Question: Whats the pink Care Bears name?

Cheer Bear: Next on our list is the pink Care Bear who is called Cheer Bear. She is one of the original female protagonist bears and comes across as a happy and perky bear. 4. Friend Bear: This light orange Care Bear comes with two smiling sunflowers on her stomach.

What are the Care Bears names and colors?

First tenNameColourSymbolFriend BearAmber orangeTwo flowersFunshine BearLemon yellowSmiling sunGood Luck BearGreenFour-leaf cloverGrumpy BearIndigo blueRain cloud6 more rows

Whats the name of the Care Bear with a rainbow?

Togetherness Bear Togetherness Bear, a vibrant rainbow-furred bear with a special heart sign is the first new Care Bear to make an appearance in the Care Bears animated series in the last 10 years.

What is the most rare Care Bear?

Noble Heart Horse Care Bear Noble Heart Horse Care Bear: These Care Bear toys belong to the Care Bear Cousin line and are shaped like a unicorn. They are the rarest care bear.

Care Bears The Story of Rainbow Heart Bear Appearances Care Package Chronicles Rainbow Heart as she appears in the web series.

Whats the pink Care Bears name?

Rainbow Heart appears in the pilot episode of the web mini series, Care Package Chronicles. Although she has hardly any lines, her personality seems to be relatively similar to many other Care Bears, as she is very bright and enthusiastic. The Story of Rainbow Heart Bear Rainbow Heart appears in a mini-video on the official Care Bears channel.

Whats the pink Care Bears name?

In it, it details how Share Bear,and discovered her. The three were walking when a strange storm blew through Care-a-Lot, turning the sky purple.

Care Bears/Characters

When a lightning bolt struck the Share Cloud, the storm faded, leaving Rainbow Heart to appear from the cloud. Rainbow Heart's Belly badge is discovered to have the power of the rainbow, influencing a desire in others to be more kind and helpful.

Whats the pink Care Bears name?

She seems to wear her heart on her sleeve as well as her belly badge, becoming very excited at the thought of winning a prize at a game of darts, but breaks down crying when it seems as if she may not win the prize. She is eager and enthusiastic to help others, but doesn't always take the time to carefully listen.

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