides to ruin the fun and killing Power by shooting her with her own psychic finger gun power in cold blood which left Denji's speechless as she offhandedly disregards Power's corpse and Denji's expression as she ordered Denji to get inside.

After seeing Power's death, Denji then asks if the incident that happened was just a dream. However, Makima only responded Denji's question by laughing and revealing her true intentions towards Denji: It was revealed that after knowing the fact that Denji forming a bond with Pochita due to Denji's miserable past, she then intends to ruin his life beyond repair by seemingly giving a happy life or him and then when her true nature has been revealed, she then will destroyed it all in order to break the contract between Denji and Pochita.

She also then sadistically remarks towards Denji that if Denji overcomes his sadness by making new friends, she has Why is Makima so powerful?

hesitations to kill them all and also has no hesitations to killing the wife and children of Denji if he ended up being married and having a normal life. In addition, Makima also investigated Denji's true and dark past as it was revealed that Denji had accidentally killed his drunken father in self-defense which resulted on him repressing his dark memories which led to his miserable life until today as Makima uses this as an opportunity to gaslight him for all the seemingly terrible things he had done despite most of the time, he had no choice but to kill them.

This resulted on Denji becomes severely mentally damaged beyond repair with him sleeping on the couch as Makima enjoyed her breakfast in peace. In the next chapter, as Makima prepares to go somewhere else alongside the lifeless and traumatized Denji, she then introduced him to several devils who lied on her corridor of her apartment who are revealed to be Denji's kin whose name were based on Biblicial Angel as it was revealed Why is Makima so powerful?

brainwashes them in order to put their lives to protect Denji as they tried to wait for the day of rebirth.

The devils that Makima introduced are none other than: Seraphim the Bug Devil, Beam who is now revealed to be Cherubim, Violence Devil who is now revealed to be Galgalim, Dominion the Bat Devil, Virtue whose head has been decapitated, Power, Prinz and Angel.

As a result, several Devil Hunters under Kishibe's orders then sacrifice themselves in order to summon The Hell Devil to fight against Makima and Why is Makima so powerful?. However, as Denji transformed into his more powerful Chainsaw Man's form under Makima's control, Denji then seemingly manage to defeat the beast with ease.

As Denji was dragged to hell by the Hell Devil, Makima then watched calmly as she is aware that the Chainsaw Man was wrecking havoc in hell. As she encountered Kishibe who attempts to shoot him, she then warns Kishibe that due to the contract that she made with the prime minister, any attack that will be inflicted towards Makima will be turned into some kind of curse towards Japanese people as they will suffer an illness or their deaths will be dismissed as nothing but mere accidents.

Declaring herself to be the admirer of the Chainsaw Man, Makima then tells Kishibe about the formidable powers that the Chainsaw Man had possessed as she plans to use him for her own agenda, bringing world peace, while justifying herself to be a benevolent devil despite Kishibe's suspicions as she calls her out about using the Chainsaw Man's power to distort the world even further.

Knowing that her powers only works with the creatures that she considered lower below her, she then decides to fight against Chainsaw Man and has no hesitations to control him after the fight is done.

When she was warned by Kishibe about if she ended up losing the battle against the Chainsaw Man and getting eaten by him, Makima doesn't care as she wouldn't mind getting eaten by him and become a part of him while considering it as a greater privilege in the world as the Chainsaw Man returns from hell and eradicates the Hell Devil itself.

As Kishibe attempts to shoot Makima, she then holds a katana and orders him to hold back before trying to lure Chainsaw Man into the building where she's standing alongside Kishibe. Seemingly attempted to fight against the Chainsaw Man, Makima's body was brutally dismembered by him with Makima having an apathetic look as she smiles as Kishibe was spared in the end with him standing still seeing Makima's dismembered body before the Chainsaw Man went into the Hamburger Restaurant, the Family Burger, to eat some food there.

In the next chapter, after the Chainsaw Man manages to fulfill his desires after eating a hamburger in the Family Burger restaurant and manages Why is Makima so powerful? having a date with the waitress who was taken as a hostage, revealed to be the former devil hunter, Kobeni, Denji then returns to the battlefield and noticing that Makima is alive all along despite the Chainsaw Man dismembers her in the previous chapter. After being discovered, Makima then brought several reinforcements and some of them are revealed to be the people that Denji knew in previous chapters such as Quanxi, Reze and the Katana Man, who were enthralled by Makima's mind control powers after most of them were being defeated by her to the point that they fell in love and become fanatically devoted towards her as Makima orders them to defeat the Chainsaw Man under the pretense that they will go on date with her after the deed Why is Makima so powerful?

done. As the Hybrids and Makima attempts to fight against the Chainsaw Man, Makima then tells the story about The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse and Weapon Devil fighting against the Chainsaw Man who ate the concept demon for the hybrids to the point he was vanished in the battle while Makima and the rest of the demons having a hard time to finding him. After telling the story, Makima then become overjoyed with her reunion and then continue the fight until the end as Chainsaw Man was confused on what's going on.

