Question: What to do if you think you have BPD?

Borderline personality disorder is mainly treated using psychotherapy, but medication may be added. Your doctor also may recommend hospitalization if your safety is at risk. Treatment can help you learn skills to manage and cope with your condition.

How do I get checked for BPD?

There isnt a medical test to confirm a borderline personality disorder (BPD) diagnosis. Your provider may do a physical exam or order a blood test to rule out health conditions that may be causing your symptoms. Healthcare providers diagnose BPD after several interviews with you.

Who can diagnose you with BPD?

Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnosis Psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers are qualified to diagnose and treat mental health conditions.

What can BPD be mistaken for?

Some symptoms of BPD can be very similar to other mental health problems, including:bipolar disorder.complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)depression.psychosis.antisocial personality disorder (ASPD)

When should you get tested for BPD?

To receive a borderline personality disorder diagnosis, you must experience five or more of the following symptoms in a variety of contexts:Feelings of emptiness.Emotional instability (such as intense sadness, irritability, or anxiety lasting a few hours or, rarely, more than a few days)More items...•19 Feb 2021

The questions are fairly straightforward, and a conclusion is drawn at the end. I know this… all the symptoms fit, absolutely… except one: No blackouts. I rember everything but I do have different personalities with distinct changes in them. They all feel differently about things.

What to do if you think you have BPD?

So therefore I don't think I have it. Also, totally not taking this seriously, I did research so. Also, abou the blackout thing: I do forget parts of my life occasionally nowadays.

Once I forgot two whole days.

Do You Have Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)? Test

I'm not sure it's a very universally functionning test. At school, I'm a confident person with friends. At home, I get fired up super easily, and sometimes I have emotional breakdowns. After that, I had another breakdown and I didn't talk to people nearly as much. Sometimes I end up daydreaming about stuff, like pretending I'm someone else.

Eeeeek I got a 38 hahaha not that I care I mean why should I? I dont I need What to do if you think you have BPD? be strong. But the wrost thing about it is that my mom was right there and she did not even to anything about it she was not even talking at all and just looking at me as she was stared calling me all these names and stuff like that but I just yelled out she is over reating she than conitued to say things like this as my mom was in the middle of doing my hair soon it stared to get to me and I stared shakeing and pulling at my hair and tears stared to roll down my eyes but the funny thing is that when I got to much I fell down laughing my head off like crazy and what happend next made the tears stared rolling down faster then ever my mom slapped me and yelled at me to get up so she could finsh my hair.

5 Types of Borderline Personality Disorder

It is a very odd thing sometimes. Im even crazy telling this all to some random wepsite I found oh and some side infor I am 13 well amost I mean im in the middle now im 14 the first part was when I was 13 but now its 1:39 time its nov 3 in now 14 such a good start to a birthday dont you agreee????

However, there are a few unexplained issues which might be due to not enough support or something deeper. You should definitely talk to a mental health professional, such as a psychologist or a psychiatrist, for some extra help.

What to do if you think you have BPD?

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