Question: What was on TV Christmas 1976?


BBC1: Teddy Edward – Bugs Bunny – Flash Gordon – Hans Christian Anderson – The All Star Record Breakers – Are Yo Being Served – Porridge – Kojak – Mastermind – Christmas Midnight Communion. BBC2: Mr Shepard and Mr Milne – A Night at the Opera – Princely Toys – Don Quixote – The Old Grey Whistle Test.

ITV 1976

As the kids grow and begin to lead their separate lives, Mama worries that this may be the last Christmas with everyone together. But when a severe snow and ice storm freezes the roads on Christmas Eve, not only is the house without power but the family is stranded at different locations all over the mountain, unable to communicate their whereabouts.

Jason Jon Walmsley in the church examining the damage of the downed tree.

What was on TV Christmas 1976?

At long last, the family together on Christmas day. Left: Ben Eric ScottCurt Tom BowerJohn-Boy Richard ThomasMary Ellen Judy Nortonand Grandpa Walton Will Geer.

Christmas TV History: Family Christmas (1976)

Left: Elizabeth Kami CotlerOlivia Michael LearnedJohn Ralph Waiteand Grandma Walton Ellen Corby. It seems everything that could go wrong with the family's plans has gone wrong--a popular theme in Christmas stories.

What was on TV Christmas 1976?

But this classic Christmas episode is one that stands out from the rest and remains a favorite among the series' fans. Yancy Tucker Robert Donner Another reason this episode stands out is because it includes many of the Waltons series favorite regular cast of characters including What was on TV Christmas 1976? Tucker Robert DonnerHarley Foster Hal WilliamsVerdie Foster Lynn HamiltonMaude Gormley Merie Earlethe local telephone switchboard operator Miss Fanny Tatum Sheila Allenand the Reverend Fordwick John Ritter.

Reverend Fordwick John Ritter At the Waltons reunion on Friday, Dec.

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