Ordering her reinforcements who is now known as Public Safety Devil Extermination Special Division 5 to attack Chainsaw Man, they then turn themselves into their hybrid form: Crossbow Why is Makima so powerful? QuanxiBomb Devil RezeKatana Devil Katana ManSword Devil, Whip Devil, Flamethrower Devil and Spear Devil. However, during the fight, all of the devil was thrown off from the building easier by the Chainsaw Man as Bomb Devil, Spear Devil, Whip Devil and Flamethrower Devil were flung into the sky while the Chainsaw Man fought against the Crossbow Devil, Katana Devil and Sword Devil.

However, the fight was one sided despite Katana Devil's efforts to defeat him as both Crossbow Devil, Katana Devil and Sword Devil were brutally murdered by Chainsaw Man. Makima, who observes the fight, calmly concludes that the fight is unwinnable in the end. In the next chapter, as the Hybrids attempts to put their effort on defeating Chainsaw Man to no avail with the Whip Devil was thrown out from the building and Reze was brutally decapitated by Chainsaw Man, Makima Why is Makima so powerful?

steps in and uses her psychic finger gun power power to shoot Chainsaw Man several times, sending him to an orbit while observing about how Chainsaw Man hold his breath for a long time in space. As Chainsaw Man removed and threw his heart from space for regeneration purposes, he then uses his vine-like power to tie both Makima and the rest of the hybrids with Makima looking seemingly happy being tied as Chainsaw Man began to dismember their body in the end.

After the fight against Why is Makima so powerful? and the Hybrid Devil was seemingly over, Chainsaw Man then resumes his date with Kobeni as he watches her dancing in the Dance-Dance Revolution arcade game tirelessly, getting a perfect score. As Kobeni finished dancing and asking herself why she did that, the resurrected Makima then appears, watching both Chainsaw Man and Kobeni from the balcony.

Makima then asks why Chainsaw Man didn't eat her body despite killing her 26 times, assuming that her body is unappetizing to him. After the conversation, Makima then chaiined several innocent people with Why is Makima so powerful?

chain leash that came out from near the part of her womb as Kobeni becomes panic, wanting to have no involvement with Chainsaw Man and Makima's affairs. However, Makima then says that Kobeni was also involved due to suspecting that her fear with Chainsaw Man was weakened while also revealing herself that she clearly love humans but she compared the relationship in the same way as humans were fond of dogs as humans according to Makima are loyal, easily handled, clever Why is Makima so powerful?

stupid as watching their act is a rather fun thing to experience with Makima herself embracing the adoration and praise that the human had for her. In addition to all of this, it was then revealed that Makima is the one who set the fight with Chainsaw Man against Aki who was transformed into a gun fiend while also knowing about Denji's accomplishment as Chainsaw Man so that it could be broadcasted to the news as people across the world began to chant his name.

Revealing that the fear of the Devils empowered Chainsaw Man, it was all revealed that Makima also pulled a gambit by making people across the world adore him which resulted on him being weakened. After this, Makima then uses the power of the men she had chained as she summoned Angel Devil to form a halo of brain matter in order to summon the Spear of Longinus 1.

However, as Makima attempts to attack Kobeni with the Spear of Longinus, Chainsaw Man then attempts to protect her which causes him to gravely wounded much to Makima's disappointment. In the next chapter, as Power was resurrected in Why is Makima so powerful? Blood Devil form with the help of Pochita, she then manages to impale Makima and her slaves as Makima retaliates as she attempts to attack her with the 100 years old weapon. However, Power manages to intercept her attack which causes Makima to be impaled again, gloating about how powerful she is compared to Makima.

Furious, Makima then summons the Zombie Devil and zombifies her own slaves to attack Power as Makima also attacks her with her psychic finger gun power.

Surprised on seeing Power alive despite killing her merciy, Power instead attempts to took Chainsaw Man's body for herself in which Makima responded by shooting her again with her psychic finger gun power.

