Question: When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze?

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Does Arnold Schwarzenegger play Mr. Freeze?

Victor Fries, commonly known as Mr. Freeze, is a fictional character who appears in Joel Schumachers 1997 superhero film Batman & Robin. Based upon the DC Comics character and supervillain of the same name, he was played by Austrian-American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What did Mr. Freeze do to Robin?

Freeze sent Bane to deal with Robin and Batgirl while he engaged in physical combat with Batman. When given the opportunity, Mr.

Which Batman has Mr. Freeze?

Batman & Robin Batman & Robin. Batman and Robin try to keep their relationship together even as they must stop Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from freezing Gotham City.

How much did Arnold get paid for Batman and Robin?

Freeze followed in the Batman franchise formula of casting a bigger name for the bad guy, and there were few movie stars bigger than Schwarzenegger at that time. Of course, the money involved is a big reason why he signed on. For gamely utterly so many bad Mr. Freeze puns, Arnie earned $25 million for Batman & Robin.

Is Robin Batmans son?

Robin as a sequel to Son of Batman, with Stuart Allan reprising his role. Damian Wayne appears in Batman: Bad Blood, a sequel to Son of Batman and Batman vs.

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August 2021 This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily style. This means that Hiro is able to alter the flow of time, teleport and time travel. In the show, he is played by Japanese-American actor. Thus, viewers were introduced to Hiro as an office worker in a. I started off by saying I When did Arnold play Mr.

Freeze? a guy who felt When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? in a life that was not his dream and what could be a power that would be most wish-fulfilling for that character? And that was the ability to teleport out of that life. AnHiro is an avid fan of superheroes and science fiction. Naïve and over-eager, Hiro is the one character that aspires to the pure heroism of When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? book crime fighters, shouldering the responsibility to use his powers for good. His best friend is the skeptical.

At the start, Hiro is only able to speak Japanese and a little English, relying on Ando as his translator; but as the series progresses, his English slowly develops.

Hiro's Blog, maintained by and written from Hiro's point of view, was updated after each new episode aired, usually about the events of the episode. It is later discovered that this same power made a train fourteen seconds late. Ecstatic at these accomplishments, Hiro confides in his friend, Ando, who is extremely skeptical of Hiro's new abilities. At Ando's suggestion, Hiro teleports himself into the women's bathroom When did Arnold play Mr.

Freeze? a local club, though Ando is not looking at the time. At this point, Hiro's power inadvertently activates, teleporting him to. Hiro appears extremely happy to have successfully used his ability. He attempts to pay in Japanese yen and runs off with the comic book.

Hiro then discovers that the story includes what has already happened between himself and Ando, and his discovery of his abilities. Hiro decides to find the artist and writer,by visiting his loft. Hiro visits Isaac's loft, discovering the artist's dead body, partially decapitated with the brain removed. Hiro is arrested by the police and during the interrogation discovers he has traveled not only through space, but through time as well.

It was October 2 when he left Tokyo, and he arrived in New York November 8. Just as Hiro discovers this, he witnesses a cataclysmic explosion. Before the blast reaches him, Hiro returns to the train he was on at the moment he left Tokyo, still holding the comic he picked up in the future.

After going to the future, Hiro decides that he must save the world by preventing the explosion. Hiro then persuades When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? that his powers are genuine by saving a young girl from an oncoming car as predicted by the comic book from the future. They take a plane to Los Angeles, but go the rest of the way by car, because that is what the comic book says they do.

Hiro and Ando then have several misadventures instarting when Ando decides to hit the casinos. Ando convinces Hiro to use his powers to cheat, stopping time to give Ando winning hands in poker games. The two make a lot of money but are later thrown out of the casino and then beaten up by a player they had cheated. After an argument, Hiro and Ando go their own separate ways.

Hiro ends up in a diner near Las Vegas where he sees land after escaping from and. After Nathan enters the diner, Hiro briefly talks with the man, and Nathan decides to give Hiro a ride back to the casino, where he and Ando are reunited.

However, the pair are detained further when the same player they cheated earlier forces them to play a poker game to make money to repay what they gained before. Ando and Hiro manage to escape shortly before the other players are slaughtered by. Hiro is crestfallen that he is unable to prevent their deaths but is comforted by Ando, who claims Hiro is still beginning his journey to become a true hero. Hiro exercises his power as a hero again when he and Ando run across and his son,at the scene of a burning car wreck with a passenger trapped inside.

