Question: Is Morticia married Gomez?

Background. Morticia is the wife of Gomez Addams and mother of Wednesday, Pugsley and Pubert Addams.

What was Gomez nickname for Morticia?

Cara Mia Gomez called Morticia “Cara Mia,” “Cara Bella” and “Querida” (Spanish for “The woman I desire”).

From the time of antiquity to the 21st century, there have been great couples both real and imagined.

Is Morticia married Gomez?

Be it Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, Cleopatra and Marc Antony, Romeo and Juliet, Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe, King Arthur and Guinevere, or Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, many famous fictional couples have become household names. And it is not uncommon for future characters to be built upon existing literary or mythological figures. For example, the couples in The Flintstones were heavily influenced by the 1950s Honeymooners sitcom.

None, however, hold quite as big or deeply rooted a spot in my heart as that devoted to Morticia and Gomez Addams. They are the last word on the perfect romantic couple in my books. How the Addams Family started Morticia A. Addams née Frump and Gomez Addams, along with many of their now-familiar relatives, were spun to life by American cartoonist Charles Samuel Addams for The New Yorker magazine back in the 1930s. Fascinatingly, when these characters first appeared in The New Yorker, they were nameless and remained as such until the 1964 television series debuted.

At that time, Charles Addams himself gave the characters their monikers, selecting the homemade name of Morticia for the matriarch of the Addams clan.

They eschewed sunny days, flowers with blooms on their stems, and contemporary dinner table fare, amongst many other things. As you likely know, Mr. Astin selected the name of Gomez — and Is Morticia married Gomez? rest, as they say, is history.

Is Morticia married Gomez?

With an exception made forthere was nothing else quite like the Addams Family to be found on television at the time. Back then, few people had even begun to conceptualize something akin to a goth lifestyle — let alone were yet living in a way that paid such homage to all things spooky, macabre and mysterious at any point in the year other than perhaps.

They were quirky and fun, engaging and entertaining. And their near cavalier regard for how anyone else saw, thought or spoke about them appealed to me wildly as a child.

It still does to this day. Yet, it was the relationship between Morticia and Gomez Addams in particular that stuck with me most powerfully. How the Morticia and Gomez Addams taught me what a happy, healthy, loving marriage could be To say that my biological parents had an unhappy and highly dysfunctional relationship would be a serious understatement. Though, as a child, I could appreciate and at times, powerfully yearn for it, I did not know that sort of cheerful sunshine-and-roses stability firsthand and had few other couples in my family to look to as Is Morticia married Gomez?

role models in this regard. Instead, I found that I gravitated most towards the Addams as the pillar of what a strong, committed, supportive and incredibly loving Is Morticia married Gomez? and family home life could be and look like.

Morticia and Gomez shared a rock-solid, blissful, healthy marriage that was fostered by both togetherness and individuality. The element of their uniqueness, their ability to disregard how they were perceived by others and to find joy in being who they really were spoke to me in a way that nothing in the fictional Is Morticia married Gomez?

ever had before — or has since, for that matter. Gomez and Morticia Addams love each other. Not just when it suits them. Is Morticia married Gomez?

to get what they want out of the other person or anything of that nature, but because they are really and truly, head-over-heels, magnificently and completely in love. They were a united front, a power couple before the term was even mainstream, a joy to watch, and a pair that any of us, no matter our personal histories with romance, can take some serious inspiration from.

We were young, we were in love our marriage took place just seven months after we first metand we knew that much like Gomez and Morticia, we wanted to spend every last one of our days together. We might not live in a rambling old Victorian mansion oh, how I dearly wish that we did! Yet, humbly, I like to think that we have the sort of relationship that would make Morticia and Gomez Addams proud.

Notebook: Morticia and Gomez Addams for best couple on the silver screen

We started out with almost nothing to our names and began from scratch again following the we experienced precisely four years and one day ago. Tony Is Morticia married Gomez? I are unconventional for a host of different reasons e. Blending in with the rank and file is neither Is Morticia married Gomez? our jams. I love him with a fire the heat of which would make molten lava feel like ice. I would defend him against anyone or anything, and I respect, honour, cherish and adore him something fierce.

I support his dreams and goals, know his quirks inside and out, make him laugh and smile, comfort him, cheer him on, and still get goosebumps sometimes just looking at him. And I am truly blessed that he feels the same way about me as well.

