Question: What is CDFF dating site?


CDFF is the worlds largest 100% Free Christian dating app for Christian singles. CDFF is the preferred Christian singles dating service because you can view matches AND communicate with them for FREE (unlike the paid Christian dating apps). ... Thousands of Christians have found their soulmate on CDFF.

Their goal is to match Christian singles around the globe so, naturally, faith governs much of what they do. Personal information is heavily guarded and extra precautions are taken to protect users against profanity and other inappropriate material. Users are encouraged to report any instances of indecency. Objectionable content will be reviewed and responded to within a 24-hour period. Free users can create a profile, upload pictures, search members, send winks and view matches. Free members can even receive, send, and reply to messages.

Those who find the advertisements objectionable can pay for an ad free experience. Compared to the paid memberships of most online dating sites, the cost is extremely low. All users, paid or free, are also invited to donate via Paypal to support the site's operations if they have a good experience. You can communicate via wink, chat, or mail messages, keep a favorites list, and see who viewed your profile. The basic search covers the must-haves, allowing you to filter by gender, age, looking for, and location.

The advanced search allows you to dig deeper, filtering by details like marital status, lifestyle habits, appearance, and religious affiliation. Religion is heavily present in the chat forum, where you'll find a message board that mixes secular topics with discussions of Christianity. The company has profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

The apps maintain the practical, essentials-only structure of the website. The design is stripped down to the fundamentals and ads are present, but all the functionality is available. Mobile users What is CDFF dating site? view matches, conduct searches, send and read messages, and more. If it's available on the desktop site, it's available in the mobile app. Mobile users can also update their profile and change their account settings.

The apps are available from iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Christian Dating for Free could be an ideal starting point for religious singles who are just beginning to explore online dating. The atmosphere is friendly, the site is simple to use, and with free memberships available, there's no risk to trying it out.

Positives of Christian Dating For Free These are the best parts of Christian Dating For Free. The free dating account is cluttered with advertisements.

Still, you can find Christian singles if you look hard enough. We give Christian Dating For Free, What is CDFF dating site? 2. Please check for most recent pricing. Additional information on this dating service can be found in our topic for.

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What is CDFF dating site?

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What is CDFF dating site?

We may receive advertising compensation from the sites listed on this page if you click a link and buy a product or service. I do not know if some one have same issue and suspicion, but here is my opinion: the website split free customers by moderators, messages being processed with delay and moderators seemed faking actual activity on your profile.

My messages to people who contacting me being open in a few days, no answers right the way only 2-3 days later. Answers is build same way; short, poor vocabulary, primitive. That is why I am suspecting that it is the same moderator and only target is do not scare me a way, but keep me interested and switch to paying. With all being said I am totally agree with others who evaluate the service as scam. Please read reviews where customers sharing what happening when you give them cc number.

However, a guy harassed me in my private message box, I blocked him and then he harassed me in the live chat. I reported him, several times and they did nothing. I sent them a personal email and they made excuses. They claim to have rules about harassment and other things, but when people are actually breaking those rules and then are reported for breaking those rules the rules are not enforced.

They charged my credit card the first time and I had 6 months elevated membership no problem. After 6 months they charged my credit card again - but didn't elevate my profile What is CDFF dating site? I have the normal free profile without the advanced features. I've emailed them again and again but What is CDFF dating site? haven't responded. When it expired they automatically charged it on my card to renew it.

As i found it out there is somewhere hidden in the settings to opt out if you don't want to automatically renewed. I contacted them via email and messenger, because i really don't want it to be renewed, as it makes absolutely no difference, not even delivering on the promised things, i still saw ads when i viewed the page from my phone in the browser on my laptop i don't see ads anyway, my adblocker do a great job.

So i contacted What is CDFF dating site?, and they deactivated my elevated status within a few hours, but they don't want to send the money back. They not even bothered to answer my first email, only the second one what i sent a week later. Can you please provide us a screenshot of your Elevate subscription receipt so that we can correct the status of your account? And I also got messages from people whom I suspect as potential scammer.

The quality seems higher but really, it's just a tool for starting a conversation. They have many period through the year when they offer deals, so wait for those. I think one's own personal characteristics are going to be more important for actually finding someone than the website format.

What is CDFF dating site?

I have a paid membership because the free site is limited on how many people you can see. I have a paid site but yet for What is CDFF dating site? it as if I have the free site. The site keep saying I have messages but then I look and find no messages. It is almost always the same 5 or 6 people who they match me with and recently when I do a search it shows no What is CDFF dating site?

or no match when before there were too many to What is CDFF dating site?. I have contacted then 3 times with no result. Previously I called them but cannot find a number for them. Sometimes when I update my profile it disappears as What is CDFF dating site? review it and does not appear until I called but now I cannot find the number and they refuse to answer emails.

Thank God my profile did not disappear this time. I like the simplicity of the site but wonder if they are still up and running.

Black Christian Dating for Free

It is a horrible feeling to pay for something and cannot get the service I am paying for. After a couple of complaints to admin i still have no access to my elevated status. Also, i have concerns that people are still able to contact me withour meeting my criteria. One person who used What is CDFF dating site? bad language had managed to come back into the site using the same user name. Anyway, if we're all having a similar problem and have told them with no chance.

Which is what i intend to do.

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