Question: What is a daddy dom and little?


DDLG, or DD/LG, is an acronym for daddy dom/little girl, a sexual relationship where the dominant male is the daddy figure and a woman plays the role of a young girl.

So what does that mean? Well it mean different things to different people.

What is a daddy dom and little?

Broadly people who identify as littles like regressing into a child like state. This could be an infant age babyor it could be a young child little.

It can be an early teen middleand each type is slightly different. They enjoy activities that fit into being a child. So the next steps are to identify what sort of domination does your little want and need? This diagram explains several different types of little there are more and mixes of each but this is a good starting guide : Ask your little how they identify using this as a discussion starter. So the next section covers the bare basics of being a daddy dominant.

What is a daddy dom and little?

Rules Rules are the first place to start. Every dominant of every creed understands the importance of rules and setting boundaries. As a daddy dom, the importance of rules is two fold; they set expectations, and asserts your control.

As a daddy dom you should set rules clearly and ahead of time. Formalise them and be strict in enforcing the rules. You may allow warnings for minor breaches of rules, but sometimes you will have to punish your little for breaking your rules. Ultimately you are responsible for carrying out the punishment but also ensuring any punishment is within the bounds of your partners limits. They have placed their trust in you and you are responsible for their welfare. Keep punishments safe, sane and consensual.

What you are looking for after the session is symptoms of sub drop. The best way of describing sub drop is understanding what happens in your brain during intense experiences like a bdsm scene. When you experience pain adrenaline kicks in, endorphins and other chemicals flood your brain to help you push through the situation, avoid the threat, or take the hits. Normally your brain drips a steady flow of these chemicals through your system throughout the day to get you through the regular pains and incidents you experience each day.

Having flooded your system with these chemicals your brain can become deficitent. This deficiency can last a few hours or even a week. So how do you spot sub drop? Have some water available to drink. Stroke hair and tell your submissive how much you love them and are proud of how well they did.

DDLG: Beginner’s Guide To Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationships

Wrap them in a blanket as often their body temperature can drop and they need to be comfortable and warm. Why do we do aftercare? So aftercare is provided to allow the sub to anchor to it, so when they recall the session they can remember how much they are loved and cherished. It is important to remind your little all the time that they are special and loved, but especially when they are vulnerable. I have received calls from submissives days later in tears because something unrelated happened and their brain told them I as their dominant hated them.

Now What is a daddy dom and little? reminded them of the aftercare session, and reiterated how much I cared.

Introduction to the Daddy Dom/little girl Dynamic

Having identified it as sub drop we talked it through and all was once again good with the world. But having that aftercare session allowed us to anchor her mind and understand what was happening to her. Conclusion Having read this far you now have a clearer understanding of what sorts of things to discuss with your partner. Ultimately that discussion should be the starting point to many more discussions and fun filled days.

What is a daddy dom and little?

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