Question: What is the danger of online dating?


Dangers of online dating sites include stolen identities, and hacking. Yes, these things could happen, and unfortunately more than one way. The main danger of most is what is called identity theft. Identity robbery can happen at any time and without caution.

The Dangers of Online dating services Statistics

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This also helps do away with the hassle of taking time to chat up strangers who they might eventually realise they have nothing in common with. In such a scenario, could true love be a few clicks away?

But while online dating is a saviour, all is not always hunky-dory. The virtual world comes with its warnings.

The Dangers of Online Dating Example

But anyone can hide behind the screen and wear a mask. Most times, people lie and portray another personality. I know of a young girl who shared sentimental messages with a man on Instagram, who pretended to be younger and single. When confronted, he simply ran away and the girl was devastated. So, always meet a person and then decide.

What is the danger of online dating?

If you trust the person, meet and see how attracted you are in reality. Never pay anyone or reveal your financial details online; it leads to disastrous results.

What is the danger of online dating?

The unsuspecting victim landed up paying the money he was asked to. So, brush aside any emotional talk that is used to get you to extend help, monetary or otherwise. Not all online romances end up this way. There are loads of singles out there looking for a nice partner, so keep the search on.

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