Chainsaw Man Creator Reveals a Disturbing Fact About Makima's Name

As Makima then orders Power to hand over Chainsaw Man under the pretense that she won't kill her and becoming her pet, Power decides to betray the Chainsaw Man and then having his body being given to Makima under the pretense he captured him as Makima praises her deeds to do so much to Pochita's disappointment. As Power attempts to give Makima the Chainsaw Man's body, the former then suddenly reminisces about the good times that she had with Denji which causes her to defy Makima and attacked her, running away with Denji's body while evading her brainwashed armies that attacked Power in order to save Denji as she retreats to a nearby dumpster.

After Denji was revived and was given another purpose in life with the help of Power making a pact with Denji to find the Blood Devil in hell and befriend her, Denji then met with Kishibe as he promises Denji to free him from Makima's influence if he was truly Denji as the latter decides to make truce by holding a V-sign towards Kishibe.

As Denji, Kishibe and Kobeni were hiding together from Makima's clutches, suddenly Denji become starstruck with his newfound fame after Why is Makima so powerful? his accomplishments as Chainsaw Man were reported by the news. This resulted on Denji begging to Kishibe that he wanted to become a Chainsaw Man again with new dreams in motion: Eating tons of steaks every morning and having a harem of 10 girlfriends as he have sex together with them.

This causes Kishibe reprimanding Denji that if he drew lots of attention, Makima has an extraordinary hearing ability as she has no hesitations to kill Denji once he turns into Chainsaw Man. As both Kishibe and Kobeni were sleeping, Denji then contemplates about his doubts on killing Makima because of the fact that she is the enemy that should not be underestimated willy-nilly and even after the horrific things she had done to him, Denji still likes Makima inside his heart which causes him perceiving himself as a terrible person.

As the morning hits, Pochita, who was initially perceived as Denji in his Chainsaw Man form, then meets Makima in a huge cemetery as squatted in one of the crosses with her controlling tons of her personal army to fight Pochita.

Before the fight, Pochita and Makima had a chat together as the latter perceiving Pochita a lot weaker than before while asking him if he wants to die by her own hands. The conversation culminates into a philosophical chat about bad movies as Pochita asks Makima if her ideal world would have bad movies in it, alluding to Pochita asking her plans on wanting to erase every bad things that happened for the human race in order to make themselves better just Why is Makima so powerful?

a selfish reason and also alluding to their date in a movie theater. Makima then responded by saying that the world would be better if bad movies cease to exists while also become puzzled on why the Chainsaw Man ended up turning back into Denji's form.

This causes on Pochita has no choice but to kill Makima and her army while also perceiving Denji as unworthy of being Chainsaw Man because of his appearance and the things that he says as she prepared to fight against him.

As Pochita began to fight against Makima and her soldiers, Makima then summons the Zombie Devil again in order to stall Pochita until he manages to retaliate using his powers to throw it towards Makima and her soldiers. However, he was stopped by several hybrid devils including Katana Man, Reze and Quanxi and despite knocking some of them, Pochita was then buried by pile of zombies that attacked him.

When Makima was told by the Flamethrower Devil that Pochita was significantly weaker than before, Makima then tells him by saying that the Chainsaw Man has been weakened because he was turned into a merchandised character for consumption while also telling him that there's no need to fear the Chainsaw Man.

After the conversation, the Flamethrower Devil then began to make his move by burning the Zombies and Pochita.

However, Pochita then emerges from the pile of ashes and manages to knock the Flamethrower Devil only to be knocked out together with Quanxi who attacks him. As Makima saw Pochita lying in the ground, she then decides to revive Denji for pragmatic reason to fight him one-on-one until one of them was defeated as she shoots her hand with her psychic gun finger power which causes a small wound on her hand as she gave her blood towards Pochita in the end. As both Pochita and Makima fight with each other, both of them were brutally wounded as Makima regenerates as her slaves took a huge blow after fighting against Pochita due to her reflection contract.

As Makima manage to win a hand-to-hand combat against Pochita, she then attempts to take his heart while telling Why is Makima so powerful? that he was not the real Chainsaw Man as she tried to figure out how to make Pochita, disguising Why is Makima so powerful? Denji, giving up from the world and turning Pochita back into Chainsaw Man. This resulted on Pochita spits at Makima in which she Why is Makima so powerful?

in a tranquil fury, saying that Pochita doesn't fit her criteria for Chainsaw Man as he wore some clothes, talks a lot and didn't perform several chaotic acts as she was also still disappointed to see Pochita still chooses Denji at the end of the day while sending him a death threats because he is in their way to reunite while brutally ripping Pochita's heart out, causing him to weaken and vomiting blood.

