Question: What are 2 cells organelles?


Besides the nucleus, two other organelles — the mitochondrion and the chloroplast — play an especially important role in eukaryotic cells. These specialized structures are enclosed by double membranes, and they are believed to have originated back when all living things on Earth were single-celled organisms.

Several organelles are involved in making and processing proteins.

What Is an Organelle?

They carry different molecules to where they are needed. Other organelles have various functions.

What are 2 cells organelles?

The inner membrane has lots of folds that form compartments. These materials include water, food molecules, ions, and enzymes.

What are 2 cells organelles?

When filled with fluid, the central vacuole exerts pressure that can help support the plant. They are made of tiny tubes in a circle.

What are 2 cells organelles?

The centrosome is a small region of cytoplasm that organizes proteins into fibers that help cells divide. Plant cells have cell walls and chloroplasts. It surrounds the cell membrane. When joined with others, they can support a very large plant.

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