Question: Is Sandhurst safe?


Crime and Safety in Sandhurst, Berkshire Sandhurst is the third most dangerous small town in Berkshire, and is the 46th most dangerous overall out of Berkshires 108 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Sandhurst in 2020 was 41 crimes per 1,000 people.

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Welcome to Sandhurst Primary School. My name is Rebecca Dove and I am Headteacher here at Sandhurst.

Is Sandhurst safe?

At Sandhurst Primary School we believe in excellent progress for all and excellent experiences for all in a safe and caring Is Sandhurst safe?. I am married with three children and a dog, Archie. He comes to school too sometimes.

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I have been at Sandhurst for 9 years now and I love being the headteacher of a school that really is at the heart of the community. We welcome our pre-school community to Bouncy Beats every Wednesday and to Sandtots every Thursday morning.

Is Sandhurst safe?

At Sandhurst we work hard but we also love having fun! Take a look around our website to see all the exciting learning and experiences we enjoy. We sign this pledge, written by a group of Lewisham Headteachers, as a step towards achieving that Is Sandhurst safe?.

Is Sandhurst safe?

We will, therefore, use this pledge as an impetus to build on and strengthen our existing good practices that promote positive attitudes, relationships and self-identity and help children of Black Heritage and other ethnic groups to make continual progress and enjoy a wide range of enriching experiences in a safe and caring environment. We will also use this pledge as a basis to regularly review and challenge our current practices to identify further ways in which we can improve our provision for children, families and staff of Black Heritage as well as other ethnic groups.

Sandhurst Primary School is built on the rich diversity of its staff, pupils, families and governing body and we are committed to promoting and embedding race equality.

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