Question: How safe is Burkina Faso?

Burkina Faso is one of safest countries in West Africa. However, be aware of thieves in the big city. Violent assault is rare. Pickpockets and purse snatchers are something to watch out for in big cities, especially in Ouagadougou, where it is recommended not to carry a bag with you when at all possible.

Is Ouagadougou safe to visit?

The FCDO advise against all but essential travel to the capital Ouagadougou, up to the toll booths on all roads out of the city, and against all travel to the rest of Burkina Faso. If in Ouagadougou, exercise caution and avoid large political rallies and gatherings, areas of demonstrations and protests.

What is Burkina Faso known for?

Burkina Faso is a leader in African art and culture and hosts the largest craft market in Africa.

Can you drink alcohol in Burkina Faso?

Burkina Fasos alcohol policy system is underdeveloped. The country does not have a written national alcohol policy and not even a legal minimum age limit for off-premise alcohol purchases. And in bars and restaurants, Burkinabé as young as 13 are legally permitted to purchase alcohol.

When did Burkina Faso became a country?

December 11, 1958 Burkina Faso/Founded

What age can you drink in Burkina Faso?

18 Country/ TerritoryOn-premise saleConsumptionBurkina Faso18[]Burundi18*[]Cabo Verde18[]Cambodia[][]70 more rows

What country has no drinking age?

Sierra Leone , officially the Republic of Sierra Leone , is a country in West Africa . It is a nation riddled with civil unrest, Ebola and dangerous rebellions. There is no minimum age limit for drinking alcohol.

When you have a wish to explore every country of the world and find beauty, you might come across the decision to visit Burkina Faso as well. Located in West Africa, it is an enthralling destination for travelers largely due to its theatrical landscapes and kind nature of inhabitants. No matter which country you belong to, you will be greeted with a warm welcome here.

If you want to explore the untouched facets of the West African culture, this place might be the perfect answer for you. The meaning of the word Burkina Faso is the land of honest people.

The locals are known as Burkinabé, and they enjoy meeting new people and welcoming guests with affection and respect. Two cities of Burkina Faso are How safe is Burkina Faso? a visit,the national capital, and Bobo-Dioolasso.

If you want to explore some real artists, you will not be disappointed in Ouagadougou. Scores of talented artists reside here. Music, art, architecture are the key assets of this landlocked country.

In case you want to explore the wildlife then you will be delighted. The country has four amazing national parks that have big cats, monkeys, hippos, exotic bird species, and elephants as their inhabitants. But before you decide to veer off the tourist trail in search of some hidden gems, you should know the answer to two crucial questions, how safe is Burkina Faso for tourists, and is Burkina Faso safe to visit.

Is Burkina Faso Safe to Visit? Burkina Faso Safety Travel Tips

Even large cities like Ouagadougou are not as safe, and the more you explore, the smaller towns, the more risk you will be in. You should read this Burkina Faso safety guide carefully before packing your bags and visiting this West African nation.

The country is plagued with the presence of robbers, muggers, thieves, and even terrorists. Women have little rights in the country, and the children can be seen begging on the streets. The country is also home to water disasters, and lack of healthcare means you need to stay vigilant to avoid getting contaminated by diseases such as Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, Malaria, and Typhoid.

Street crime, including pickpockets, are commonly found here, and you will do well to stay away from them as they might be armed.

You should try to carry as little valuables as you have got, not even much cash. It is also advised that you be vigilant all the time and stay away from isolated alleys and crowded areas that are a haven for pickpockets. As soon as you realize that your valuables are missing, you should contact the local police. If you are in an urban area, you will do well to report the pickpocketing to Police Nationale du Burkina Faso or How safe is Burkina Faso?

municipal, i. If the incident happened near the border, or in a rural area, you should report it to Gendarmerie Nationale. They might harm you seriously How safe is Burkina Faso? leave you bleeding on the road. Be cautious but never try to be a superhero. If you fall for this scam, you will end up losing all the money that you wished to keep safe. You should keep all your credit cards and cash with you and never deposit them locally no matter how large a profit is promised to you.

Never write your bank details anywhere but memorize them. If you are scammed by scammers in Burkina Faso, you should seek the help of the police as stated above.

