Question: What year is the most reliable Ram 1500?


Consumer Reports reported 2017 was the best year for the Ram 1500 with the 2014-2015 years as their worst.

Despite its legend, there are some issues to be aware of. Originally an agricultural engine, the Cummins B-series also powers many box trucks and school buses. A distinctive sound, outstanding durability, and an ability to be tuned for enormous power and torque have made these inline sixes well-loved. Like Henry Ford, was a midwestern farm boy who had a talent for machinery and a drive to make the drudgery of farm work more efficient.

In 1952, a sat on a for the Indianapolis 500. A true American maverick who stuck to his ideas even when others What year is the most reliable Ram 1500? not believe in diesel technology, Cummins started an enterprise that grew into a with operations in almost 200 countries around the world. When looking at these trucks for purchase and considering which years to avoid, the first thing to think about is which Cummins motor the truck has.

Beginning in 1989, three versions of B-Series have been offered across four generations of Rams. What year is the most reliable Ram 1500? are strong motors, both in terms of their capability to endure major mileages and being able to survive hot-rodding. The drivetrain will typically far outlast the rest of the truck, but for each generation of Cummins, there have been certain reliability issues.

They have also been revered by hot-rodders for many years because they do not have any emissions equipment. The next generation B-Series has 24 valves and electronic fuel injection, which yielded better performance and emissions, but had issues with the injection pump and cracking valve seats. The third generation raised displacement to 6.

There is also a significant problem with emissions equipment, which can put. However, each of these issues can be avoided or overcome if you know what to look for. In the 30 years since their release, Ram pickup bodies have gotten progressively larger, with more extended and crew cab trucks coming onto the market.

In the real world, this can make parking an issue, since most Cummins-engined Rams are too big for typical parking spots and too tall for many multi-story car parks. Being a heavy-duty truck with stiff springs for heavy loads, the ride can be quite rough. Although, diesel engines can provide a smoother ride than equivalent gas-powered trucks What year is the most reliable Ram 1500? for the fact they often weigh substantially less.

Late-model trucks feature far more luxuries than previous models, rivaling many premium brand cars. Due to the hot-rodding potential of each of these trucks and how many have had emissions equipment deleted, unusual caution is required when shopping for Cummins Rams. This article covers four generations of Dodge trucks with Cummins diesel engines, noting significant reliability issues and recalls, as well as highlighting which years are best avoided.

Dodge Cummins: First-generation 1989-1994 The first Cummins Ram was launched in 1989 as an option on 250 and 350 series pickups. The headline power figure for the Cummins was not impressive, at only 160 hp, but the important figure was the torque, which at 400 lb. Better yet, compared with gas motors, the diesel offered significantly improved fuel mileage. The Cummins had both a turbo and direct injection, while the contemporary Ford and Chevy trucks did not, meaning the engine did not need glow plugs and thus was more reliable.

Available transmissions were the venerable Mopar 727 automatic and a five-speed manual. This era of Ram suffered from a dated design, since the basic design of the cab had entered production in 1972.

The grille was redesigned for 1991, retaining rectangular headlamps and crossbar grille. The Cummins B-Series engine had entered production in 1984, first in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and then in Mexico, Turkey, and England. B-Series bores are machined directly into the block, rather than using wet liners, they use a one-piece cylinder head.

Commonly called the 12-valve to differentiate it from the later 24-valve, the name refers to the design of the cylinder head, 12-valve trucks having the traditional one inlet valve and one exhaust valve, while 24 valve motors have two inlet and two exhaust valves. A common issue to look out for with 12-valve and 24 valve Dodges with Cummins motors is the.

This is a steel pin that gets pressed into the engine block and sits above the timing gear. This pin can back out of its hole and fall into the timing gear, with catastrophic results for the rest of the engine.

What year is the most reliable Ram 1500?

Fixes are available, and any buyer of one of these trucks should check this work has been done. Another thing to pay special attention to when you are looking at Dodge Cummins trucks is to make sure you see the truck start from cold since a worn-out diesel engine will often struggle to.

This is a good reason to arrive early when you go and see a used truck, as you might catch the seller trying to warm it up to hide the issue. Under the hood, you can expect some oil residue and dirt on higher mileage vehicles, and you can use this to check for oil leaks from the block. Inspect the block closely,since that will show you if any oil has been leaking recently.

Check compression is still strong by. This is done by removing the oil filler cap and while the engine is running, and looking for smoke coming from the oil filler hole. Dodge Cummins: Second-generation 1994-1998 An was launched in 1994, and this design probably began the current trend for huge, aggressive-looking pickups.

