Question: What is a DDF in dating?

DDF is an acronym, used on dating websites or personal ads, that stands for drug disease free or drug and disease free.

What does m4a mean sexually?

M4r denotes your gender and preference. This is from

What is O4O?

Older People for Older People (or O4O) was a project aimed to provide a greater degree of independence to the elderly whom were located in non-urban areas.

Whats ASL stand for?

Slang / Jargon (6) Acronym. Definition. ASL. American Sign Language.

What does HPW mean in texting?

HPWHours Per Week Miscellaneous » Unit MeasuresRate it:HPWHigh Ping Whiner Miscellaneous » FunniesRate it:HPWHealthy Pregnant Women Medical » Pregnancy & ParentingRate it:HPWHoward Perry and Walston Miscellaneous » UnclassifiedRate it:HPWHigh performance wall Miscellaneous » UnclassifiedRate it:20 more rows

What does SD mean on dating sites?

Well, the SD/SB meaning and acronym stands for Sugar Daddy (SD) and Sugar Baby (SB), but the affair is so much more than a title. RELATED: How To Get Your Very Own Sugar Daddy (As Written By A FIRST CLASS Sugar Baby) There is more to Sugar Daddies and Babies then a name.

What does SB mean in dating?

Sugaring, in case youre new to the concept, is a type of relationship/lifestyle in which a Sugar Baby (SB) provides companionship in exchange for being pampered, while a Sugar Daddy (SD) pampers Sugar Babies in return for companionship. Pampering is obviously a broad term, and can include explicitly negotiated ...

What is a female spinner?

Heres a definition I found in a dictionary of Kiwi slang : spinner: usually used to describe a female who is a little flakey/stupid (an air-head), as in shes a real spinner!.

What is an S D relationship?

A SD/SB relationship is certainly when a couple from reverse sex currently have a sexual relationship. For those of you exactly who are sugar relationship unaware of the term, SD is short for single gender relationships. However , SD/SB stands for same-sex relationships.

What is the full form of ASL in English?

The full form of ASL is Assessment of Listening and Speaking and is a subject introduced in the schools falling under the ambit of CBSE. Added in the curriculum of Class IX and Class XI grades, it evaluates the students listening, speaking, and communication skills in English.

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What is a DDF in dating?

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What is a DDF in dating?

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