Question: Is Chigul married?

Chigul was first heard as a recording of the song Kilode sent by Omeruah to her friends but the sound was soon re-sent around Nigeria. Chigul has been married but this ended with no joint children. Omeruah has twelve characters but she is known as Chigul after her most well-known invention.

How old is Chigul?

45 years (May 14, 1976) Chioma Omeruah/Age

Where is Chioma Omeruah from?

Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria Chioma Omeruah/Place of birth

Confirming that she was indeed murdered by her husband, singer Frank Edward recalled one of the times he had a conference call with her Is Chigul married? how her husband was jealous of her success. According to him, a lot of people spoke to her to leave but she stayed, letting her husband always control which event she goes to minister in and also letting him collect all the money she makes.

Osinachi to his punching bag as he beats her at will. He made her ministry and life in general Hell for her. Also, a show organizer who invited her for a show in Lagos in Is Chigul married?

revealed his encounter with Peter Nwachukwu. According to the show promoter, her husband made her appearance at the show impossible that she Is Chigul married? to sneak out of the house to attend the event. This made show organizers to stop inviting her for shows. If it were then only confirms what I have been teaching all along. Leave a bad marriage, leave a bad marriage, they will say Daddy Freeze is the antichrist. If she had listened to me 3 years ago when I was shouting on every mountain and in every valley, she would be alive And well today.

Your family and friends will blame you for leaving and when you are dead, blame you for staying. You deserve to be happy!!! You deserve to be alive!! The God you serve cannot ordain your perpetual torture!!? Some spouses are demons in human form. I am still shaken by the news of her death! Yes she is a child of God but she should have exposed the man for the wife beater he is. If you die because you refuse to deny the Gospel, it is different.

God makes a way of escape for Christians yoked to unbelievers according to St Paul. Do not make this seem like the correct way to Is Chigul married?

Is Chigul married?

on her part. An insecure man is a child of the devil. See where it led them. What a wicked world we are leaving. No wonder the Bible says the heart of Is Chigul married? is desperately wicked. I feel like crying, my heart is weeping right now, since Is Chigul married? I hear the death of this great minister of God and the last message she dropped as a song.

Lord please behold the soul of your daughter and let her make it to Heaven in Jesus Is Chigul married?. Amen How can her husband be beating her Is Chigul married? she remained in the so called marriage? Are the children not there? Some men feel insecure when their wives are making more money than they are. Leave everything behind and run with your life. There are somethings you cannot Is Chigul married?. A word is enough for the wise.

I woman cant sing like this and not be able to hear the voice of God to know the will of God. She has pursued the will of God and has not allowed even death to dissuade her from turning to the left or to the right. Not even death, for we are counted as sheep for the slaughter. Even if God slay me yet will I remain in His will. Before we say the church failed her, God failed her, the pastor failed her, the community failed her etc, let us remember that God is sovereign and nothing takes him by surprise.

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She did not die for the gospel. She died because she was married to an abusive man Is Chigul married? refused to denounce him as the wife beater he is. Now she is dead, he most probably will die in prison and the children will be left without parents and totally traumatized by this evil. Beating is not suffering for the gospel. Accepting to be a victim of Is Chigul married?

repeated trauma is fear and fear is from the pit of hell. May Osinachi soul Rest In Peace. I wish she had left that marriage for her sake and the sake of her children. Any woman who has children and stays in an abusive marriage does Is Chigul married? truly love her children and is a bad mother.

Osinachi put her marriage first and now her children will suffer the most now that she is gone. This her husband will not only take control Is Chigul married? children but he will also beat and maltreat them and marry another woman.

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Women put your children first!!! I wish she had left her marriage for the sake of her children. Any woman who has children with an abusive husband and stays in that marriage does not truly love her children. Osinachi did not do right by her children.

She put her marriage first and forgot her children. Now that she is gone, her children will suffer the most. They will go through alot of pains growing up and her husband will beat and maltreat them and still marry another woman. Mothers please put the welfare of your children before marriage. Osinachi chose to stay and now her children will suffer the most.

If there is any thing to be learned, it is the fact that women should stop making excuses for abusive men, they will play the guilt trick on you and tell you how it is your stupidity that is bringing the punishment on you.

My heart bleeds in pain for this great loss to the body of Christ. To be honest, marriage is for betterforbest but the worst should not be from each other Is Chigul married? it is an institution ordained by God for benefits. But it was when Satan visited Eve and they eat Is Chigul married? fruit since then Satan had had the upper hand in the marriage. Therefore, a woman can protect her family before getting too late with prayers and patience, but in the situation where the two are not working, the danger is looming.

Once the marital issues have resulted in domestic violence, separation is inevitable which later turns into a divorce.

Is Chigul married?

The woman is no longer in a safe hand when she has been turned into a bouncing bag from the hands, whom God has created to be helping her and make her be safe Husband. Therefore, her pastor also needs to be questioned, may he or she had aware of domestic violence and the involvement The candid advice to Is Chigul married? singles is to pray fervently before choosing your life partners. To the married couples voice out for help if your marital issues have turned to domestic violence.

May God comfort her family including the children.

Is Chigul married?

Am still keen to know the church he pastors. Is he the pastor that asked her to remain in the marriage? Please I really want to know. As for that man of a husband, God will destroy him Hmm. It is very good for a woman to have self worth and understand the bible. Be thou not shackled with unbelievers. God hates divorce because of the resultant risk of infidelity not because someone must run to save her life. As for the husband, the reward for 1st degree murder should be handed down to him and a public example be made so that wife beaters.

He must not be set free. God will punish all evil doers who commit evil because they are married to children of God.

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