Hiro complains about not having super strength when he is forced to drag the pair away from the When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze?. After he unfreezes time, he shows the future edition of 9th Wonders! Continuing their journey to New York, Hiro and Ando stop at a diner in Texas and meet a waitress namedwho recently developed powers of her own. Charlie is later found murdered in the diner's storeroom with her brain removed, just as Hiro had found Isaac's body in New York.

Not wanting to fail to save someone like he did in Las Vegas, Hiro goes back in time in an attempt to prevent her murder, promising Ando that he'll return in five seconds. Hiro's attempt to teleport to the day before Charlie's death goes awry, landing him six months in the past, on the day of Charlie's birthday.

Though he considers another time-travel attempt, the possibility of being eaten by a dinosaur dissuades him. Eventually, he asks her to come with him to Japan. As the date of their departure gets closer, Charlie reveals that she has a in her and will die no matter what. She says she was going to give up before Hiro came and that she has fallen in love with him.

Just as they are about to kiss, Hiro inadvertently teleports to Japan some time after he and Ando had left for the. Unable to return via his own powers, he is forced to make his way back to the diner through normal means. Ando, happy to see Hiro again, assumes Hiro used his powers not least because Hiro now appears in a photograph on the Diner's wall taken with Charlie six months previously and was successful, When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? Hiro explains that he failed and made his When did Arnold play Mr.

Freeze? back through. After this incident, Hiro's powers appear to weaken. The novel expands and changes the events of the history. Hiro's love story with Charlie is expanded, as is her own role in foretelling her demise.

They dated and fell in love during When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? months Hiro teleported back to, and eventually, he told her that her memory was a power like his own. He did convince her to go to Japan with him, and they ended up in the When did Arnold play Mr.

Freeze? bar where Hiro has first told Ando his mission was to save the cheerleader, and save the world. Charlie realized Hiro lied to her he had told her his mission was to save her life and went back to the U.

Hiro doesn't accept the claim, believing that he would have meant it as a conditional statement. While thinking about their next move, Hiro is called by Isaac Mendez, who arranges a meeting with them in Texas. Once they meet, Hiro shows Isaac the future 9th Wonders! At first, Isaac isn't convinced he can do so without drugs, but once he realizes that some of his rough sketches depict Hiro traveling back to save Charlie, he tries again.

Hiro recommends that Isaac concentrate, using the same face he makes when activating his own powers, and Isaac manages to activate his power successfully. Isaac's painting depicts Hiro brandishing a sword while encountering a carnivorousseemingly confirming Hiro's earlier fears. They find it in a glass case on the back of an ancient warrior. On the hilt of the sword is the that appears in various points throughout the series.

Hiro recalls a story his father told him of Kensei and how the sword was believed to have benefited him. He decides to steal the sword, believing it will help him control his powers.

While doing so, he brandishes it against a model dinosaur in the museum, mimicking the picture Isaac had drawn earlier. However, the museum's version of the sword is only a wooden made by the. He returns to Isaac's loft, where he meets. After introductions and brief discussions, Simone recommends Hiro go back to Las Vegas with the dinosaur painting and see Mr. Linderman, an avid of Isaac's paintings.

Hiro declines, even after being offered first class plane tickets back to Japan. The men state their boss won't be happy and bring the two to him. Hiro then realizes the men work for his father.

After Hiro's initial refusal, his father rips up Isaac's painting. Ando reminds him that his powers are declining and it might not be a bad idea. Hiro eventually convinces his father that his sister is a better candidate to take over the company.

When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze?

Nakamura then lets Hiro continue with the mission. Hiro and Ando get separated while trying to retrieve a bag for Hope. Hiro is locked in a closet by Hope, then later freed by a Gaming Commission agent, who is looking for her. Hiro defeats Hope by unexpectedly using his powers to reverse the bullet in time one second, sending it back into the gun, disarming Hope.

