Question: What is a DAGOR?

DAGOR is a purpose-built, ultra-light combat vehicle designed and built by Polaris Defense, a division of Polaris Industries, to meet the light-mobility needs of light infantry and special operations forces. Vehicle Type. Ultra light combat vehicle.

How much does a dagor a1 cost?

At $149,000 per truck, purchase the Dagor through the U.S. General Services Administration, GSA Advantage Program, the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), or the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) if youre a military agency.

How much does a Polaris MRZR cost?

2013 Polaris MRZR - military model. It starts right up, has been serviced within the last year and has a newer battery. This UTV is in excellent condition with only 992 miles on it....2013 Polaris MRZR - Military IssueAuction ClosedSold Amount:$38,050.00Buyers Premium (12.50%):$4,756.25Total Price:$42,806.253 more rows

What does Rzr stand for?

RZRAcronymDefinitionRZRRevised Zone Rating (baseball)RZRron_zed DIY recordsRZRRadar Zero Rangetrigger

How many miles per gallon does a military Humvee get?

According to website, the average fuel efficiency on a military-grade Humvee is around 8 [miles per gallon] on the highway and 4 in the city. And thats for diesel. Second, buying an Army surplus Humvee might be the easy part.

Does the military use side by side?

The military grade side-by-side ATVs are deployed by U.S. Special Operations Forces on quick response and low profile missions where heavier equipment would just get in the way. ... These ultra-light tactical vehicles come in two-seat or four seat versions.

Are Polaris RZR street legal?

So, are Polaris RZR street legal? The answer is yes, and no. Theyre illegal, but you can modify some things to make them street legal. This includes the mirrors, safety lights, front windshield, and a couple of things more.

How many cc is a RZR 1000?

999 cc RZR XP 1000 SpecificationsRZR XP 1000 / EPS / Trails and Rocks EditionEngine4-Stroke DOHC Twin CylinderDisplacement999 ccBore x Stroke93mm x 73.5mmAlternator Output560 W @ 3000 RPM DYNAMIX: 660 W @ 3000 RPM20 more rows

Can a civilian buy a Humvee?

The United States Department of Defense will sell you a military Humvee for a real bargain. ... The surplus inventory needs to go, so theyre priced to move. Most surplus Humvees and trucks cost between $2,000-10,000 in an auction-style format.

How many miles does a Humvee last?

When properly cared for a Hummer can typically run 300,000-500,000 miles. Many people have got over 300,000 miles out of their H2s and H3 and plan to continue driving the truck until gasoline becomes gold. If you only drive your Hummer on the road and use the correct tires, it can serve you for as long as you want.

Do military vehicles have seat belts?

The Department of Defense (DOD) policies have long required occupant restraint in government vehicles. Our seat belts stand out as they are built according to the strict government standards. Additionally, all of our military seat belts exceed FMVSS 209 & 302, SAE J2292, and ECE R16 requirements.

Funny how your lens kit gets built. I started out like most folks willing to pay the extra bucks for the showier lenses. I’ll share a few things I’ve learned. In my kit I have several Dagor types that get used regularly. The excellence is in the contrast, not the resolution. It’s excellent, but not spectacular. Certainly delivers nicely for contact prints. Built by Goerz Optical Co. It will just cover the 7X17 with a little movement.

The one I’ve kept and use is not on the list of valuable Dagor’s. It’s probably from the late 1920’s but that’s just a guess. It has the pot metal barrel that the black paint didn’t What is a DAGOR?

very well to so it’s ugly. Somebody mounted it in a Wollensak chrome shutter. It is cells from 2 early G-Claron lenses that somebody mixed up. The front is from a 240mm and the back is from a 210mm. He realized it was mis-matched but didn’t know what the rear cell was. ” Schneider sold it’s early Symmar’s exactly the same way. The triple convertible Symmars of about 1951 vintage are non symmetrical dagor type cells.

In use, it is more spectacular than any of my normal Dagor’s except the 14” Kern.

SAIC DAGOR Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV)

And the extra 15mm made a huge difference in 8X10 coverage. I never seem to get in the edges. What is a DAGOR? yes, G-Claron’s in the 10 and 11,000,000 serial no’s are Dagor type.

It lives in the case with the Kodak 2D that has the Packard shutter.

Dagor Dagorath

I use it all the time and it’s just incredibly sharp and contrasty. Embarrassed to admit I’ve never even used it. The only drawback is that I haven’t yet got filters set up for the tiny 30. In service, it’s just as nice as the 225mm and the 14” above. It covers 5X7 with generous movements. I’d adore having the 18cm. Hey Jim, I don't own any Dagors. Not sure I ever will but I do, certainly, agree with your point.

It is an interesting phenomena to ponder. Funny how your lens kit gets built. I started out like most folks willing to pay the extra bucks for the showier lenses. This little baby had it all over three other Goerz America Dagors of the same focal length to which I compared it.

