Question: What are CLAG nuts?


clagnut (plural clagnuts) (slang) A dingleberry (clinging piece of feces).

A person in a catatonic state or seemingly brain dead. To sit around doing little, to be idle. Intoxicated, by alcohol or drugs, to a state of uselessness. From being in a vegetative state. General derogatory term for any number of people with various social or behavioural problems, What are CLAG nuts? as petty criminals, troublemakers. Clumsy, without manual dexterity, What are CLAG nuts? left-handed. Clumsy, awkward, having What are CLAG nuts?

manual dexterity. Also camel's toe and camel toes. An effeminate style and mannerism affected mainly by 'gays', however anyone can 'camp it up. Very 'camp' see aboveor gay. See 'camp as a row of pink tents' above. To overact in an affected manner. Very intoxicated by drink or drugs. A person who indulges in excessive bouts of drug or alcohol use. To travel at great speed. To overindulge in something, originally drink or drugs.

To talk, chat or gossip. Usually of women, fat ankles that lack definition and seem to merge with the calves of the leg. A combination of the words calf and ankle. A What are CLAG nuts? problem that may take much trouble resolving. Frequently as open a can of worms. To kiss and cuddle, to caress affectionately. Also as cannoodle, conoodle, kanoodle. To tell tales, to lie. To be disinclined or unwilling to make the effort to engage in something, can't be bothered. A 3 month prison sentence.

A person who performs cunnilingus. A person from the country, a rural dweller. Alcohol brought from a bar with the intention of taking it home or away. To take responsibility for a mistake.

To sully a person's reputation. A pun on 'cast aspersions'. To look blankly with one's mouth open. A person who adopts a fake identity on social media in order to gain the trust of someone so as to trick or con What are CLAG nuts?.

Because they swing both ways, like a catflap. The best, most sublime thing or person. From the rhyming slang 'cattle truck ' and hence meaning 'fucked'. An uncircumcised penis and consequently What are CLAG nuts? male with such. The word '', and implying how offensive and damaging it can be to use it in everyday speech.

From Chalfont St Giles, a town in Buckinghamshire, rhyming with piles. Also used as an exclamation. A What are CLAG nuts? who takes risks for personal gain. Switching What are CLAG nuts? one television channel to another in search of an interesting programme.

Usually associated with the speech of the upper classes. Erect and prominent female nipples. A person deemed rightly or wrongly to be in need of charity, whether poor or handicapped in some manner. Probably the most commonly used slang term for this drug. A euphemistic warning for your petticoat or slip is showing. An expression rapidly becoming obsolete What are CLAG nuts? the changing of fashion away from wearing such items. A boy, or adolescent male. A close friend, a 'mate'.

An unruly, young person, typically wearing casual, brand-name sportswear, such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok. Usually more associated with poorer, urban environments. To smoke heroin by burning the drug on foil and inhaling the smoke via a tube, such as a drinking straw. To talk nonsense, to have a casual conversation. Frequently heard as chattin' shit. An incessant talker, especially about trivial matters.

To talk flirtatiously with someone, to make sexual overtures. A person, usually of poorly educated, working class origin, who dresses casually in designer sportswear and vulgar jewellery. Chavs are generally viewed as an ignorant under-class with a propensity for criminal or loutish behaviour. Pejorative term for the game of football soccerespecially used by those who prefer other team ball sports, such as rugby. Specifically a female version of a 'chav', see above.

Of 'chav', see above, or relating to them in some excessive way or major extent. Another chav related expression created during the chav obsessed early 2000s. Combination of the words chav and spec tacular. Of, or related to 'chav', see above. A combination of the words chav and fan tastic.

What are CLAG nuts?

Of, or like a 'chav'. Chips, referring to French Fries, and from the period when they were considered an inexpensive meal. To speak to a person in an impudent or disrespectful manner, albeit often light-heartedly. Impudence, audacity, the act of being cheeky. Impertinent, insolent, often in an amusing or disarming way, mainly in speech, and often by a younger person. Often heard used in various expressions such as cheeky sod, cheeky fucker, cheeky bastard. Of food, drink or an activity, something pleasurable but mildly irresponsible and self-indulgent.

Affectionate name for an attractively impudent What are CLAG nuts? or animal, and someone who generally brings a smile to people's faces or may make one readily smile. Affectionate name for a impudent or mischievious person. A light hearted name for a verbally impertinent person.

This is the globally accepted and most understood of the uses of cheers. A friendly form of saying thank you, or goodbye. Alluding to the look of this male bodily secretion and perhaps the smell. Do me a cheesy quaver, will you? Don't make me get up early tomorrow morning. A raver, a person into the lifestyle and music What are CLAG nuts? hardcore house and techno. Quavers, cheese flavour, a popular potato snack manufactured by Walkers Snack Foods Ltd.

