Question: Why are my messages not going through on Tinder?


Delete and reinstall the app. Not only will this put you on the latest version of Tinder, itll also refresh your app experience, which should get things running smoothly again! Once youre back in the app, try resending your message. iOS: Tap the red exclamation mark next to the failed message.

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Why are my messages not going through on Tinder?

There are cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 6,111 times. While you may feel like all hope is lost, there are a few ways to get back on the app. Unfortunately, Tinder tends to be pretty strict when it comes to bans. Yes, and this is the only official way to get unbanned.

They may unban your account.

Why are my messages not going through on Tinder?

Can you take a look and please unban me? Can you review my activity to see what the problem is?

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If you get a friendly reviewer to check it out, they may unban you. Uninstall the app and disconnect any paired social media accounts. Start by uninstalling the app on your phone. If your Facebook or Insta account are linked to Tinder, remove their permissions in the relevant social media sites by logging on and going into the security settings.

Sign up for a new account using a new phone number and email. The easiest way to do this is towhich is free. If you have more than one cell phone, you could use your second phone number. Sign up for a new Tinder account using a different email address. X Research source Create new profile content using fresh photos and an original bio. Do not reuse anything from your old Tinder Why are my messages not going through on Tinder?, since it appears that Tinder uses reverse image searches and scans for ban evasion regularly.

Fill out your new profile using fresh photos and a new bio. Then, you can start swiping. Tinder only bans users for violating their guidelines.

Always use incognito mode or a new device and stay off of your Wi-Fi. Tinder seems very adept at spotting banned users, so you may need to repeat this process again at some point. Try Bumble, Hinge, or Grindr if you keep getting banned.

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