Just wondering, have you ever compared the 355 G-Claron of Dagor and plasmat design to see if one offers greater coverage? Sandy Mike, I bought a C. It is in an Ilex 4 shutter. I did this because I had discovered the fine art of vignetting with the 305mm G Claron in my new to me 7x17. John Powers Here’s my 2 cents on Dagors I own or have owned. But I suspect that our assessment of individual lenses to some extent has more to do with our photographic experiences with them than actual lens quality!

Wide angle “Pre-Dagor” process lens, uncoated of course. Very sharp and with superb image quality. Has 4 small scratches on the rear glass and a tiny bit of cement haze as do many Dagors this old, doesn’t matter. A bonus is that it fits directly with spacing into a 58mm Copal or Compound 3 and allegedly covers 20x24 wide open, per a guy that knows. I don’t have anything even remotely large enough to test it – What is a DAGOR? is the largest. Nice lens, currently on loan to me and on a board What is a DAGOR?

doesn’t facilitate use on my 8x10 so I haven’t shot a lot with it, but from what I have, it’s good. Color What is a DAGOR? photographs taken with this lens have won awards and I’ve seen both the photos and the awards.

Haven’t tested it yet, but if the image is anything like my 5” Double Anastigmat about 1901 and clear as a bell in Volute, it would be wonderful, wonderful lens. Perfect glass and coatings, same vintage as Jim Galli’s. Unlike Jim, I’ve had mixed results from this lens.

Flare, low contrast, some unsharp, others fine. Sharp yet smooth, a wonderful lens. Mine two of them are as yet in barrel because I have an equally wonderful 270mm G-Claron in a Copal 1. In image quality on color transparency, I can’t tell much if any difference from the 270mm G-Claron I shot side-by-side as a test. Good lens, but I don’t use this focal length that much so I’m not really sure how it stacks up relative to the others.

I have shot 8x10 color transparency with it and can say that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Uncoated, clear as a bell, covers 8x10 stopped down. I’ve used this lens on 4x5 with super saturated transparency film and the effect is intriguing. It’s currently off at S.

Grimes having a conventional aperture scale put on it. It had the f:12, f:18, f:26 numbers that What is a DAGOR? a real headache. Pending further testing it might get screwed into a Copal 1 which is a direct fit. Covers 8x10 with a little wiggle stopped all the way down, good edges, and fits in your shirt pocket. I don't believe it actually covers What is a DAGOR? usable sharpness though, but I've not tested it. Haven’t done any color with it. Since all the glass types are different as well as all curvatures, the description is just about meaningless.

I don't doubt that the Dagor was part of the inspiration for the Angulon, but so was just about every other lens type ever made. The Angulon has a completely different design specification, and What is a DAGOR?

very neat tricks to increase the coverage. Tiny lens you can screw directly on a Copal 1 shutter.

What is a DAGOR?

My favorite and mostly used lens for 8x10. Very sharp with superb image quality. Just wonderful with my old Deardorff. Sharp with a very nice glow. It seems to have a single coating. I had hoped that it What is a DAGOR? cover my 10x20. Amazingly, it makes perfect pictures. I have to admit I have a really soft spot for Dagors.

What is a DAGOR?

I have owned and tested Dagors from the earliest to the latest vintage ones and have never found one that performed poorly, but agree that there are ones that stand out against the others.

I'm a What is a DAGOR? 8x10 user and thus cannot really attest to one of Dagors strong points, which is coverage, beyond this size.

Dagors in my experience can produce clinicaly sharp image and combined this special smoothness, a very unique classic look that I, and I suspect a lot of the posters here, have come to love. Have two, but have not tested them against each other. Gold Rim and the Goerz Optical Gold Dot versions in the past. Coverage is alright with limited movements on the 8x10. I think the Gold Dot seemed to have a slight edge over the Gold Rim in terms of the smoothness.

Dagor - nice lens and length for moderate wide shots on the 8x10. It reputedly just covers 14x17 stopped down, though I can't really What is a DAGOR? for that. Admittedly I haven't really tested it extensively. I suspect it will be a keeper, though I What is a DAGOR? I'm not using it to its max potential on the 8x10. Dagor of a slightly earlier vintage. Dagor - Have not tested extensively, but seemed to perform similarly to its shorter sibling from the same vintage 60s, I believe.

The image quality is just superb, contrast is outstanding due to the multicoating. The Gold Dots seem to have the smoothest of the Dagor look, in my opinion, though the others are not far behind.

Have two, but have not tested them against each other. Being a wide angle process lens, it's really really sharp, almost too sharp. I heard that it covers 8x20, but have not used it beyond 8x10. It's in a brass barrel, has a few air bubbles in it, and looks really good on the ground glass. I need to perhaps consolidate eventually, now that I have my favorites, but every now and then an attractive Dagor shows up on the market, and once again I succumbed to its mythical lure.

I have only seen one example of each. I owned the 75 for a time and sold it to my friend who also owns the 135. Don't ask why I sold the 75, I must have been in a daze.

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