After taking Pochita's heart, Makima then tries to starts smoking in which she coughs as she talks to the Chainsaw Why is Makima so powerful? heart, contemplating about the things that they will do in the future and wanting to live happily with Chainsaw Man by eating and sleeping a lot together.

Suddenly, the real Denji, who is revived by Power's blood, emerges from Makima's slaves's dead body and then began to brutally cuts her body with Chainsaw, seemingly Why is Makima so powerful? a relief that he managed to attack Makima when she was distracted. As Makima was startled about Denji managing to overpowered her as he took his heart back, Denji then tells her about the fight where Pochita took his heart out in order to regenerate despite he vaguely remembers her mind.

It was then revealed that the Chainsaw that Denji used to defeat Makima is infused by Power's blood as Denji lets her blood corrupted inside Makima's body, which hindered her regeneration's ability.

As the Ambulance comes to pick them up, Denji has no choice but to kill Makima with his chainsaw, seemingly expressing his regret to do so as Makima sweats before being killed.

After Makima is seemingly killed, Denji and Kishibe then have conversations together about innocent people being sacrificed, heavily implied that Power's corruption towards Makima's body and her contract with the prime minister that is still intact to be the cause of it.

Before Kishibe left, he then tells Denji that he needs to be careful as his method to kill Makima won't kill her fully and there is a huge possibility that he will die as a result.

After Kishibe left, Denji then becomes hungry and then cooking food for himself while contemplating that at the end of the day, he still likes Makima despite the things that she had done in the past but at Why is Makima so powerful?

same time, acknowledged that people who died from her actions won't forgive her. In order to burden her sins together, Denji initially thought of double suicide alongside Makima by strapping a bomb and blow themselves off but decided not to do so because physical attacks won't work against Makima. As a result, Denji then come with an idea of becoming one with her by eating her in the end, which is the method in order to end Makima's life faster, as Denji made a ginger-fried meat and onions from her remains while contemplating by saying that her meat tastes good.

After eating the ginger-fried meat, Denji then made a variations of food to eat from Makima's remains such as patties, fried-cutlet, nuggets, miso stew, meat only curries, meatballs, sushi, steak, sashimi, hot-pot, meat buns, mystery meat pot, extreme juice and spaghetti. As Denji and Kishibe were discussing together about Makima, Denji then told Kishibe that he ate all of Makima's remains while saying that she didn't even revive from either his stomach or from his poop much to his surprise.

In addition, when Kishibe asks about Denji's method on murdering Makima despite the attacks doesn't work against her as she was simply untouchable, Denji then tells Kishibe that he doesn't intend to hurt Makima as he ate her to fulfill his twisted way of love as he become one with her. This resulted on Kishibe perceiving that Denji's plan on eating Makima severs her contract with the prime minister.

When asked again by Kishibe about how Denji manages to attack Makima despite her powers could make her noticing Denji's existence, Denji then tells Kishibe that Makima doesn't remember individual faces as she perceives other people with a powerful scent and only remembers the scent of the people that she has interest in.

This resulted on Denji making a gamble to defeat Makima by letting Pochita attacking her as she never saw Denji even once Why is Makima so powerful? the start, much to Denji's sorrow. As the children are done playing with the dogs, Denji then notices a girl who patted one of Makima's dogs as Denji tries to drive her out because of the important discussion that he had with Kishibe.

This resulted on the child biting Denji's finger, which causes him to remember the bite that Makima had given to him in the past as he ended up perceiving the girl being Makima all along.

After this, Kishibe then tells Denji that he founded the girl in China while also revealing that she is another incarnation of Control Devil without Makima's past memories as the real Makima is dead. In addition, Kishibe also tells Denji that he entrusts the girl to be taken care by Denji as if the government manages to find out about the girl existence and raising her, she would become another Makima again.

After Kishibe left, the girl then tells Denji that she wants to ride one of Makima's dog and despite Denji's refusal, he Why is Makima so powerful? to let her ride the dog anyways.

When she climbs on the dog and began to lay Why is Makima so powerful?, Denji then asks her name in which she answers his question by saying Nayuta.

When asking about a thing that she wants to eat, Nayuta then tells Denji that she wants to eat bread as the two went home together and eating together. When Denji was sleeping, he then met with Pochita in the dream world as he tells Denji about Makima's motivations to create a world where she can create equal relationships with others while also yearning for family despite the wrong method she had done.

This resulted on Pochita telling Denji to fulfill her dream by embracing her and giving her lots of hugs as Denji hugged Nayuta in her sleep at the end to comfort her.

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