Question: What is a female woman cougar?


Cougar is a term used to describe an older woman who uses the same predatory sexual techniques as men, including focusing on members of the opposite sex who are much younger than she is. ... It began as a term of thinly veiled abuse, considered a derisive insult to older single women.

If any of you have ever heard of or can remember back to a movie in the late sixties called 'The Graduate', then I think you might already have an idea as to what this topic is about. The story involves a much older women, Mrs. What is a female woman cougar?, seducing her friend's son, Benjamin, who is about half her age.

What is a female woman cougar?

Now, granted the story is much more intricate and complicated than just its theme, but that is basically the movie's underlying focal point. Anne Bancroft plays the unhappy, middle-aged, married seductress, and Dustin Hoffman is the recently graduated, single, twenty-year old who is concerned about his future. At Benjamin's graduation party, Mrs.

Robinson finds a moment in which Ben is alone and pounces on the opportunity. So if you haven't gotten it by now, a 'cougar woman' is today's slang for an older women who seeks out and enjoys the company of younger men.

What is a female woman cougar?

The intentions of a cougar woman can range anywhere from snatching a young boy toy or in this case - a cat toy for purely recreational reasons, to wanting someone younger who is also looking for a real, committed relationship.

Usually What is a female woman cougar? will find an even split between cougars who are in it for just play, and others who are in it for something more. Even the ones who want to play, however, often find that if the right 'cub' guy comes around, they are not immune to falling for them.

Robinson was just that - a Mrs. Within recent years, What is a female woman cougar? term cougar women and the cougar women trend has become somewhat of a phenomenon. It seems like ever since Hollywood's power couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore said their 'I Do's', the older women with younger men subject has started to grow and become more acceptable in today culture. Older women find that younger men have more energy and drive than most men their age, and that their 'zeal' for life is intoxicating because it parallels theirs.

When middle-aged women reach a certain point in their life, many of them start to feel an underlying sense of renewal that makes them want to be adventurous and young-spirited once again.

More younger men have also been shifting from looking at younger women to older women. Younger guys are discovering that older women have a lot of what they are looking for in a meaningful relationship. Most mature younger guys know that older women tend to be better communicators when it comes to 'down to earth' topics such as philosophy, personal direction and motivation. Additionally, a lot of young guys are captivated by an older woman's presence because most older women radiate a certain level of confidence and maturity within their demeanor that surpasses most younger women.

Most younger men that are attracted to older women believe that a lot of younger women today are very superficial and much of their integrity and confidence is derived from peers and material things.

Older women also have a certain degree of experience and wisdom that younger women don't. You will find that most cougar women are confident, charismatic, and attractive both inside and out. Most know that appearances both in the physical form as well as the personality form are crucial to attraction. They also know that confidence comes from within and doesn't require the approval of others.

Wild term: Women find 'cougar' either empowering or offensive

A lot of cougar women have high integrity and high standards for what they will accept. Older women and younger men relationships are much more compatible than most people think. The drivers for cougar relationships usually come from both sides wanting to break away from the norm to experience innovative, fresh, and captivating opportunities that can be explored in a variety of new, exciting ways.

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