Question: Is Hyundai Getz good?

Cheap but reliable The Getz is built cheap and feels cheap. Overall it is reliable - never broke down - but there were other niggles like engine mounts going at 50k and radio speakers not working. And you feel like a bit of a goose driving it. Economy wise its not too bad, but it uses more fuel than a hybrid Camry.

Is the Hyundai Getz reliable?

The Getz is a good, solid, and reliable car with no major flaws that should cause you any concern. The automatic transmission is a regular one, not a CVT.

Which Scooty has highest mileage?

And the top 10 mileage scooters are...Honda Dio. 109.51 cc. 48 kmpl. ... Yamaha Fascino 125. 125 cc. 50 kmpl. ... Hero Pleasure+ 110.9 cc. 50 kmpl. ... Yamaha Ray ZR 125. 125 cc. 50 kmpl. ... TVS Scooty Pep Plus. 87.8 cc. 50 kmpl. ... Suzuki Access 125. 124 cc. 50 kmpl. ... TVS Jupiter. 109.7 cc. 50 kmpl. 7.37 bhp. ... Honda Activa 6G. 109.51 cc. 50 kmpl. 7.68 bhp.More items...

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Is Hyundai Getz good?

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Is Hyundai Getz good?

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Is Hyundai Getz good?

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