Question: Why is Gene Simmons so rich?

But more than his career as the bands bassist, Simmons made the majority of his wealth through licensing deals. They included Kiss-related logos, icons and other intellectual properties that have been licensed by more than 5,000 different products, such as lunch boxes, comic books and pinball machines.

How does Gene Simmons have so much money?

KISS has sold more than 100 million records, but it is Simmons clever business savvy that led him to a net worth of $400 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

How much money does Gene Simmons make a year?

Gene has claimed that Kiss grosses over $100 million per year from touring, merchandise and licensing deals....Gene Simmons Net Worth.Net Worth:$400 MillionProfession:Singer, Actor, Songwriter, Record producer, Entrepreneur, Musician, Television producer, Film Producer, Teacher, Guitarist4 more rows

What is the band Kiss worth?

Kiss Net Worth: Kiss is an American rock and roll band that has a net worth of $300 million. Kiss formed in New York City, New York in January 1973. The band is known for their face paint stage outfits, as well as their elaborate live performances.

Chering is caring It makes sense that one famously extravagant musical name would attract another, and for a time Simmons was involved with singer and actress Cher.

The two of them were in a relationship between 1978 and 1980, and even moved in together. Chering is caring A Christmas gift Simmons actually met Diana Ross while he was in a relationship with Cher.

Their relationship lasted for 3 years, in which they were apparently a very happy couple, with Simmons even helping Ross leave her record company and strike what was, at the time, the biggest recording contract in history.

Why is Gene Simmons so rich?

Simmons is said to have engaged in a brief dalliance with Devin Renee DeVasquez, around the year 2002. The rumor was sparked by pictures of the two getting very close to each other at different events. Close friends Model behavior Star Stowe was a playboy model who gained notoriety in the mid-1970s, before meeting Simmons and embarking on a relationship with him.

It would not last, however, as Simmons was beset by the inability to commit that plagued so many of his relationships, and after a few years they split up. The two of them were only together for a very brief period, going on a few dates before calling things off.

Acting out A seasoned traveler In the 1980s, Simmons would enter into a brief fling with Connie Hamzy, although it would be Why is Gene Simmons so rich? short-lived. Hamzy was well-known within the music scene as Why is Gene Simmons so rich? friend to several bands, having toured with numerous different artists.

A seasoned traveler Punk rock Simmons was briefly involved with a woman whose reputation was more than a match for his. Williams, lead singer of the Plasmatics, and it seemed like a perfect fit. The Plasmatics were known for outrageous live shows which involved pyrotechnics and the destruction of instruments.

Williams was particularly known for being a daring and theatrical performer, gaining a reputation as the most dynamic and wild performer of the day. During the early 90s, Simmons and Johansen dated for a very short period, while she was working as a model and editor of several magazines.

Eventually, Johansen left modeling to focus on magazine work, and also set up two of her own salons. As well as Simmons, Johanson revealed that she had been involved in a relationship with Charlie Sheen in the early 90s.

Classic interview: KISS' Gene Simmons

Strictly business A brief encounter Jessica Hahn, a model turned actress, revealed that she had been involved with Simmons for a short time in the 1980s. Hahn revealed that the relationship was brief-lived and not particularly memorable, as both she and Simmons were involved with numerous people throughout that period.

A brief encounter Truth and Liza Proving that he really was a savvy businessman, Simmons served for a time as the manager of singer and actress Liza Minnelli, helping her change her musical style to fit with the times.

Regardless of their personal relationship, Simmons must have been excited to work with the Academy award winner and Broadway legend. Truth and Liza Indiscretion Continuing his proclivity towards relationships with models, Simmons was at one point involved with model and energy drink spokeswoman Traci Anna Koval. The relationship between the two was brief, and according to Simmons meant very little.

It did, however, cause personal problems for Simmons when news of their involvement surfaced in 2008.

Why is Gene Simmons so rich?

The relationship had taken place around 2003, while Simmons was in a relationship with Shannon Lee Tweed.

This was a blow to Shannon, and left her relationship with Simmons on the rocks. Simmons Why is Gene Simmons so rich? Georgeann Walsh Ward had dated during the 1970s, and although they had split up, they held no hard feelings at the time.

She sued Simmons and the documentary makers for defamation, although the case was eventually settled out of court. Unhappy ex Large and in charge Bonnie Large was a model involved with Simmons during the 70s, although their relationship was as short-lived as one might expect from Simmons in that era. Large and in charge Wait for it At the start of his career, Simmons entered into a relationship with someone who would also end up going on to great fame.

It was at the very start of their career, and Simmons and Sagal ended up briefly going out after each one thought the other was cute. The actress met Simmons in 1983, and the two began a committed relationship. Simmons has described Shannon as something of an anchor for him, keeping him grounded and in the real world.

The women and shady affairs that destroyed Gene Simmons’ life

Despite some ups and downs in the relationship, the two remain happily married, and devoted to each other. Why is Gene Simmons so rich? band was started in 1972 by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. However, their first three Why is Gene Simmons so rich?

failed to sell very well at all, almost costing them their record deal. Their fortunes would change when they released a live album, finally able to bring the energy that was present at the live performances to an album setting. It was at this point that they shifted musical direction dramatically, adopting a much more dramatic sound to go hand-in-hand with their somewhat cartoony image.

Soon, they were household names, embarking on highly successful tours and even appearing on numerous items of merchandise. The relationship between the band was steadily eroding, eventually leading to the departure of drummer Peter Criss, and after that of guitarist Ace Frehley.

Within the last few years the band had also made some questionable decisions, such as releasing four solo albums at once to drum up sales, only for the albums to largely flop. Sales were starting to flag, and the band needed fresh momentum desperately.

Flagging success A resurgence In 1983, the band decided that it was time to ditch the outlandish makeup and costumes that had gained them notoriety in the first place. They felt that they had become too cartoonish, as evidenced by the presence of children at some of their concerts.

Touring regularly, the also released two albums after an 11 year gap between releases. Simmons was the creative driving force behind the band, crafting their image and their philosophy of a flashy and eye-catching performance above all else. He was also the most famous member of the band, which caused problems when he began pursuing opportunities outside of their work.

His lessened involvement was in part responsible for the slump they experienced for part of the 1980s. The driving force Difficult relationships One aspect of his life Simmons has always been very open about is his struggle with fidelity. Over the years, he has claimed to have been involved with numerous women, often while in other relationships, especially his long-term relationship with Shannon Tweed.

Their relationship has been threatened numerous times by the affairs that Simmons has had with other women, a fact he has claimed to deeply regret, given his love for Tweed. Simmons has Why is Gene Simmons so rich? that he is now entirely faithful to Tweed, having left his old behavior behind.

Difficult relationships Schlock and roll Simmons is also very well-known for his strongly-held opinions, especially regarding the state of music.

Why is Gene Simmons so rich?

He feels that Rock music has been on a steady decline in recent years, and that truly great rock music is no longer produced. He accused young, tech-savvy people of having contributed to the decline of rock, arguing that their desire to not pay for music has done it irreparable damage. While some agreed, others argued that it was ironic for Simmons to comment on the decline of great musical art, given his self-professed obsession with image and nothing else.

Schlock and roll Family man Despite the problems Simmons has had with fidelity over the years, he has not been entirely unsuccessful in building a family.

His relationship with Shannon Tweed is, he claims, stronger than ever now that he is entirely faithful to her, and they certainly seem to be going strong, after 36 years together.

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