Question: What happened to Mario Batali?


Batali was accused of sexually assaulting multiple women in a 2017 exposé in Eater, the food news site. ... Following the Eater report, Batali took a leave from the restaurants he managed with Bastianich—which he eventually divested from in 2019—and was fired as co-host of The Chew, the former ABC cooking show.

But the deli is experiencing some big changes.

What happened to Mario Batali?

It was recently sold to Martinique Grigg and Clara Veniard, who now claim to be the only women in the country to own a charcuterie shop. So he actually What happened to Mario Batali? some time in Spain and Italy really learning the craft. Besides the new ownership, there is another big change. This week Salumi is moving out of its famously narrow and cramped space into a bigger shop where staff and customers will both have some breathing room.

What happened to Mario Batali?

With all the change and growth Seattle has been experiencing, some of us worried that this nationally recognized, beloved institution might not evolve for the better. But upon meeting the new owners, who are joyful and passionate, savvy and hospitable, my doubts instantly evaporated. I asked Grigg if they worry about regulars reacting negatively to the changes.

The reason we got involved in Salumi is because we have been long time customers who love the experience, love the brand and we want to preserve that going forward.

Judge rules chef Mario Batali not guilty of sexual misconduct

So we have actually been really surprised at how positive the response has been. But the new space will solely house the deli and the old space will be used for production, which will give them a lot more room to cure more meat.

Then we have our hot sandwiches, our porchetta and we also have this ginormous meatball sandwich. You can practically not fit your mouth around it. Both are food lovers who have spent time truly educating themselves on the art and history of salumi, the Italian word for cured meats like salami and prosciutto.

To hear more about the history of salumi, listen to my podcastfeaturing actor, cookbook author and Cooking Channel host, Tiffani Thiessen.

There is no other type of window that lasts as long as fiberglass; so why go with anything else?

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