Question: Does Firefox need to be updated?

By default, Firefox updates automatically. You can always check for updates at any time, in which case an update is downloaded, but it is not installed until you restart Firefox.

What is the current stable version of Firefox?

88.0 Firefox/Stable release

How do I get the old Firefox back?

First; Type about:preferences#advanced in the address bar. Under Advanced, Select Update. Check the settings. Install Older Version Of Firefox {web link} Be sure to read everything here.

Actually, I never before even noticed the Software Updater as a home-page category. But whatever, I pressed the requisite button, and after about 25 minutes, I was advised that the 10 apps the ones capable of being updated by Norton had been updated. So why, after 14 months, was I being told to manually update a program I shouldn't be using? I searched my installed programs, and couldn't even find Windows Defender. I assume Windows Defender it is still in there, somewhere, hiding.

How the hell can I manually update an app I can't even find? Norton doesn't provide any instructions.

Does Firefox need to be updated?

I have 13 separate iterations of Visual C++ redistributables -- many different years, most of which have one each for 32-bit and 64-bit. All but three can be differentiated by year or bit-count. I'm Does Firefox need to be updated? how to proceed. Should I simply delete the older file, and then try to manually update the remaining newer file? Again, Norton doesn't provide any instructions. I'm not even certain I need to take any action on those three items.

But I'd like to get rid of that orange circle on the Norton home screen. Anything that is a Microsoft product including Windows Defender and any of the other files you mentioned should be updated thru Windows Update. Make sure you have checked off the box to download and update other Microsoft products in the Windows Update screen. You can safely shut off Windows Defender since having Norton or any other real time and manual scanner is all you really need.

You might want to set Windows Defender up to do some occasional manual scanning but also consider downloading and using the free Malwarebytes scanner for a second opinion.

Just make sure you do not do simultaneous manual scans. Just exclude the apps in question from the scan and your orange circle will go away. The Norton software updater is very spotty and error prone and my advice is to shut off auto update and do not run it manually.

It is not perfect either but probably head and shoulders above many others. The paid version will automatically update where the free version requires manual intervention.

So that scratches two Does Firefox need to be updated?

Updating to Windows 10, version 2004 on devices with Hypervisor

itches. But do you have any advice regarding the need to update the hard-to-find Windows Does Firefox need to be updated?

Does Firefox need to be updated?

software? Simply excluding it and the two other files from Norton's Software Updater may clear the warning, but I still don't know if I should update software that I don't use. Also, I still have 3 pairs of Visual C++ distributable files which appear to be duplicative: a 2005 x64, b 2008 x64, and c 2008 x86.

How to Fix the “Firefox Is Already Running” Error

In each case, the first file was saved on Dec 3, 2013, and the second iteration on Feb 17, 2016. The 2013 date may be significant, but I can't recall why. Can I safely delete the older file of each file-pair? I find it hard to believe that I might have old apps that would require two different Visual C++ distributable files for the same year, the same bit-count.

Does Firefox need to be updated?

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