Featuring a raised hood line and low fenders, the Ram looked similar to an eighteen-wheeler semi-truck and sold very well. The 12-valve Cummins model remained a key offering, available in the larger 2500 and 3500 models. For 1994, the Cummins made 175 hp and 420 lb.

Between 1996 and 1998, this increased to 215 hp and 440 lb. Introduction of the Cummins 24 Valve 1998-2003 Dodge introduced a new version of the Cummins-powered Ram in 1998. This was done to reduce emissions. The other main difference was the 24 valve cylinder head. Manual transmission trucks made 235 hp and 460 lb. For 2001 and 2002, What year is the most reliable Ram 1500? versions of the engine were offered, one with 235 hp and 460 lb.

The High Output version had a higher compression ratio 17.

What year is the most reliable Ram 1500?

The fuel system was developed to flow more fuel. The 1998 changes included the introduction of the four-door Quad Cab, which used small clamshell doors directly behind the main doors, making Ram the first extended cab pickup to have four doors. Other changes for 1998 included a revised interior and dual airbags.

Brakes were upgraded to dual-piston calipers at the front, and heated seats were an option on model year 2000 Rams. Manyperhaps an Airdog or a Fass.

Some Cummins-engined Rams from the 1999 and model years suffered from a casting defect that reportedly caused the engine block to fracture. Dodge replaced a large number of these engines under warranty. Additionally, the 24 valve cylinder head has proved less durable than the earlier 12-valve, experiencing valve seats cracking at higher mileages.

Ram Third-generation 2003-2008 The 2003 redesign of the Ram included a new frame, suspension, interiors, What year is the most reliable Ram 1500? sheet metal. Styling was by Cliff Wilkins and was very much derived from the previous generation. Rear-wheel drive 2500 and 3500 models had rack and pinion steering and independent front suspension. The new models were well received, and 2002 and 2003 saw record Ram sales of.

The 12 valve and 24 valve Cummins Rams share the same bore and stroke, and the same Holset turbo. The new Cummins for 2003 now featured common rail injection and made 305 hp and 555 lb.

During the 2004 model year, the High Output Cummins 600 was introduced, making 325 hp and 600 lb. When looking at a 24-valve Cummins Ram, there are a few simple tests you can do to identify typical issues. See if you can have someone else start the truck so that you can be at the tailpipe. If so, that is oil, and it is very likely an injector or injector pump issue. While you are at the tailpipe, sniff the exhaust fumes. If so, the truck may have a head gasket problem.

With the truck running, the idle should be smooth, and not pulsing. Gently rev the motor, up to about 2000 rpm, and then allow it to fall back to idle. The revs should rise and fall should smoothly. Any unevenness suggests a problem with the injectors or injector pump. These later engines lack the enormous performance potential of a properly tuned 12 valve, but it is far easier to extract a limited amount of additional performance from the 24 valve engines.

Simply attaching an electronic tuner and remapping the fuel injection computer can yield significant power, torque, and gas mileage improvements. In 2006, the Ram had a mid-cycle facelift, which featured a tidied front end and updated headlights. Introduction of the Cummins 6.

Both bore and stroke were increased to give the extra displacement. It produced 350 hp and 650 lb. This reduces turbo lag by means of sliding vanes in the exhaust which create optimum back pressure. It also works as an exhaust brake, a very useful feature for towing. Problems with this system have been common on 6. Both of these systems can cause problems that can lead to the truck going into limp mode until a repair is made.

Often this equipment has been deleted, even on late model trucks. It should be underlined that removing federally mandated emissions equipment from any vehicle is illegal. Also, while deletion may solve the problem in the short What year is the most reliable Ram 1500?, it renders any remaining factory warranty void.

Ram Fourth-generation 2009-present The fourth redesign of the Dodge Ram was first seen at the Detroit Motorshow in 2008 and launched for the 2009 model year. In 2010, Ram was spun off from Dodge into its own brand. Between 2011 and 2019, only Ram offered full-size pickup buyers a traditional three-pedal manual transmission, a compelling differentiation for many truck buyers.

For 2013, all 2500s now had coil springs, and 2500 and 3500 models now had Electronic Stability Control as standard, with keyless ignition as an available option. New infotainment systems were introduced across the range.

Air suspension became available for 2500 and 3500 in What year is the most reliable Ram 1500?, and a smaller. In recent years the Cummins motor has seen almost annual improvements in performance, especially torque ratings.

Between 2010 and 2012, it produced 350 hp and 650 lb. Between 2013—2018 six-speed manual Cummins Rams offered 350 hp and 660 lb. For 2015 power remained the same, but torque increased to 865 lb. For 2016 and 2017 torque improved again, now to 900 lb. For the 2018 model year, 930 lb. In a few short years, Cummins Rams have developed a towing capability equal to semi-trucks. However, these more recent Dodge Cummins trucks have unfortunately been subject to a number of significant recalls.