Impudence, cheek, especially by a child to an adult. A knife slash, or scar, from the corner of the mouth across the cheek. Virginity as in to lose one's cherry. Previously applied to the hymen but now the term is used by both sexes.

One is also able to lose one's anal cherry. Women's breasts, often implying either small or cute. From the Romany chiv, or chive, meaning knife Verb. To slash, stab or cut off.

To smash someone on the face with a bottle and slash with the broken shards. Very common on the gay scene for an attractive young male.

A game of courage in which competitors dare one another to complete a given task. Usually a game of adolescence. A film flickoften romantic and with a happy ending, and typically enjoyed by females chick. A male to female preoperative transexual, usually very feminine looking, with breasts and male genitals, a shemale.

A general term of address. To relax, take time out. You'll have a heart attack unless you learn to chill a little. To relax, to take time out. A combination of the words chill and relax. A time or place where people chill-out, often whilst on drugs or in a hot sweaty club. Something that reduces anxiety and stress, and promotes relaxation. Mainly used figuratively in phrases such ''. To hit someone on the chin. A term of address, usually friendly. Derived from the cockney rhyming slang china plate, meaning mate.

Used as a toast, good health, cheers! From the Chinese ts'ing ts'ing. Pidgin English, a mixture of Chinese and English. A Chinese restaurant or takeaway. Chinese food, often a takeaway meal.

Of a person, resembling or having characteristics of their parents. A chip shop, a shop that sells mainly fried hot food for eating off the premises, typically battered fish, meat pies, sausages, fried chicken and, of course, chips deep fried potatoes not disimilar to fries but fatter.

To chat up, to talk flirtatiously. Especially one that is short and fat. What are CLAG nuts? chew, or eat, occasionally inferring loudly. Chewing, eating, often inferring loudly. Very crowded, busy, What are CLAG nuts? full of things or people. Also chocko or the more childlike term chockies. Very intoxicated with marijuana or cannabis. From the verb 'chong it'.


Possibly from the series of movies featuring the characters Cheech and Chong, both heavy marijuana smokers. Affectionate term of address, often used with respect to children and babies.

We need to be at the airport in half an hour. To chat, to talk excessively. Possibly from 'chops' nounmeaning mouth. Chatty, verbally impudent, very talkative. From the Romany cor, to steal. Expressing annoyance, anger, surprise etc. A man with a bald head. A person who finds fat people attractive. More commonly used on the Gay scene. Jocular and affectionate term of address for a podgy person. The time when a public house, or bar, closes and asks their customers to leave the premises.

The vagina or more generally the female genitals, occ. The What are CLAG nuts? of wind from the anus, a ''. A fool, an objectionable person. An annoying, difficult or disappointing What are CLAG nuts?. An intensifier, and euphemism for 'fucking'. Frequently heard as chuffin' ell. To depart, to go away, usually in the imperative as an exclamation. A hypothetical award sarcastically offered to someone who is evidently very pleased with their achievements. What do you want, a chufty badge?

A person paid to collect for charity by signing up people to make regular donations, often by direct debit. Working on busy shopping streets chuggers are often young people and will usually be seen carrying clipboards.

The term is a cross between charity and mugger. A close or intimate friend. A friendly term of address. A fool, a disliked person. Often as chum up to. To mutter, grumble, talk incessantly. Meaning the same as 'chunner'. A faecal remnant adhering to the anal hairs or fur. To notice, to spot, to see. Sticky or gooey dirt, mud, or excrement. Of distinction, high quality, excellent. Dirty, untidy, disgusting filthy, unpleasant. A person from Stoke on Trent, in the Midlands.

Stoke-on-Trent is the home of the pottery industry in England and is commonly known as the Potteries. Having no drugs, weapons or illicit goods on one's person. A small piece of excrement that adheres to anal hairs, or fur when on animals. Fourteen pounds, a stone, in weight. A stone or brick for throwing. A person who is or claims to be clever or have greater knowledge. To reach a state of severe agitation through stress or worry. Excrement that adheres to anal hairs, or fur on animals.

It is derived either from the name of Clink Street, London, on which a prison was situated, or from the sound of doors locking. Excrement that adheres to anal hairs, or fur, on an animal. The employee, extra to the driver, who checks and supplies tickets whilst on the bus. From their clipping of tickets. A farmer, and by extension a country dweller, a yokel, a country bumpkin.

