Question: How do you get food on my talking tom?

Choosing- Once you found the food type and item you want on the shelves, tap the item to put it in your shopping cart. Once you are finished, tap the X at the top right of the screen. Tap X again to exit the cart menu. The items are now in your inventory when you go to feed Tom.

How do you buy food on Talking Tom 2?

Click on the button with the fork and knife icon to access the kitchen. From here, just tap on or drag food items in order to feed Tom. If you are out of food, you can buy more from the store by tapping on the green plus sign.

How do you get talking Tom to work?

Open the Talking Tom Cat application. On iPhones, scroll left or right on the screens to find the application, and tap it to open it. On Android phones, open the application drawer on the phone, then scroll through the alphabetically sorted application list until Talking Tom Cat is on the screen. Tap it to open it.

How do you get free ads on my talking tom?

Tap the icon for the symbols on the screen. A message appears asking if youd like to upgrade Talking Tom Cat to add this new feature, as well as remove ads. Tap the OK button.

How do you get blue stars on Talking Tom 2?

You can get stars from your airplane trip. Tap the airplane icon and then drag Tom to his airplane to travel around the world.

How do I make my talking tom go to sleep faster?

Now, above the moon and stars is another icon, which is a light bulb. Additionally, there is a lamp on the bedside table on the right. Tap either the lamp or the light bulb icon. Tapping either one of these shuts off the light and sends Tom to sleep.

Is there a Talking Tom app without ads?

My Talking Tom 2 is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices. The game is rated E for Everyone on Android and 4+ on iOS. ... Users can play the game without being connected to the internet, which stops these ads from appearing.

How do you get more money on Talking Tom 2?

To get coins and stars in My Talking Tom 2, tap the red gift box in your patio. Watch an advert to spin the lucky wheel for free. You might get tokens coins or stars. You can also get free coins from envelopes.

How long does it take for Tom to sleep?

✦7 to 9 of the item. If the player accepts any of the offers, Tom fetches the items in a few seconds. When he comes back he grows tired and falls asleep for two hours.

How do you get money fast on Talking Tom?

2. Caring for Tom- You can earn coins by taking care of Tom. This is done by feeding him, taking him to the bathroom, petting him, and putting him to bed. When instructed, tap the icon Tom tells you to tap in order to earn coins.

How do you get money on Talking Tom friends?

Mini games are a great way to earn tokens and other surprises. You can access them by assigning a character to the TV in the living room, or by selecting the relevant prop and choosing the mini-game option. Minigames reward you with tokens and items, so the more you play, the more options will become available.

How do you make Tom fall asleep fast?

Now, above the moon and stars is another icon, which is a light bulb. Additionally, there is a lamp on the bedside table on the right. Tap either the lamp or the light bulb icon. Tapping either one of these shuts off the light and sends Tom to sleep.

How do you get coins on Talking Tom friends?

You can earn bus tokens by fulfilling the characters needs and wishes, playing mini-games, or improving their skills. You can also get them in the in-game shop, by exchanging coins for them. Why do I need coins in My Talking Tom Friends?

His hands also have a black marking, as well as striped on his tail. Personality Roy is a sneaky and manipulative character throughout all of his appearances. He seems like a rival, but he is trying to find out if Tom has any dark secret or not. Tom uses him as enemy in every game and episodes, but he tries to find that why Tom is angry at him. Roy knows that Tom's going to do any bad things to destroy the friendship, so he requested him to be his friend, but still, Tom gets jealous to him without any matter and Tom's friends starts to dislike this rude behaviour of Tom.

It turns out Roy came to town to have his moment to steal Tom's life and make the whole town hate him and his friends reject him.

Because of that, he starts living in while Tom is homeless on the street in the mentioned episode. He also has a murderous side as he was willing to kill Tom and all of the citizens in the launch party when his identity was reveal by infront of the citizens. History Apps Roy debuted in Talking Tom Gold Run, as a thief that would steal gold at the start of the game. The player's objective is to chase and subdue him. He wields a hammer and he has immense flexibility to climb onto trucks easily.

Roy appears commanding an army of raccoons to take over the world and in this game he kidnaps Tom's friends and takes them away. During Roy's house-warming party, Tom sneaks around his mansion and knocks over Roy's pig statue, opening a secret door. He finds blueprints of the museum, an antique crown and another secret door. How do you get food on my talking tom?, he decided not to investigate further.

Later, Tom infers that Roy intended to steal a ruby from the museum and catches Roy at the museum.

5 My Talking Tom Friends Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

He accuses Roy of burglary, and activates the security system. Roy explains to the town that he was sneaking into the museum. The town trusts Roy, and boos Tom for ruining Roy's good deed. Roy hosts an auction for a donut statue. Tom decides to shrink himself in Ben's submarine, enter Roy's body, and spy on him via his eyeball. However, the retinal scanner was too bright, and Tom hits a button that leaves the submarine lodged in Roy's brain.

Ben, Ginger and Hank shrink the taxi and enter Roy's body to rescue Tom. They find Tom, but the submarine How do you get food on my talking tom? stuck in the brain. So, Angela repeatedly hits Roy with a painting to shake Tom out. Later, once Tom was dislodged and rescued, Ginger stomps on Roy's brain, causing Roy to act wildly and uncontrollably. To escape Roy's nose, Tom pulls out one of Roy's nose hairs to cause him to sneeze.

Roy was a chaperone for the Dude Ranch field trip, How do you get food on my talking tom? to children. Later, Tom finds Roy and chases him into an abandoned mine, only to find that he was chasing nothing more than a mirage.

Roy was entered in a house-decorating contest for Halloween. When Tom's Pumpkin Monsters attack, he is chased into the storage room. When they escape the storage room, Roy escapes the garage through the back door, abandoning the friends. He achieves first place in the contest, but was attacked by Tom's Valentine's cards and cupid, and is chased away.

The friends, along with Bongo and McGillicuddy, interrogate Roy at his house. Roy claims he witnessed Hank flying, and directs them to the electronics store. Roy saves Tom during a How do you get food on my talking tom? accident. They crash into the forest. Roy is confident that he'll be praised once again for saving someone, leading Tom to spend the majority of the episode putting Roy in danger to save him. At one point, Tom sabotages a suspension bridge Roy was on, only to fall in the process.

They both fight over who'll be the rescuer, until Ginger ends up rescuing both of them. Tom made a fake online personality to try and find Roy's secrets. Roy comes to the garage to tell the gang that was missing. After realizing that Tom faked being Billy, he decides to settle the discord between them once and for all.

Tom says that Roy hacks the Helping Hand bots to attack citizens and steal their belongings. He joins the friends to investigate the hacking in the forest. After finding incriminating evidence suggesting Tom hacked the bots, Roy and the friends leave Tom in the forest. Later, when a disguised Tom visits the garage to clear his name, Roy admits to Tom that he did hack the bots, before shoving Tom in front of an angry mob.

He holds a launch party in his house for Ben's new invention, virtual reality sunglasses.

How do you get food on my talking tom?

An alliance of Tom's worst enemies help Tom break into Roy's house and expose Roy's secret room. After Tom infiltrates the secret room, Roy's identity was fully expose to the public, he then escape by using and then he press a button which causes the Mansion to self-destruct and fly away using.

How do you get food on my talking tom?

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