Question: Does Force India still exist?


Background. On 27 July 2018, Force India Formula One Team Limited, the operator of Force India Formula One Team for eleven seasons, was put into administration. By 2 August 2018 its assets were purchased by Racing Point UK Limited, a company created by a group of investors led by Lawrence Stroll.

These are among the powerful predictions the world looks set to face as it comes to grip with new powers, financial slowdowns and emerging economies. The report, compiled by private-intelligence firm Stratfor, reveals the issues set to emerge across the globe within the next decade. However it predicts many countries face tough times ahead with war, changing politics and declining economies all playing a part in the global shake up that lay ahead.

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Among its predictions are: Germany has already seen a rise in nationalism and anti-refugee sentiment. National leaders will find themselves under increasing pressure from its people, putting a strain on inter-country relationships.

Seeing itself under the gun, it will appear even more aggressive and territorial as it continues to exert its power internally and externally, but it will come at a cost. Such action will make its neighbours anxious both in terms of national security and rapidly shifting economic policies.

Turkey will emerge as a powerful influence in the next decade.

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Turkey, whose southern border is close to the troubles, will be slowly drawn into the fighting, Stratfor predict, emerging as both a major regional power and an increasing competitor with Iran. America will look to shore up support with Turkey, which will Does Force India still exist? a major force across Asia and the Middle East.

China faces further economic slowdown, according to future predictions.

Does Force India still exist?

According to the report, China will also lose some of its military might Does Force India still exist? Japan becomes more dominant in the region. The American military will remain a major world player but will not be the first responded in future conflicts.

Things will look shaky for powerhouse Germany, even under the steady leadership of Angela Merkel. Poland will not only increase its influence within Europe but also further afield. The eastern European state will not only continue such growth but will emerge as a key player as it diversifies its trade relationships. Such a move will be bad news for Russia as Poland is predicted to come out as the leader of an anti-Russia coalition that would, significantly, include Romania during the first half of this decade, Stratfor state.

This will lead to a powerful alliance with America, which will look to shore up relationships with a stabilising force. But the report highlights while a power vacuum will continue to exist, jihadist groups will be contained by internal divisions.

Does Force India still exist?

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