Question: Will EI be extended 2022?


Budget 2021 announced the enhancement of EI sickness benefits from 15 to 26 weeks. This extension will take effect in the summer of 2022.

This could lead to the most comprehensive and complex upgrades to the program in a generation and build a program that better responds to emerging labour market trends and the evolving needs of workers and employers. We will also seek input from Indigenous people, as well as the provinces and territories. Roundtables with stakeholders and experts were launched in summer 2021. They will resume late in 2021 Will EI be extended 2022? extend into winter 2022.

These changes are set to expire in September 2022. This meant that claimants applying for regular benefits would normally be required to show that they worked between 420 and 700 insurable hours in the qualifying period usually the 52 weeks before the claim. This reflects the reduced work opportunities associated with higher unemployment Will EI be extended 2022?. This can lead to one getting easier access to benefits compared to the other even though, as individuals, their circumstances might be the same.

These temporary measures ended in September 2021. As of September 2021, a new common national 420-hour entrance requirement is in place for 1 year for both regular and special benefits. However, the number of weeks of income support they could access, and their benefit rate, continue Will EI be extended 2022? vary depending on the unemployment rate where they live.

Will EI be extended 2022?

Providing predictability and reliability that responds to their unique circumstances will be an important part of the consultation process. This makes it especially difficult to find work after being laid off from a seasonal job.

This did not include the hundreds of thousands of additional Canadians who combine traditional jobs with some self-employment including gig work. In 2019 to 2020, there were about 168,000 claims for and 213,000 claims for. Some stakeholders have called for improvements in these programs, both in terms of access and flexibility.

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This will be another important item on the consultation agenda. Employees also receive a portion of the employer's savings directly from their employer. However, with premium rates frozen through 2022, neither employers nor employees will see an impact on their premiums until 2023. This is indexed to changes in year over year average weekly earnings as published by Statistics Canada. The program provides temporary income support to help the unemployed find a new job and remain attached to the labour market.

The supports the needs of millions of Canadians but it is also 50 years old and is made up of a mix of 150 system solutions that have been added over the years to deliver benefits.

Will EI be extended 2022?

This means that new measures will need to be carefully sequenced and implemented over time. The transition from old to new will take several years.

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As a result, any changes that follow the consultations could not be put in place until after that time. Coverage survey The program is also reviewed through departmental evaluations and monitored through the.

Will EI be extended 2022?

The Government is in the process of carefully reviewing the recommendations and will provide a response. Engagement with workers and employers on various aspects of the program, including measures for workers in seasonal industries, and Labour Canada's consultations on self-employed and gig workers also took place in recent years.

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