Question: Is using Calibre illegal?


Calibre server, like torrents, is simply a tool so in and of itself, its not illegal.

Calibre DRM Removal Plugins

I'm a little confused by the other commenters here. I am a quite certain that downloading material from libgen in the vast majority of cases is illegal because it's a breach of copyright or similar. The important distinction though isn't whether it's illegal, it's whether you're likely to suffer legal consequences from the download.

To which the answer is, though this may depend on where you live, basically, no. I am a quite certain that downloading material from libgen in the vast majority of cases is illegal because it's a breach of copyright or similar. It very much depends, see e. So please don't spread potentially dangerous misinformation. I think it's more dangerous suggesting that downloading pirated material runs no risk of consequence.

That wiki page doesn't provide a complete answer, but regardless focuses on criminal law. My original answer rolled civil and criminal together for the purposes of the question which was a nuance I didn't think I needed to address. I like how you did the thing where you copied my language about confusion, it was very clever. You have to specify the exact context and legal framework, so a blanket statement is useless, however comfortable it makes you feel when saying it.

Please don't offer anything which could vaguely look like legal advice. Regardless of the legal situation, I have never heard of a successful persecution of a civil case when merely downloading not sharing a book, in any Western democracy. A blanket statement is useless He asked a blanket question.

Additionally, in the civil context and to a lesser extent, the criminal context a lot of things aren't legal or illegal until a judge determines it one way or the other. That doesn't preclude there being in a generic comment to a generic enquiry. I have never heard of a successful prosecution.

You've made the poor kid think he's going to jail I think we're in agreement here. My answers were pretty clear the the prospect of Is using Calibre illegal? consequence was basically non existent. Is using Calibre illegal? main point though, as alluded to above, is the likelihood of enforcement. The cost of paying lawyers to sue you for that is going to cost at least in the tens of thousands.

For this reason, whenever copyright holders do take legal action, Is using Calibre illegal? tends to be against people who have committed multiple breaches, i. Is that at all a copyrighted book, in Canada? Effectively no difference to anyone involved- lawyers, defendants, the law itself, victims.

However, Canada law probably makes it illegal to download copyrighted material.

Is using Calibre illegal?

I am not a Canadian Is using Calibre illegal?, so I can't say for sure. Whether your actions are illegal under copyright law depend on whether the material you download is copyrighted.

Is using Calibre illegal?

Also, Canada Is using Calibre illegal? have a provision for fair use in its law, which is an exception to copyright infringement. You will need to check Canadian copyright law. You do understand the fallacy of telling everyone to look something up is that at some point someone had to ask the question without someone like you coming along and telling them to look it up, right?

The internet is supposed to be about having knowledge at ones fingertips like, youtube, cat vids and porn. Any sane person would eventually see the pattern, give up and stop trying and at that point we've lost someone gaining knowledge. Whether it further their lives or not, we've restricted access to information without having any idea what could have come from someone having such knowledge.

This of course is a stretch for the case at hand though my point stands.

Is using Calibre illegal?

Maybe you should provide a non-trivial answer and not one that literally no one finds amusing or helpful so someone later on can come along after searching for answers and find it, instead of finding some pleb on the internet telling them to go look it up.

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