Question: Is Dortmund worth visiting?


Consequently, Dortmund is a pleasant city to explore on foot, with one of the highest densities of pedestrian-friendly city squares anywhere in Germany. Dortmund is also well known for its famous football team, Borussia Dortmund.

In August, I had the opportunity to Is Dortmund worth visiting? the first time in Dortmund. Basically, I am not using the language since 5 years and I think it would be useful to go back for a refreshing course to the best ever Goethe Institute.

Is Dortmund worth visiting?

I tried many courses and only this one gives you real knowledge. In my opinion, generally it is beneficial to travel, because it broadens horizons of an individual and opens our mind. Dortmund is a very small town and I will share with you in this post my subjective impression about it. Restaurants and food in Dortmund Unfortunately, I must say that Dortmund disappointed if it comes to food. There are of course also some pluses, but we will talk about them a little bit later. For me Germany was always a symbol of ecological way of life and healthy biological food.

Of course it costs more, but at least you have options and are free to choose what you want.

Is Dortmund worth visiting?

Therefore I was very surprised that in cafes and restaurants there was available exclusively white sugar even brown sugar could not be found at any place. The choice is very simple, you can have sweet bread with jam or some cooked eggs, cheese and ham — I had to choose Is Dortmund worth visiting?

option nr 1, because I do not eat meat. Generally, in the city center I could not find even one place, where I could eat a nutritious vegetarian meal. The pros are that if you like eating sweet snacks and generally sweets, than Dortmund will seem heaven to you. You can even find there a very good Italian ice-cream in the center. They serve pancakes there too, and something similar to waffles. I noticed that Germans mainly order some small beverages, fries, or salads in the city, perhaps it is not common Is Dortmund worth visiting?

to eat outside the home. Therefore restaurants do not have in menu much to offer, I suspect that is dictated by the local preferences, which I definitely could not understand. Unfortunately, vegetarians and vegans have a lot of fatigue to find a good meal.

Is Dortmund worth visiting?

Fortunately, there were bars with Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine, which although offered dishes with vegetables, unfortunately did not taste half as good as by my favorite places in Warsaw. Well, but I am truly grateful, that I had choice and for this reason I am very happy : Fresh and healthy vegan diet is essential for me, therefore I am Is Dortmund worth visiting?

that we had no choice where to eat good, healthy, and above all tasteful food. The prettiest district, is like I already mentioned — the center of Dortmund.

There you can also find a St. Peter church, which looks very simple, not only outside but also inside. However, it seems to me that this building adds some charm to the city.

If you plan some shopping, it is a really good idea, because you will find many shopping malls here. Yes, Primark is also there ; It also worth walking small streets around the city, which I liked much more than the city center. During visiting here and there, I found a cozy bakery and tried Is Dortmund worth visiting? delicious German pastries.

As I said, sweets taste good here, however I am not a fan of sugar. I like beautiful and quiet places, where I can feel the atmosphere of the city, such as, eg. Amsterdam, places in Sardinia or Paris.

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