Question: Is Gosport safe?

Crime and Safety in Gosport, Hampshire Gosport is the second most dangerous major town in Hampshire, and is the 37th most dangerous overall out of Hampshires 274 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Gosport in 2020 was 71 crimes per 1,000 people.

Is Gosport a good place to live?

Gosport is a good place to retire. This town has some very desirable neighbourhoods and access to the sea. The healthcare here, usually a concern for senior people, is very reliable. The amenities are top-notch and the seaside and countryside offer plenty of health and fitness activities.

What county is Gosport?

Hampshire Gosport, port town and borough (district), administrative and historic county of Hampshire, England. It lies on a peninsula between Portsmouth Harbour and The Solent, opposite the Isle of Wight.

Why is Gosport called Gosport?

Gosport was founded early in the 13th century. The name Gosport is probably a corruption of goose port, perhaps because wild geese gathered there. ... Many of the men in Gosport were fishermen. In the 15th century, a tower called the blockhouse was built on the site of Fort Blockhouse to defend the entrance of the harbour.

What are the worst areas of Portsmouth?

Charles Dickens and Nelson - 5,331 offences. ... Central Southsea and St Jude - 2,027 offences. ... Cosham - 1,943 offences. ... Fratton and Baffins - 1,925 offences. ... St Thomas - 1,704 offences. ... Hilsea and Copnor - 1,409 offences. ... Eastney and Milton - 1,400 offences. ... Paulsgrove - 897 offences.4 Nov 2019

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Is Gosport safe?

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Is Gosport safe?

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Is Gosport safe?

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