Question: Why does Facebook keep saying session expired?

Check for the app and system updates - To check for the Facebook app updates, visit your devices app store. To check for system updates, visit your devices settings menu. Clear cache and data - You can typically clear cache/ data via your devices settings menu.

How long can a zoom meeting last?

40 minutes Both Basic and Pro plans allow for unlimited 1-1 meetings, each meeting can have a duration of 24 hours maximum. Your Basic plan has a 40 minutes time limit per each meeting with three or more total participants. Need your group meetings to last longer than 40 minutes? Sign up for a Pro Account here.

So i cant have both apps logged in at once? This has been happening once I turn my data back on after it being off to save battery. It also asks for you to log back in. Sounds like someone phishing so they can hack my accounts.

Do some stuff with the app and closes it. What's the best way to do this? Jun 24, 2013 Is there really a difference between these two apps? Feb 15, 2013 When messaging friends who have iPhones, often they send emoticons which appear as blank rectangles in my Android version of. I've looked at a friend's iPhone and their Messenger app has way more emoticons than my phone. Is there a way to enable the missing icons, or a plugin I can use to give me a better selection?

I know this is a minor annoyance, but it's an annoyance nonetheless. I'm using touch wiz so using another launcher is out of the question. I've checked Tibu and it doesn't see it. I'm sure others would find this info useful as well. Samsung Infuse 4G Apr 27, 2014 Recently chat through the native Facebook app has been disabled, and Why does Facebook keep saying session expired? now refering to their 'facebook messenger' app. The only problem with that app is, that I'm not able to disable notifications.

Apr 17, 2013 While chatting today i was typing the pretty fast. Also, seems like the emoticons was loading from the web as they were started to show gradually.

Thats the emoticon that was sent. Trying to retrace my steps for a while now but it doesnt seems much of a success. Happened with the lastest version 2.

May 30, 2013 chat heads not working on facebook messenger?

Why does Facebook keep saying session expired?

I would think Silent Mode overwrites any app priorities, but I guess not. I have a tasker profile to set my phone to silent mode between 10pm and 9am only if the phone is plugged in, so my phone is on silent all night, but if I get a random facebook message, I wake up to the vibration.

Apr 6, 2013 I wonder why facebook messenger just stop showing notification, but it is normally receiving the messages. I have the messenger apk with me from backup.


Now i want to again install it so that it runs in the background and shows me always Online on Facebook. Is there any way i can again achieve that. I only want fb messenger to run in background. Original facebook app i do not want to run in background as i have removed it too.

Oct 28, 2010 I'm trying to avoid that when a user has connected to Facebook from my webview, the next time he do it, doesn't need to put the email and password. Is there another way to accomplish that? It is working on 2. I am using pretty good Wi-Fi connection to connect my Tablet to the internet, so I don't think that it's up to my connection. I tried already with clearing data, uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling, but it didn't work. Jul 13, 2013 I have Android 4.

I also have the most recent version of Facebook Messenger. Apr 23, 2010 The Facebook application that came loaded on my Droid has been working fine for 2 months. This afternoon, at first I couldn't access anything that had posted since this morning.

Now I can't get anything at all. Jan 12, 2010 So when i go into my messenger Why does Facebook keep saying session expired?

begin to type someones name only my facebook names come up or my favorites. Like i added 3 new people to my contacts since about 2 weeks ago. Yet when i being to type their name in messenger nothing comes up just facebook contacts. I have to go to contacts and find them then message them? Sep 17, 2010 Did the latest update and ever since I cannot log Into Facebook whilst connected to mobile data.

Even if I use the browser instead of the app it reports that I'm trying to connect with an ip address that's associated with 'abuse'.

Solved: Your session has expired. Please log in.

Dec 7, 2009 I develop facebook application in android. Here's the main activity: Code: import android. This is my first experience with android programming and facebook sdk Jul 22, 2010 I'm trying to connect my Hero 2.

Several people posting online have fixed this issue by changing Facebook privacy settings; Why does Facebook keep saying session expired? as far as I can see my settings permit the application.

I have tried logging out of the Facebook app first but this makes Why does Facebook keep saying session expired? difference. Feel free to redirect me to the rooting subforum if I'm wrong. Aug 17, 2010 Cannot log into Facebook at all.

Why does Facebook keep saying session expired?

Yes, I have the correct e-mail and password. I can't even get to 'visit our Help Center'. Tried thru the browser and then the Facebook app. Do you want to try again?

Why does Facebook keep saying session expired?

I've been 'trying again' since last night. Oct 3, 2012 where expired downloaded movies from Google Play are stored?. The reason for asking is that I would like to delete them rather than clogging up my Nexus 7. Perhaps they are automatically deleted as I don't seem to be able to find them on the device.

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