A distinct type of 'gay' image, being stereotypically masculine and epitomized by short hair, bristle moustache, jeans or leathers. A good example being the 1970s 'gay' icons, The Village People. Used to express that someone hasn't quite been successful, or hasn't reached their objective.

A cigar often orignally being a way to celebrate a win or success. The situation of concealing one's homosexuality. Coming out of the closet implying living true to one's sexuality. Someone who has poor hearing or doesn't pay attention to imparted information. From the informal adjective cloth-eared - deaf. An objectionable person, especially someone who does foolish things. A large or spacious vagina. A disasterous situation, a mess up, a shambles. From the rhyming slang cobblers awls, meaning 'balls'.

A bread bun or loaf. A term of address, usually affectionate. Would you like it in a bag? To openly show contempt or disrespect. From the action of placing one's hand infront of the face with thumb touching the nose and fingers spread and extended, used to express contempt.

To prevent someone a man from sexually liasing with another person, usually intentionally. Someone who prevents a man from sexually engaging with another person. A contemptible person, an idiot. Ten, usually in a monetary sense. A general term of abuse, a contemptible person.

A person who sexually teases males. To make a mistake, to ruin. A warning that an act of defecation is in progress or has occurred. A traditional fishing port in the English county of Lancashire.

A pillion ride on a single seat bicycle. To make large amounts of money, to profit. A regular user of cocaine. Of the weather or temperature, extremely cold. Very cold, when applied to the weather, or air temperature. A person who is unemotional or insensitive.

The act of deliberately ignoring. Withdrawal from addictive drugs and the consequential pains and discomfort, including goosepimples, hence the name. A feeling of nervousness or discomfort in the stomach.

The common slang convention of mispelling words also gives us the variation 'cum'. Sexually ejaculated fluid, usually applied to semen and regularly spelt 'cum'.

The depression and tiredness after the cessation of a bout of drug taking. Come on, proceed, let's go. To act in an impudent manner. I said you can't have any more money. A sexual enticement or invitation, by use of words or body language. To openly reveal one's homosexuality. An abbreviated form of come out of the closet.

To feel unwell What are CLAG nuts? unsteady. Very common, usually applied to an unsophisticated and uncultured person. Frequently prefixing derogatory terms such as 'bastard' or 'twat'. A conker British is the hard shiny nut of the horse chestnut tree. Of machinery, to breakdown or stop working. To lose consciousness, to collapse, to fall asleep.

Hysterics, a fit of fury, a temper tantrum. To succeed, to proceed well. We were cooking with gas. To commune with someone sexually desirable, occasionally in so much as having sex. An abbreviation of 'cop off. Heard in expressions such as '' or ''. Get a feel of something, often applied to a grope of a sexual nature. Plead guilty to a reduced charge. To commune with someone sexually desirable, occasionally in so much as having sex.

An excuse, an avoidance of guilt. Corruption of the word God, used as an exclamation of surprise. A mild exclamation of surprise. A corruption of the oath God blind me. What are CLAG nuts? excellent thing or person. Legs with mottled, blotchy skin, reminiscent of the meat, corned beef. Rhyming slang for deef, a Scottish pronunciation of deaf.

A heavy stick or bar used as a weapon. To strike with a 'cosh' see noun. The act of soliciting illicit and anonymous sex in a public place by male homosexuals. To become aware, to notice. A lazy person who idles away time, usually watching the television. An older woman who seeks the company and sexual What are CLAG nuts? of much younger men, there often being the implication of being a sexual predator. To hand over something, or reveal some information, often reluctantly.

Of a person, totally What are CLAG nuts?. From the rhyming slang on ''. Derogatory, but often used less aggressively, as an affectionate aside, as in What are CLAG nuts? cow'. A difficult or objectionable task or thing. A person who is unscrupulous and unqualified in business. Often with regard to 'cowboy' builders.

A group of people, unscrupulous and unqualified in business, working under the guise of a respectable business. Probably from a combination of the words and. A narrow line of pubic hair that extends upwards towards the belly button. The name derives from the sound made during its manufacture. As the crack, the situation, news, gossip. Women, viewed as sexual objects. A thing that is excellent.

An attractive person, particularly a woman. An addict of 'crack' freebased cocaine. An intensifier such as extremely, outstandingly. A sexually desirable woman or women. Dawn, or specifically the crack of dawn. To progress, to go quickly, to continue.

To masturbate, with reference to the male. To come onto somebody, to make sexual advances. An insane What are CLAG nuts? eccentric person. A person who dates or marries someone considerably younger than themselves. From delivering meat via the ''. To study o revise intensely, usually just prior to an exam. To increase, often with reference to the volume of music. Nonsense, rubbish, waste, useless or not good.