Model year 2016-18 Rams have had a number of issues: one recall was to do with the steering linkage working loose, and another to do with the interconnect switch between the ignition and transmission. The fault allows gears to be selected even if no key is in the ignition.

Also on 2016-18 Rams, the tailgate latches are faulty and subject to a recall. Model year 2017 Rams have experienced water pump issues. Another recall for 2017s is to prevent possible accidental deployment of the front airbags. The fix here is a software update. The sheer number of recalls around these late-model trucks has to be of concern to any potential buyer.

Dodge Cummins Years to Avoid To sum up, What year is the most reliable Ram 1500? are not any specific years of Dodge trucks with Cummins motors to avoid. However, care is needed when shopping for this kind of truck. Each generation of Cummins has pros and cons. The 12-valves have lots of potential for hot rodding, but are old and have small cabs.

The 24 valve models represent the best value today because although they are less reliable than the 12-valve, these trucks are at the bottom of their depreciation curves. Therefore it is important to make sure the truck you are looking at has had this recall work completed. Despite these issues, the enormous power and torque available in recent Dodge Cummins trucks plus options like a manual transmission make these trucks a compelling choice.

Dodge Ram 1500 Reliability by Model Generation

This was an era where Dodge was not putting a lot of computers on their trucks, and it was before some of the emissions What year is the most reliable Ram 1500?

that led to diesel trucks being regulated. The engines in these are known to run well over 300,000 miles and make good power. If you are looking for a more modern truck or one with lower miles than you would find from the 90s then 2007 is a great one to look at.

This was near the end of the third generation and they had What year is the most reliable Ram 1500? technology upgrades.

After the 2007 model year, some of the reliability began to drop down as Dodge and Cummins had some production issues. In general, it seems that the better years for Dodge trucks with the Cummins engine are older ones. There were fewer restrictions and computers on the engines which led to them being more reliable than the newer offerings.

The reliability of a modern Ram 2500 series with a Cummins engine is a mixed bag. Reviewers give the Ram 2500 a rating of 2. The main reason for this is simply due to the cost of repairs. Things do not go wrong with Cummins frequently, but when they do they are extremely expensive to fix. The Ram 2500 series with the Cummins engine is known to have numerous fuel system problems and engine problems. On the severe end, the blocks in these Ram 2500 series have been known to crack under normal use.

Overall it seems like the Ram 2500 series with a Cummins engine is one to avoid until they can improve reliability. The main advantage of the 5. Overall if you want reliability going What year is the most reliable Ram 1500? a 5.

Consumer Reports Truck Reliability Rankings: Ranger, Chevy HDs Tops

Ok so I had a 2014 Ram I purchased in 2016 with 36,000 miles. About a year into it and 30k miles I get a recall for linkage, seems safe I appreciate them not making it right the first time. Had a pretty decent run till 150k when literally it starts shaking so bad going down the road. Took it to 2 shops that are both 5 star they say everything looks good and it puzzled them. Well I shake on to 180k now I wake up to a dead truck.

I discovered the dash lights stay What year is the most reliable Ram 1500?. I regularly tow a 26ft travel trailer, snowplow in winter, 4x4 in summer, and use it as a work truck year round. This was the last year before all the environmental components ruined these incredible engines.

Just take care of it and it will take care of you. I expect it will last at least 500k or more before any engine work. Ive owned alot of trucks various years this is the worst of all of then. Overall build quality is terrible to say the least.

Ive had steering issues since new, severe abs, traction control trouble including no What year is the most reliable Ram 1500?

What year is the most reliable Ram 1500?

at random, or traction control input when it shouldnt. Every level of dodge fiat,ram whatever just wants to get you off the phone, silly excuses and disregard for there customers chevronDownAlternative Read more 2019 2500 Power Wagon This is hands down the worst truck ever. The engine was replaced before I even had 3000 miles on the truck. Since then I have had so many issues with the vehicle sensors randomly going to red with nothing around.

The vehicle shows that the key fob has left the vehicle as I drive down the interstate. Sometimes the truck will not move while in gear, like it does not shift from Park to Drive or reverse. This is a good article, too bad Mr Cummings is not around to educate his engineering staff, perhaps they wouldn't have so many problems. Engine is internal combustion, motors are electric. I have a 12 valve in my 86 Chevy K30.

Jon Summers is a historian and journalist. More than just the machines, he loves the freedom and independence that driving brings.

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