Question: What is the main religion in Kenya?

Christianity is the main religion in Kenya. As of 2019, over 85 percent of the population identified as Christians, among which 33.4 percent were Protestants, 20.6 percent Catholics, 20.4 percent Evangelicals, and seven percent from African Instituted Churches. Furthermore, nearly 11 percent of Kenyans were Muslim.Christianity is the main religion in Kenya. As of 2019, over 85 percent of the population identified as Christians, among which 33.4 percent were Protestants, 20.6 percent Catholics, 20.4 percent Evangelicals, and seven percent from African Instituted Churches

How many denominations of Christianity are there in Kenya?

Religions: Christian 85.5% (Protestant 33.4%, Catholic 20.6%, Evangelical 20.4%, African Instituted Churches 7%, other Christian 4.1%), Muslim 10.9%, other 1.8%, 1.6%, dont know/no answer 0.2% (2019 est.)

Traditions are good because they help us maintain our identity and heritage. An article like the 10 Kenyan traditions you should know about would however not do justice to all the traditions that are in existence in this part of the world, but it would be a good start to highlight some of the more popular of these traditions. There is a lot that sets Kenyans apart, aside from the different languages they speak.

Each tribe has their way of doing What is the main religion in Kenya? they do, and even local Kenyans would not be able to tell you what some of these traditions are because they are way too many! I will start by highlighting general traditions, then we can have a few examples of tribe-specific traditions.

So without further ado, here are the 10 Kenyan traditions you should know about. Mombasa, Malindi, and Lamu are some of the preferred holiday destinations for many Kenyans looking to have some fun on the sandy beaches and beautiful hotels.

Seafront hotels and restaurants enjoy booming businesses during this time as their hotels are always booked to capacity, so if you are a tourist planning your trip to Kenya around this time, you might want to make reservations way before you get here. This will not only ensure that you get a nice room in a decent hotel, but you will also get an opportunity to interact with Kenyans and What is the main religion in Kenya? families. After a long day at work, many Kenyans will flock their local bars or nightclubs in Nairobi for a cold beer while catching up with friends or to watch a game.

This is a cocktail whose main ingredient is vodka. And just like they love to talk about politics, you can never miss a Kenyan who wants to talk about football, over a drink or two.

What is the main religion in Kenya?

Unfortunately, a number of people have lost their lives to terrorists in the recent past, and What is the main religion in Kenya? security is a big issue everywhere you go in Kenya. You cannot enter a building, especially those in major cities without being frisked. This is especially true in where we have trained police who search you and who also have dogs that are trained to detect anything suspicious be it on you or in your vehicle.

In addition, when you come to Kenya for the first time, you will notice that almost all houses and apartments have their own enclosures. These are mostly protective stone walls with barbed wires at the top or broken pieces of glass that are arranged in such a way that they can cut you if you try to jump over the fence.

This bill that was officially signed into law, finally recognized what had for a long time What is the main religion in Kenya? a cultural practice in the country.

The bill was supported by many male Members of Parliament, and it allows Kenyan men to take more wives without consulting existing spouses. The passing of the bill was met with anger by female members of parliament who stormed out of the building in protest and disgust.

However, with the bill having being passed anyway, polygamy is now a common practice in the country and it is done openly among many Kenyans especially in the rural communities, and has become a tradition. You have to always be alert when in Kenya, for many reasons. I am listing it as one of the 10 Kenyan traditions you should know about because being always alert in Kenya has become a way of life.

From using public vehicles, to the water and electricity and even cooking gas in your house, to the people you hire to work for What is the main religion in Kenya? in your home, to the places you choose to live in…always be aware of your surroundings. Let me explain some of these: Public transport is the most popular form of transport in the country. However, some drivers have been known to be reckless when driving, hence causing major accidents and deaths on the roads.

What is the main religion in Kenya?

For water and electricity, you have to invest in extra water storage and candles in that order if living in most parts of Kenya. Because depending on where you stay, you can run out of water and electricity at any time.


Same goes for the City Council water that many Kenyans especially in Nairobi depend on. There have been many cases of house helps and security guards stealing or colluding with gangs to rob your house and valuables, so you have to always conduct a background check when looking for someone to take care of your home or children. For where you choose to stay, you have to also conduct a background check on the surroundings.

Of course there are obvious places you have to steer away from, for What is the main religion in Kenya? own safety. Always being alert is a tradition here. The Luo have explained this as a way of showing respect to the dead, a final befitting send-off. When a Luo dies, mourning starts immediately, and can last for several days or even weeks. The mourning is defined by singing and dancing that is meant to chase away the spirits of death.

The extravagance of a mourning ceremony will depend on many factors including the gender of the deceased, the age, marital and social status, the circumstance of their death, and even the area they come from. In our article theI went into detail to explain many of their traditions. They do however have What is the main religion in Kenya?

more traditions, one of which includes the shaving of the Morans Warriorsan event that sees young Maasai warriors transition into senior community warriors. Enuoto is a once in a lifetime ceremony that is performed every ten years. Before the ceremony, the Morans are not allowed to do things independently from their age mates. On the day of the ceremony, the Moran age-set are donned with ochre-red plaited hair, colourful beads, and painted faces, and they arrive at the ceremony carrying sticks and humming traditional songs.

They then go to a set river where they wash the red ochre paints off their hair and faces, and then head back to the venue of the ceremony. Any Moran who does not go through this ceremony is not allowed to marry. In this community, women can be allocated land by their parents or brothers in the case where they fail to get married. When a woman has reached her prime age and with no potential suitors chasing after her, her family is allowed to give her a piece of land to settle on where she can farm and build a house for herself.

If she gets children, they are the ones that inherit that piece of land in the event that she passes on. The way it is done varies with whether you live in the city or in the What is the main religion in Kenya?, and it also varies greatly from one community to the other. Circumcision however becomes more interesting when you start to compare how different communities do it.

For the Bukusu, a sub-tribe of the Luhya community, the young initiates usually boys between the ages of 12 to 14 are woken up at 3 am in the morning, and escorted to a river. They are then made to strip and stay in the water until their bodies become numb. Mud is then applied all over their bodies. The entire village then gathers around them no women are allowed close to the river as they stand with their feet firmly on the ground, eyes facing the sky, and arms resting on their sides as they are being circumcised.

During the circumcision, you are not allowed to flinch, wince or cringe, because by doing so, you will be committing the ultimate form of cowardice and you then become the laughing stock of the village. Additionally, no girl will want to marry you to avoid the reputation of having married a coward. This might be shocking to you as a tourist visiting a community like this, and it is demeaning to women in my opinionbut it is actually a tradition that has been there for a very long time.

What is the main religion in Kenya?

The 10 Kenyan traditions you should know about. Some are shocking even to us Kenyans, others are completely misunderstood by outsiders, but they all continue to stand the test of time with all this modernity that is the current Kenya. There are so many more traditions, but I hope I have created your interest in learning more about Kenya with these particular ones.

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