Question: What does Clairsentience mean in Greek?


Connecting with our intuition through our bodies is called clairsentience; clair meaning clear, from clairvoyant meaning seeing clearly and sentient meaning capable of feeling or conscious of, i.e. conscious feeling and sensing. We can think of clairsentience, then, as seeing with our bodies.

Hello, you gorgeous multidimensional life form, you! Well, maybe some of them can.

What does Clairsentience mean in Greek?

Also, it immediately makes things a bit awkward for me. Strangely, What does Clairsentience mean in Greek? inner knowing comes not just as a realization, but like a whiff of the feelings someone has.

What does Clairsentience mean in Greek?

For a long time I wrote them off as silly thoughts, but recently I have started to humor them, and am amazed at the guidance they have brought, and their uncanny accuracy.

Sometimes I will get a feeling I need to reach out to a friend to comfort them, when they have not even told me they are upset yet they are. Or I will suddenly decide to do something, later realizing it was the most ideal time possible to do it. Spending more time alone recently has allowed this intuition to speak more clearly. If you are highly sensitive, you are naturally very intuitive and can strengthen your abilities through practicing mindfulness and calm awareness.


Also, please be gentle and patient with yourself, sweet sensitive friends. Have you had a psychic experience? The more I speak to others about this, the more common it seems to be to have or know someone who has had predictive dreams, hunches about people that turned out to be true, or unexplainable knowledge. The more you listen to your intuition, the stronger it will get. So tell me… have you had a psychic experience? Are you highly sensitive or empathic?

I love hearing stories about this, so keep me posted on your intuitive adventures, pretty please!

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