She and the agent are arrested, but since Hiro had his eyes closed, he doesn't realize he used his powers which haven't been working well lately. He leaves the Versa with Ando and boards a bus alone greeted by comic icon playing the bus driver. As Nathan Petrelli enters the casino to meet with Linderman, he uses his influence to help Hiro get inside. Hiro delivers the painting to Mr. Linderman's vault, where the vault curator accepts it.

While the curator is in another room, Hiro locates the sword and steals it, with the help of Ando, disguised as a security guard. Hiro teleports them both out of the building to escape the other security guards, but they find themselves on top of thein a post-apocalyptic New York five years after the explosion.

He and Ando enter Isaac's apartment, but find it netted with newspaper articles suspended on strings, each article relating to the explosion and even the heroes themselves. Just then, Hiro and Ando hear a sound, and Hiro takes out his sword to confront whoever it is, but is shocked when he comes face to face with his future self. The younger Hiro, in turn, reveals to his future self that the present-day Claire was rescued and Sylar got caught, but Sylar himself wasn't killed yet.

This gives Future Hiro hope, but before they can do anything about it, Matt Parkman and his Homeland Security team break into Isaac's loft and begin a raid.

Ando and Future Hiro manage to escape, but present-day Hiro is apprehended by Matt and the Haitian. Hiro is brutally interrogated by Matt, who doesn't believe he is telling the truth about time traveling. Mohinder Suresh is called in to investigate Isaac's loft, where he is convinced about Hiro's story, but fails to convince theNathan Petrelli who is, in fact, Sylar in disguise.

The President orders Mohinder to kill present-day Hiro, but Mohinder finds he can't bring himself to do it. In the meantime, Ando and Future Hiro When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? the aid of future Peter Petrelli and they break into the building Present Hiro is captured in. They defeat all the guards and with the aid of Mohinder, manage to rescue Hiro.

Unfortunately, before Hiro and Ando manage to travel back to their time, Future Hiro is shot by Matt Parkman, who is, in turn, stopped by Peter, who uses telekinesis to close the door on Parkman. Hiro is shocked to see his future self die, but when Ando confides he believes in Hiro now and shows him a copy of the 9th Wonders!

However, he does realize it will be the hard part of his destiny. Hiro and Ando return to Isaac's loft, hoping to fill in the gaps of the futuristic comic book. However, they arrive to find that Isaac has been killed by Sylar. When Hiro and Ando hear Sylar in the bathroom, they hide behind a painting.

Sylar hears their heartbeats and uncovers their hiding spot. However, Hiro teleports Ando and himself to safety before they are found. Hiro and Ando continue to follow Sylar and watch him meet with his mother, attempting to reconcile with her.

When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? Sylar's mother is accidentally killed, Hiro stops time and approaches Sylar, sword drawn. However, as he swings, time resumes and Sylar grabs Hiro's sword. Sylar begins to freeze the sword, and — as Hiro teleports to safety with Ando — it breaks in two.

Upon arriving, they encounter Hiro's father Kaito, who tells Hiro that he is worthy of the family destiny. He also trains Hiro to fight and kill with a sword. When Hiro is done training, he and Kaito discover that Ando, thinking that Kaito had convinced Hiro to return to Japan, bought a and has left to confront Sylar alone. Sylar uses the last of his strength to send fling Hiro toward a building, forcing Hiro to teleport to save himself.

In doing so, however, he sends himself three centuries into the past to Kyoto, Japan, circa 1671. Upon collecting himself, he finds himself caught in the middle of a battle between a small group of samurai about to attack a figure on the horizon, who appears to be Kensei himself. Before the battle begins, however, an eclipse shadows the scene. He then teleports who he believes to be away from the battle and into a small forest.

There, he learns that the man is a decoy, and that the real Kensei, an Englishman in samurai armor, had been hiding in a tree in order to snipe the enemy with a crossbow. After some conversation, Hiro realizes that, by interfering in the battle, he has changed the past, and Otsu is razed. Kensei reacts to this with general apathy. Scaring off the bandits using his powers, Hiro as Kensei wins the heart of Yaeko.

When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze?

Encountering the real Kensei afterwards, Hiro manages to convince him to help Yaeko rescue her father. However, as they are about to leave, the bandits return and fire arrows at Kensei, seemingly killing him. However, once the When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? are removed, Kensei regenerates in a fashion similar to. With Kensei's newly discovered power, Hiro realizes how he became the hero of legend.

