Question: How do you say Beautiful Girl in Italian?

bella = feminine singular (bambina bella = beautiful girl) belli = masculine plural (bambini belli = beautiful boys) belle = feminine plural (bambine belle = beautiful girls)

How do you compliment a girl in Italian?

Italian compliments for a woman:Come sei carina! (“How cute you are!” )Come sei dolce! (“How sweet you are!” )Sei una bella ragazza/donna. (“You are a beautiful girl/woman!” )Che begli occhi! (“Nice eyes!” )Che bel sorriso! (“Beautiful smile!” )Sei molto simpatica! (“You are very nice!” )May 28, 2020

How do you say my pretty girl in Italian?

pretty girl in Italianbambolina.ragazza carina.bella ragazza. How do you say Beautiful Girl in Italian?

What is the meaning of Bellissima? What is the difference between Bellissima and Bellissimo? As you may have already guessed, bellissima is the feminine form of bellissimo. It is the combination of the adjective bella and the absolute superlative -issima.

How do you say Beautiful Girl in Italian?

Bellissima can describe females, or nouns that are defined as being feminine. What does bellissimo mean in Italian?

Beautiful in Italian: how to say it in 5 pretty ways

Bellissimo is a very common adjective used to describe a masculine object, person, or place. How do you reply to Bellissima? If you want to say something else I can translate it for you. How do you compliment an Italian girl? That said, bellissimo can be used to describe a whole host of other things.

Most common among them seems to be food Questa pasta è bellissima! When should you say your pregnant? More Spanish words for pretty girl. What does the name Bellissima mean? Related Questions More Answers Below. What does Bellissimo mean in Italian? Tip: in Italian, to address to objects or 3rd person ityou use masculine noun, adj.

Bellissima is the italian word for beautiful. The corresponding masculine and plural forms are listed below: Bellissima f, sin — Bellissime f, pl.

How do you say Beautiful Girl in Italian?

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