Question: Where was cheat filmed Pier?


Cheat was filmed in Cambridge in the hot summer of 2018. Director Louise Hooper explained, “We wanted to not have a Scandi-noir or a dark noir.

Cheat kicked off the week a new psychological drama and tonight the storyline will evolve as viewers have been left wondering who killed Adam Dale played by Tom Goodman-Hill. Ahead of the penultimate episode, which is set to hit television screens later this evening, the director of the series Louise Hooper has revealed one scene which was a real struggle to film.

Where was cheat filmed Pier?

Talking to press including Express. With the series being based around the picturesque city of Cambridge and the university, the majority of characters are seen using bicycles as a mode of transport. Hopefully it looks effortless in the episode but it was a right bitch to film. For me that is how Where was cheat filmed Pier? can really ratchet up.

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To give the audience an unnerving mix of the very familiar, every day world, exciting within a heightened reality. In upcoming scenes, viewers are going to see Adam and Leah on top of a roof and Leah revealed how they shot that moment.

Where was cheat filmed Pier?

Tonight, alongside the rooftop scene, fans of Cheat can expect more of the action to take place around Adam. Viewers already know the sereis ends badly and bloodily, with either Leah or Rose Vaughan Molly Windsor ending up behind bars. Cheat airs tonight and concludes tomorrow night at 9pm on.

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