Question: How best secret works?


Best Secrets works as a closed shopping community. This means that the offers are only available to registered members and these members have access to a selection of permanently reduced designer merchandise.

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In order to maintain How best secret works? pricing policy and yet protect the exclusivity of the brands, access to the online store is limited to 250,000 members. A prospective user must be recommended by an existing member to gain access. In addition, Best Secret GmbH acquired the Swiss online fashion retailer FashionFriends on April 1, 2016. The remaining shares remained family-owned by Daniel Schustermann, Emil Schustermann, Benno Borenstein and Daniel Borenstein, who continue to run the operating business.

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The enterprise value lay approximately between 700 and 750 million euro. The size of the facility is 28,800 square meters and has a capacity of up to 4 million pieces of clothing. In 2016, there was one incident in which nine employees were injured and another 51 had to seek medical treatment. The cause was based on two containers from China, which were provided with means that should avoid the import of.

Employees complained of airborne that caused irritation to the eyes and respiratory tract.

How best secret works?

The product in question has been returned. The warehouse was put back into service the following day. Daniel Schustermann promised to introduce stricter security measures in the future to protect employees.

How best secret works?

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