Question: Who did Harry Potter have a crush on?

Chos known Quidditch record against Gryffindor is 0-3. This includes two straight defeats playing head to head against Ginny Weasley. Cho Chang is well known for being Harry Potters first crush, first kiss, and first girlfriend in the Harry Potter books and films.

Who has a crush on Harry Potter?

Ginny Weasley. At age eleven Harry saw Ginny for the first time at Kings Cross Station in 1991. However, they did not formally meet until the summer of 1992, at which point it became blatantly clear that Ginny had a huge crush on Harry.

Did Harry have a crush?

“He had a crush on [Markles character] Rachel Zane two years before he met Meghan and the reason I know is because I was having drinks with one of his friends,” Nicholl says in the special, When Harry Met Meghan: A Royal Romance. ... And he said Meghan Markle from Suits.

The relationships in r might not be the center of the story, but they do play a role. There are many different romantic relationships throughout the series. Here are some of the ten best couples that would have made a lot of sense but never got together.

Who did Harry Potter have a crush on?

While this might not be a couple that people really think about as being good together, they would have been surprisingly good. Ron can be rather blunt, but he overall likes Luna and is interested in her strange ideas.

Who did Harry Potter have a crush on?

Luna and Ron are also rather good friends. Luna could help Ron be a little kinder and Ron could help Luna feel more accepted. They might have even been a better couple than Ron and Hermione. This is a shame because some of the best potential pairings are queer ones. They were quite close throughout the entire series, and they were always seen together. While Hermione and Viktor might not have lasted long either, they might have been better together than Hermione and Ron. It would have been easy to make these two have a crush on one another and would have made a lot of sense to the story.

Many fans would have loved to see a cute romance like this. Many fans wanted Luna and Neville to end up together and were surprised when these two ended up with totally random people. In many ways, these two would have been great together. They were both a bit eccentric and not popular while they were at school, and they were both extremely brave and compassionate people.

There is even a nod to this potential relationship at the end of the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Who did Harry Potter have a crush on?. Instead of Ron, Ginny could have been a better match for Hermione because she was a lot more mature and emotionally intelligent. In many ways, Hermione was always better friends with Harry then she was with Ron. These two generally got along better and trusted each other a lot. While these two clearly are rivals and even enemies at times, many people felt like they had great chemistry and that part of their obsession with one another could be because of a hidden crush.

But, as far as in fanfiction, these two actually work together well.

Harry Potter: 10 Couples That Would Have Made A Lot Of Sense (But Never Got Together)

Of all the couples on this list, this one seems the most obvious. It would have made a lot of sense if they got together as they clearly were close friends. Many people felt like Lupin, especially with the werewolf metaphors, was a queer-coded character, and these two in a romantic relationship would have been quite endearing.

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