Question: How many fans do Taylor Swift have?

But how does Swift — with a combined 200 million followers on Twitter and Instagram and countless sold-out stadium tours over the course of her career — maintain such a deeply personal link with her fans around the world?

Who are Taylors fans?

Taylor Swifts fans call themselves Swifties. The word is a cute play on the singers last name and was reportedly thought up by a fan.

Having sold over 200 million records worldwide, Swift is one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Does Taylor Swift have a fan club?

When Swift reaches out to fans to issue them with invitations, she does so through her official fan club, Taylor Nation, which usually gets in touch via direct message on Twitter or Tumblr. ... Taylor Nation said they would like to meet her, but didnt explicitly say that Swift would.

Who is Taylor Swifts main audience?

Taylors primary audience would consist of her fans who are dedicated to following and supporting her by buying the albums and going to the concerts. Her secondary audience would be fans of mainstream pop.

What is Taylor Swifts fans called?

Views of newest single from Taylor Swift. Taylors fans call themselves Swifties, and their being a social group is the subject of this analysis. Her fans come from all over the world.

What is Ariana Grande fans called?

Arianators Ariana Grande: Arianators Arianas fans werent always called Arianators. They started out as Ariana Army and then Tiny Elephants, before moving onto Arianators!

How much is a VIP ticket for Taylor Swift?

Big Reputation Package starts at $545 In addition to your amazing seat location, each VIP ticket purchase includes a reputation themed collectors box that is custom designed and uniquely constructed with a loaded video screen and other exclusive tour artwork and memorabilia.

How old is the average Taylor Swift fan?

Each ensuing, and therefore older, subsection encompassed a smaller percentage of Taylor Swift fans so, although Swift may be popular with older individuals, the majority of her demographic is between 18 and 34 years-old (“Music Fan Demographics,” 2018).

What are fans of Taylor Swift called?

To be such an influencing icon she must have a pretty dedicated fandom, which she definitely does. Taylors fans call themselves Swifties, and their being a social group is the subject of this analysis. Her fans come from all over the world. How many fans do Taylor Swift have?

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How many fans do Taylor Swift have?

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How many fans do Taylor Swift have?

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I have to say I agree with the comments that it always felt a little insulting to me and certainly misogynistic - how often do men get referred to like this? I'm sure from most fans it is meant harmlessly. But referring to someone you don't know based on a physical attribute isn't cool.

Thank you to the people who gave logistics! I asked this for actual knowledge, not to create this unseen divide. Of course, because of the stupid misconception that if your blonde, you're not very smart. I don't know if that term is used the same way in other countries, so I wouldn't be mad at somebody else for using it because I asume they're not using it that way, but I wouldn't call her that.

Why do so many Swifties call her Blondie? : TaylorSwift

Swift expresses distaste I don't see an issue in using it. Edited to add: She's liked videos on TikTok in which people use the nickname. They have every right to not use or like the nickname. There are a lot of things us fans do and say that would insinuate we know her personally.

Plus, her brand is built off of having a close relationship with us. Maybe in certain contexts but not necessarily this one.

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