Question: What is the best weather app for British Columbia?

CTV Vancouvers weather app is your hub for real-time local forecasts from our team of weather specialists! Track storms, receive weather alerts and submit your weather photos from your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. The app is FREE to download and is available for iOS and Android.

What is the best weather app for BC?

Top Weather Apps in Canada of Google Play StoreFree Apps1The Weather Network: Local Forecasts & Radar Maps The Weather Network / MétéoMédia2Weather Forecast & Live Radar Maps: Weather Port Weather Port3Weather Home - Live Radar Alerts & Widget My Home - Weather Radar, Satellite and Forecast Windyty SE96 more rows

Which Canadian weather app is most accurate?

Works on both Android and iOS, AccuWeather is the most accurate free weather app. You will be proud of the companys precise predictions and its day-to-day weather updates.

Thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes, others became trapped on cut-off roads, and several towns were completely cut off. Mud and landslides have destroyed parts of major highways. An aerial shot of flooding on the Sumas Prairie in Abbotsford. At least one person has been confirmed dead and others are missing.

What is the best weather app for British Columbia?

The flooding has been exacerbated by clearcut logging and its effect on slope stability, the rate at which water is absorbed into the ground and the ability to hold soil in root systems. Without trees, heavy rains can wash large amounts of sediment into nearby water systems, choking creeks and streams and causing them to quickly overflow. A clearcut block above a logging camp in British Columbia. It just flows directly off the hill.

And fires can make the soil hydrophobic so the runoff increases even more. The storm is battering the same region that five months ago suffered an extreme heatwave, fuelling destructive wildfires.

Police stations and hospitals reported a surge in heat-related deaths — 595 in British Columbia, and dozens more south of the border.

Roads buckled as asphalt expanded. At least one city suffered power cuts.

What is the best weather app for British Columbia?

Combined with high temperatures, this causes hot air to sink to the surface, causing further warming as it descends. How is the situation linked to the climate crisis?

‎BC Wildfire Service on the App Store

Scientists who found that human-caused climate change made the extreme weather at least 150 times more likely. It definitely matches what the climate models show for the future around here — hotter, drier summers and wetter winters.

According to Environment Canada, there have been five atmospheric rivers already this season, which is highly unusual. The way in What is the best weather app for British Columbia? the summer fires exacerbated the winter flooding is an example of a compound climate disaster. This article was amended on 19 November and 2 December 2021. The headline was amended to be more accurate about the area affected by these events.

The death figure for British Columbia at the time of publication was 595, not 486 as an earlier version said. And the caption of the satellite photo has been amended to remove an incorrect reference to it showing the Fraser Valley.

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