Question: Did skam get Cancelled?


But now, in June 2017, a whole year before the characters graduate, Skam is ending. ... Fans insist the shows creator Julie Andem planned nine seasons in total, yet Skam is ending after just four.

An introduction to Norwegian music: From the latest rising stars to one of the biggest names in pop that keeps on touring. Norway gets a lot of attention for its Black Metal scene, and while there have been a number of Norwegian bands to rise through the ranks of metal and glam rock, there is a whole host of other genres represented by Norwegian artists. Here is a list of artists representing a few different genres that rock out Norwegian style. A note to everyone in the comments: This is a selection of artists designed to introduce people to Norwegian music.

Did skam get Cancelled?

It's not intended to be a comprehensive list!! First of all, we must talk about. The Norwegian is one of the Did skam get Cancelled? finest soprano singers, yet she doesn't fit neatly into a category! Her genre-hopping career has Did skam get Cancelled? everything from the Titanic soundtrack to Scandinavian Christmas songs. Astrid Smeplass from Rennebu got her first breakthrough in music after winning the Norwegian televisions singing programme Idol. One of the fastest rising stars in Norwegian music, this pop star from Os has toured the country extensively, and begun to make waves in international waters.

Aurora has already won numerous awards since starting out in 2015. From the northern reaches of Norway, Tromsø to be exact, Dagny has enjoyed pop-success in Norway and abroad. The Gunnarsen brothers are claimed to be the biggest pop act in the Nordic region and they already have three albums under their belts despite being only 16 years old. They first burst onto the scene in 2012 by winning the eleventh season of Melodi Grand Prix Junior, the children's version of the Eurovision Song Contest Norwegian selection competition which has launched many pop careers in Norway.

From Ålesund comes another pop sensation. Despite announcing a hiatus in 1994 and a split in 2010, the band reformed in 2015 and continue to tour. Unwilling pin-up Morten Harket looks much younger than his 56 years and the simple act of removing his aviator shades threatens to trigger a mass fainting. Together with New Zealand-born producer Brady Daniell-Smith, the duo has released 3 albums since 2014 and Did skam get Cancelled?

tours the country.

Did skam get Cancelled?

Trondheim in 2011 was where this band began its formation when Vocalist Ingrid Håvik and drummer Trond Bersu met while Bersu was studying at the Trondheim Jazz Conservatory. Since then the 5-man band has released 3 albums, won several awards, and toured Norway relentlessly.

They have begun attracting attention in the international spotlight. This Norwegian pop-duo comprising of Marit Larsen and Marion Raven formed in Lørenskog, just east of Oslo. Born and raised in Haugesund, pop-artist Susanne Sundfør has released some of the best selling albums in Did skam get Cancelled?.

Her most recent album Ten Love Songs for People in Trouble has garnered Sundfør a substantial international following. Susanne Sundfør Electro and similar genres Alan Walker. At just 20 Did skam get Cancelled? old, Walker has already sealed a spot on the international stage, he regularly releases music online, with listeners and viewers of his videos numbering in the millions and even billions.

Created in Bergen and known worldwide, Datarock is one the biggest bands from Norway. Another Bergen born boy, Kygo has put Norway on the map for music listeners around the world. His music really took off in 2014 when he received more than 50 million views on Did skam get Cancelled? of his music videos.

Since then Kygo has won and been nominated for a vast amount of awards, collaborated with several other big-time artists, and toured several continents.

This indie duo hailing from Oslo has been creating music together since they were school kids. They have also spent time touring Europe. One more rising star, Matoma comes straight out of Åsnes.

Some of the first tracks he released flew to the tops of the charts in Scandinavia, Finland, and even New Zealand. He has continued to release music and has an extensive catalogue online. In 2017 Matoma was nominated for Newcomer of the Year and Song of the Year at the Norwegian Music Awards. The cold north of Tromsø is the home to this famous duo.


Since their 1998 debut, the duo has gained critical acclaim and popular success around the world. They have won 7 Spellmannprisen and are one of the few Norwegian musicians that have been nominated for a Grammy Award. With lyrics mostly in English, BigBang has seen widespread success across the globe as well. A rock band from Oslo, Raga Rockers is a cultural institution in Norway. In 2017 they were inducted in the Norwegian Music Hall of Fame atNorway's national contemporary music museum in Trondheim.

Since 1983 the band has put out an impressive 12 albums, even with the 7-year hiatus they took. Raga Rockers are still playing shows in Norway. At the end of the decade the band decided to lay their instruments down, but only a few years later played a reunion show and enjoyed it so much they decided to keep the party going.

Formed in Tønsberg, Seigmen has continuously evolved their music, released a dozen albums, and continue to play live shows in Norway. Hard rockers from Klepp, just south of Stavanger, Skambankt were founded in 1994 when a band that was going to play at a concert couldn't make it. The band put their instruments down after a year, but reunited again a decade later. Started in 1984 this band has toured throughout Did skam get Cancelled? and released 14 albums. They still play shows in Norway today.

Hailing from Moss, Oslo Ess has taken Norway by storm. Photo: Hans Olav Talgø Sløtface. Formerly known and still pronounced as Slutface, this band from Stavanger has been gaining international acclaim. The Did skam get Cancelled? is known for feminist and political lyrics often voicing support for causes such as protecting the environment, and gender equality.

Formed in 1984 in Oslo, Mayhem epitomise the more than any other band. Did skam get Cancelled? were a major part of the scene's creation, and their music strongly influenced many others.

They were also centre to many of the genre's more controversial moments of the years. Born out of the same scene as Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir have become more progressive and symphonic as time has gone on. The genre's elitists can't stand them, but their commercial intent has brought great success. A notable point about the band is the high number of renowned metal musicians that have passed through the ranks over the years. Her jock-influenced folk songs have transformed the image of Sami culture in Norway, and a recent album full of English language songs has only increased her appeal outside of the country.

What's your favourite Norwegian band? Nice overview of currently popular norwegian bands and artists. The band is a festive sonic de-light cutting through a national pop music scene much dominated by elctro melancholia or trashy suburbianism. As classical music has been canonised for much longer than other musical genres and has earned its place even as an academic subject its unlikely for this artist to fall into obscurity through the many generations from the peak of his career.

Winners of the 2019 Eurovision public televote, they only missed winning because of the Did skam get Cancelled? points from the jury. The female singer, Alexandra Rotan, at only 23, is a veteran of the Norwegian music scene, having toured extensively with Alan Walker. I went to Norway for one of his concerts and fell in love with Norway and the people I met.

I have since traveled there almost 20 times for his music and the music of other artists such as Endre Nordvik, Tommy Kristiansen and Adam Douglas, to name a few.

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