Question: Why did Nina leave Vampire Diaries?

But Dobrevs reason for leaving was simple: he was just ready to go. NOTE: This article was updated on June 2, 2021, to include details about Nina Dobrevs return for The Vampire Diaries series finale, and her recent television and film credits.

Why did Elena leave Vampire Diaries in season 6?

After owning the limelight for a while, it was announced in 2015 that the actress would leave the show after the 6th season finale. ... In an Instagram post shared by the 31-year-old actress, after saying goodbye to the show, she stated that she decided to leave it because she felt like Elenas journey had come to an end.

Almost a full eight years later, when the show finally ended, it was one of the network's most popular, long-running series with a dedicated fanbase. All of this happened despite star Nina Dobrev quitting at the end of Season 6.

Why did Nina leave Vampire Diaries?

Butand why did she agree to come back at the end of Season 8 for the finale? Some stars of long-running shows bow out either because they have a movie deal in the works they want to pursue or because they're fighting over money and think they are irreplaceable. But neither of these reasons were factors that had anything to do with Dobrev's decision. Instead, the actress, who was 26 years old at the time, realized Why did Nina leave Vampire Diaries?

she was heading into her 30s. Some shows that focus on teenagers have actors that slowly age into unbelievability, and Dobrev decided that wasn't what she wanted. Instead, she decided it was time to outgrow the show. I started Vampire Diaries when I was 20, and I was playing a young teenage girl.

I also played Katherine, this ancient vixen who was manipulative and crazy. Then I grew into myself as a woman — I found that part of myself while playing that role — I grew with the show and I wanted to continue to grow outside of it.

Why did Nina leave Vampire Diaries?

She was also afraid that not moving on would doom her to be typecast for the rest of her career — a fear many actors and actresses face when they've played the same role for too long. Mentally, it was a crazy time. I was 27 when I left the show, I was ready to do something different. I wanted to prove everyone wrong who said I would play this one role my whole life or be stuck playing younger roles. For the record, she's not the first actress to make this hard choice.

Nina Dobrev Explains Why She Exited ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Another actor who found himself in a high profile show began to worry that he too would be typecast for the rest of his life. Knowing when to go is always the smartest move, and we can't blame Dobrev one bit. Dobrev has been lucky so far in that she's been able to keep working, even if her first movie since Vampire Diaries, the remake of Flatliners, hasn't exactly been the massive hit she was hoping for.

And Dobrev has played the fan game well. With team player cred like that, it's only a matter of time before she levels up.

Why did Nina leave Vampire Diaries?

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