We do not take our relationship for granted. We work at it, we nourish and tend to it, and we put in the leg work — all of which pays off for us in spades.

Today we celebrate another year together, our hearts full of intense felicity about this fact. They have a love to last the ages, and on this day we toast not only our own committed relationship but theirs as well. Morticia and Gomez are one of the most inspiringly incredible fictional couples of all time. They have given pop culture, society as a whole, and especially those people who do not see themselves as being like most others Is Morticia married Gomez?

great deal. And for that, and so much more, they have my unflapping adoration. I am tremendously grateful for this fact as well — and can never seem to keep a mighty smile at Is Morticia married Gomez? when I think about the fact that I genuinely was not even looking for love let alone a new partner at the time when Tony and I Is Morticia married Gomez?

met. Clearly the universe knew Is Morticia married Gomez?, and perhaps moreover, who I needed in my life better than I did back then! Another — surely we must be into the thousands by now — of splendid points that we share in common. Thank you immensely, my sweet friend. Your coffee table book sounds sublime!

Hopefully that will be possible as time goes on. How awesome of you to share about your Vampire Anniversary.

Twenty-three years is a venerable, fantastic accomplishment. At 16 years and counting, Tony and I have a few more to go until we hit that point. Oooohh, I adore What We Do In The Shadows, too. Thank you for reminding me about it. And a very big thanks again for your heart-touchingly lovely words, which we both appreciate a great deal. What a lovely read that was, and what a beautiful homage to your favourite couple. And if I can make a little confession: Jos and I were married just over 4 months after we met, and we celebrated a quarter century together last February!

You are such a wonderfully lovely and supportive soul. I adore the fact that you and Jos meet Is Morticia married Gomez? married within a matter of months as well.

The romantic in me thinks this gives a fair bit of credence to the classic concept of love at first sight — or at least within the first few weeks. Both the classic 1960s version and the 1990s takes cartoon and real people versions as well. And I am beyond enamoured with the 1990s movies, too, watching them all throughout the year — not just during the Halloween season.

Thank you wholeheartedly — from both myself and Tony. Halloween, very early season snowfalls, and so much more have filled those days. As we head towards the winter holiday season though, I might just have to rewatch the Christmas episode S02 E15 from the fabulous sixties series. How fortunate you and Tony are to have found one another.

I wish you both a happy anniversary and many more years together. Now, I will think of this post when I watch it again.

Debi Thank you tremendously, my treasured friend. Your sweetness and kindness sincerely touched both of our hearts.

An ode to my favourite fictional couple of all time: Morticia and Gomez Addams (on my and Tony's wedding anniversary)

Huge thanks again coupled with equally giant hugs! They were a very loving couple, but I never thought about that part of the show until reading this. They really are the epitome of a loving and devoted couple — and a true inspiration to romantics the world over.

I hope that your autumn is going splendidly and that you have a beautiful, cozy and very enjoyable remainder of the season. How is your spooky, crunchy leaf filled season going so far? Nearly a month has whizzed by since our anniversary and this concurrent blog post. Thankfully it was still properly autumnal looking on our anniversary itself.

Never say never though — especially when it comes to snow + Canada. I hope you celebrated the day Is Morticia married Gomez? way that you both enjoy most. I cannot believe Is Morticia married Gomez? myself. I was 16 when I went to his 18th birthday wearing high heels as the only girl at the party — I Is Morticia married Gomez? do. True love is amazing and should be appreciated and nourished, as you do. Sending love over the pond.

Just as we are to raise a glass to you and your husband. We hope with all our hearts to be able to follow in your footsteps and to one day be able to celebrate 40 wonderful years together as well. I could not agree more and feel that the whole world needs to remember this point. Love is a sacred, incredible, transformative thing and those who are able to keep its spark alive for years or decades are inspirations to all of us.

If such a thing is possible, I developed an even greater appreciation of + love for this sweet and spooky couple while penning this post.

Thank you again, sweet Willow. I like to think of myself as part Martha Stewart, part Morticia Addams. I love to help inspire, teach and support others in their own meaningful life journeys. Thank you very much for visiting Witchcrafted Life. All content, unless otherwise expressly noted, is copyright © Autumn Zenith, 2020 - 2021.

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