An exclamation of disbelief, annoyance. Defecate is infact a euphemism meaning to purify or cleanse. A generally disparaging term for a person, or thing. Rubbishy, useless, of poor quality. Soiled with dirt or excrement.


To share, loan or borrow. To temporarily stay over or sleep at a place other than at one's own usual abode. It'll cost too much for a taxi home. The situation of crashing See 'crash' verb. To pass out due to intoxication or tiredness.

A face with pock marked skin or What are CLAG nuts? person with such a face. A sycophant, an obsequious flatterer. Frequently expressed as cray cray. To cream oneself implies great sexual excitement, but often used figuratively.

Rhyming slang on '' adj 1. To be very excited, so much so that one figuratively ejaculates. Not always necessarily sexual excitement.

The view of recently deposited semen oozing from a vagina or anus. An expression originating in the porn industry.

To make a fuss, to complain. That which is acceptably fashionable, abb. A contemptible person, in particular, one who is fawning. An insect, or spider, usually viewed distastefully. A gang, closeknit group of freinds. To copy, usually in an underhand or unfair manner. Used to express surprise or astonishment. Likely to promote embarrassment or apprehension. From the appearence of their aging skin. Nonsense, a worthless thing, of poor quality.

Yours is ancient, it's a crock of shit. A pillion ride on a single seat bicycle. General term for a sexual infection of the genitals, or venereal disease.

To hit on the head. I've just crowned myself getting What are CLAG nuts?. A style of haircut, as What are CLAG nuts? by females, and stereotypically associated with the working classes. It involves pulling the hair into a pony tail, and tying it so tightly at the back of the head that the resulting skin across the face is pulled taught, as though from a facelift. Croydon, a district in London. Usually of food, dried out and crispy due to burning or heat. To twist one's ankle, to fall over on one's ankle.

Useless, rubbishy, unpleasant, cheap and nasty. To search for a sexual encounter. The expression is mainly used on the 'gay' scene.

What are CLAG nuts?

Acting in a manner that will get one into trouble, or a fight. A mild exclamation of surprise or amazement. A sexually desirable What are CLAG nuts?, What are CLAG nuts? people, originally and more frequently applied to women. A person whose looks share that of the 'hippie' travellers of the 1990s and being stereotypically scruffy, with long dredded hair, wearing boots and black clothes; generally having the appearance of being homeless. A rural dweller, a bumpkin, a yokel. A person with an excessively keen interest in the arts and culture.

A sexually prosmiscuous woman, or similar homosexual man. A person who actively enjoys fellating, a fellator. Often heard within the porn industry. A spoonerism on What are CLAG nuts? cunt, and adopted by users for its comic ambiguity and numerous meanings, ranging from an impressive female to an objectionable person. Women from a sexual viewpoint.

Derogatory and with its associated meanings is consequently particularly offensive. A very familiar term of address. A difficult thing or task.

An exclamation of anger, surprise, frustration, disappointment. Consequently it is gradually losing its offensiveness and perhaps will in due course become as accepted as 'fuck' in its use. The word goes back to Middle English, cunte, and before then it can only be speculated upon, however some believe its origins lie with the What are CLAG nuts?, cuneus, meaning wedge.

A general term of address, often depreciatory, and occasionally used affectionately. Very intoxicated by drink or drugs. Sexually besotted by a woman.

To mess up, to fail. A general term of abuse, an objectionable person. Occasionally used as a term of address. General term of abuse for an objectionable person, however frequently used humourously. A cup of tea or more recently also referring to coffee. The term is a contraction of cup of. A tabloid newspaper that adopted the rhyming slang expression for its own use.

The name given to an area in Manchester called Rusholme, which has a high density of asian restaurants and food takeaways positioned along its main street. A gay male who is attracted to asian homosexuals. A nosey person who typically keeps an eye on neighbours and what's happening in the street from inside their house.

Originates from the Hindustani khush meaning pleasant. A situation that is easy and without stress. Also spelt cushdy, and kushty. To curse or swear, to use profanity. Often prefixed with blue veined, or purple headed. A nonconformist advocate of modern technology, especially such a user of the Internet.

The imaginary place that exists between computers and their users, particularly on the Internet and in virtual reality. The term was coined by the author William Gibson in the book Neuromancer. Copyright Statement This website and all its content is protected What are CLAG nuts?

international copyright law. Please do not copy this dictionary or post copies of the content online without first seeking permission from the author, Ted Duckworth, at. Copyright infringements are treated very seriously, and where previous such incidents have occurred, the copyrighted material successfully removed, either voluntarily or through legal recourse. Please read the full transcript of the dictionary.

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