Question: How do you make a Tinder account without Facebook?

Can I use Tinder without Facebook? Yes! For years, the only way to use Tinder was by signing up with Facebook. Now you can use Tinder by signing up with a phone number instead.

Can I log into Tinder with an email?

Open the Tinder app or visit Tap Log In. ... Tap Login With Email. Enter the recovery email address associated with your account and wait for an email from us.

So you want to know how to change your age on Tinder. Probably because you lied about your age right? Only kidding, but this is the main reason as to why many people suddenly want to change their birthday on. You see someone you like on Tinder and you swipe right.

Tinder Ban Workaround Method Without New Device/SIM : SwipeHelper

You start to imagine your future together but you notice that their conversation may be a little bit childish with a cherry on top. When it comes to online dating, it is better to be truthful than to lie. Did you use Facebook or your number? Once you remember, scroll down to the relevant section.

Most of us are guilty of this: When we all made Facebook we were probably all very young and had no care in the world. So we set our birthday settings to the entirely wrong date.

Look at how that backfired huh.

How do you make a Tinder account without Facebook?

If you are on your computer then look below for step 1. Once you have installed it, go to your home screen and open it.

Register Tinder Without Using Your Cell Phone Number

Step 1: If How do you make a Tinder account without Facebook? are using your computer, all you need to do is log into your. Do the same if you are on the mobile app. Use your number or email you used to sign up with and your password to log in. Step 2: If you are already logged in on the mobile version then head over to the menu which looks like three horizontal line in the bottom right of your screen and tap on your profile.

If you are on the desktop version then navigate to your profile by just clicking your name along the top menu. Step 3: Now to change your age on Tinder, tap on About when you are in your Fa cebook profile. On your mobile, this is next to the Photos and friends section. Step 4: When you are in About, scroll down to Basic Info and tap on Edit next to it. Here you will be allowed to change your age. Step 5: If your age was already correct then carry on reading. Change your age to your real one, scroll down and tap on Save.

Note: Once you have changed your birthday, you will now want to close the app and go to your Tinder app. Deleting you Tinder account is not as serious as it sounds. When you delete your current Tinder account and make a new one through your Facebook account, Tinder will update your age on your new account within 24 hours of the change. To delete you Tinder profile: Go to your Tinder profile and tap on the profile icon in the top left corner and Tap on the Settings gear.

Make sure you delete it. Tap on Delete Account again at the bottom. Once you have deleted your Tinder profile, all your matches and other information will be removed as well. Once you have deleted your account, I want you to close the Tinder app and hold on it lightly so 3D touch is not enabled. Now press the cross in the corner of the app icon and tap on Delete. Now go into the App or Play Store and download Tinder again.

Make sure you check your Facebook account to see if your age is set correctly. Once the Tinder app has been re-installed, make a new account and you can choose to link it to Facebook account or you can link it to your number. Either way, your age should now be correct. Yeah How do you make a Tinder account without Facebook? heard me right. Note: Make sure you keep another form of contact with your close matches and before you delete your tinder account.

When you know make a new Tinder profile, you can put in the correct age. How to hide your age on Tinder: You have the option to hide your age from potential matches through the use of Tinder Plus.

How do you make a Tinder account without Facebook?

Read the section below on How to get Tinder Plus. Conclusion Hopefully, your age is now changed and you can get back to swiping right on those hotties. If this article helped you in any way, then leave a comment below and let me know.

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