These conmen are smart, and they have superior weapons so steer clear of them. After all, How safe is Burkina Faso? amount of money is worth your life, is it? Terrorist groups like Al Qaeda keep an eye on the borders and capture and kill foreigners just for fun or for monetary gain.

How safe is Burkina Faso?

You should never visit the Northern parts of Burkina Faso without police protection. It is also smart never to wander alone at night as you might seem like a good target to kidnappers.

You should offer them a reward like your camera and all the money you possess. You can also request the kidnappers to let you contact the loved ones and intimate your embassy. Your country might be able to help you out. Do not fight or shout at anyone as you might be murdered just for that. So, it would be wise to be careful in those regions and crowded areas. Do not carry much cash or valuables with you. If possible, carry only local currencies in small numbers.

Go to the local police as advised above, national and municipal if you are in an urban area, and the Gendarmerie Nationale if you are in a rural area, or near the border. Never try to catch the thieves yourself as they would be in a group and would most likely carry a dangerous weapon. So, women are advised not to travel without a male companion. If you must visit the country alone, make sure you carry a licensed weapon with you or hire local security.

Hotel security is generally adequate so you should stay indoors as much as possible. Avoid traveling at night and wear clothes that cover you from head to toe. Some people might consider even slight skin show like wearing skirts as an invitation to rape so, you better not let them. In case you suspect someone is keeping an eye on you, contact the local police and end your trip. No trip is worth risking an unfortunate incident. If you think that someone is targeting you, you better get away from that person and report the situation to the local police.

Do not go to a lonely alley or an empty room. Get back to your hotel and stay indoors as much as possible. You might also want to cut your trip short and return home. Arms and drugs trafficking are also common due to terrorist and criminal networks. This has destabilized the Sahel region more. You should stay away from crowds and areas that are potential targets like government buildings, and embassies.

It is also advised that you stay away from regions where terrorists are sighted or were sighted in the past. In case you are caught, there is nothing you can do except convince them to call your embassy. Then things will depend on how your country can help or protect you.

If you are witnessing a terrorist activity, then you need to hide in a safe place. You, as a How safe is Burkina Faso? would be their perfect idea of a target, so you better hide your skin with clothes. If possible, contact the local police or army officials and share what you witnessed. So, if you are a woman, you are not safe if you plan to travel alone. You might be kidnapped for money and raped just because you are a foreigner.

So, the answer to is Burkina Faso safe for solo women travelers is no. You must never travel alone in Burkina Faso as a tourist and women are more at risk than men. It is also advised that you hire a local guide even if you are with other male or female friends as the guide will let you avoid potentially dangerous areas.

Do not leave your hotel during the night no matter what the reason is. As we have told you before the answer to is Burkina Faso safe for solo women travelers is No so if you need to travel alone, you must be very careful. Stay away from a pack of strangers and run if you suspect they have got their eyes on you.

Go back to your hotel and call the police if possible. The hotel security might be able to protect you. So, you How safe is Burkina Faso? do well to remember not to go near crowds when you have your kids with you. Hire security if you must travel to Burkina Faso with kids. But traveling How safe is Burkina Faso? kids to this West African nation is highly not recommended. If you think that someone is watching your kid, then you better get back inside the hotel and take the next flight back home.

The criminals kidnap and kill kids for a few dollars, so you better protect your little one. In case your kid is kidnapped, you should contact the local police for help. Do not try to fight with the kidnappers as they might be armed.

Offer them money if possible and request them to return your little one. Money usually is a great motivator for them so you must give them all valuables on you to protect your kid. The country often becomes a victim of. In August 2015, about 20,000 people were severely endangered due to heavy rains that led to severe floods in Ouagadougou.

About 3,700 people were left homeless. Keep an eye on the local news to determine if a natural disaster might hit soon. Leave the country if you are already there or postpone your trip for later. It is advised that you contact the local authorities to get you out of the risk-prone area. You should also How safe is Burkina Faso?

all your belongings and leave the country before the situation gets worse and How safe is Burkina Faso?

How safe is Burkina Faso?

waves hit your hotel or place of accommodation. But before you plan your trip, check with the embassy and take certain precautions we mentioned in this Burkina Faso safety guide.

It will ensure that you have a pleasant and trouble-free trip to this marvelous country.

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