The task convinces Kensei to take up his own mantle, and he likens Hiro to his conscience — except he pays attention to When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze?. Believing his task to be done, Hiro initially decides to return to his own time, but during the attempt, suddenly stops and returns to Kensei.

Hiro, determined to preserve the timeline, decides to remain in feudal Japan until Kensei defeats White Beard and saves Japan. They locate White Beard's army camp and Hiro helps Kensei rescue Yaeko's father. However, in a moment of weakness, Hiro gives into his own desires and confesses his love to Yaeko and they kiss, unaware that Kensei is watching them.

Hiro tries to apologize, but Kensei reverts to his old ways and knocks Hiro unconscious and turns him, Yaeko, and her father over to White Beard's soldiers. According to Hiro's note to Ando, this causes a currently unknown alteration to the timeline. Hiro is kept prisoner in White Beard's camp where they use opium to dull his senses, preventing him from using his powers. Yaeko manages to free herself from her shackles and removes the opium. Hiro is able to focus just enough to teleport them to safety.

Later, Hiro returns to White Beard's camp to destroy the guns. Before he can set the gunpowder cache on fire, Kensei confronts him and the two engage in a sword fight. Hiro tries to persuade Kensei to join him to stop White Beard, but Kensei refuses, and vows to Hiro that as long as he lives, he will destroy everything he holds dear.

Hiro teleports out right before the guns explode. He meets Yaeko under the cherry blossoms one last time, and tells her the final tale in the legend of Kensei, where he is forced to cut his heart out. Yaeko vows that as long as she has a breath in her body, she will tell his story as the story of Takezo Kensei. They share a final kiss, and Hiro teleports out, leaving Yaeko alone under the cherry blossoms.

Hiro then teleports back to the present day, effectively fulfilling the final task by leaving Yaeko behind, and he learns from Ando that his father has been killed. Hiro accepts this advice, but uses the opportunity to learn that Kensei was the one responsible for murdering his father. He travels back in time to 1977 and learns that Adam was imprisoned by his father after he almost releases a virus that could kill everything.

He learns that the virus will be kept in the Primatech facility in Odessa, Texas. Determined to avenge his father's murder, he teleports to the facility with his sword and stops time. Hiro declares his intentions to Peter, When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? Peter refuses to let Hiro harm Adam. Peter's hand crackles with electricity as Hiro lets out a battle cry and charges with his sword drawn.

Later, he is reunited with andwho are there to stop Peter and Adam from getting the virus. When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? teleports into the vault and confronts Adam for the first time since the tent in White Beard's camp. Hiro tells Adam he should not have let Adam live long ago, then grabs Adam and teleports him away.

Hiro later reveals to Ando that Adam will not hurt anyone ever again. The scene cuts to Adam, locked in a casket, buried alive in a Japanese cemetery. His family's lawyer gives him a tape his father recorded, telling Hiro that in the office safe is one half of a formula that could destroy the world if it fell into the wrong hands. Out of curiosity, he opens the safe and the envelope containing the formula, which is then stolen by a speeding superhuman named.

Her super speed negates his ability to freeze time, and she escapes by knocking him unconscious. Hiro travels to the future to validate his father's claim, where he sees Tokyo destroyed by some undefined cataclysm.

He also witnesses his When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? self being killed by Ando, who now possesses some sort of electricity-based power later found to be power amplification. This When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? Hiro distrustful of Ando. To stop this future, Hiro and Ando follow Daphne to her home in France. However, Hiro is unable to capture her as she threatens to kill Ando. Using a tracking device, they follow Daphne to Berlin, Germany, where the other half of the formula is.

The When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? is holding it, so Hiro and Ando knock him unconscious to steal it, only to have Daphne speed in and steal it first. The Haitian awakens and captures them before they can pursue her. Hiro and Ando are locked in Level 2 of the company, where they resolve their differences over Ando killing Hiro in the future. They are released by Angela Petrelli, who scolds Hiro for losing both halves of the formula.

Ando supports Hiro and declares they will get the formula back. To accomplish this, Hiro and Ando dig up Adam Monroe. Adam leads Hiro to a bar under the impression that they can find information there, but it is just a ruse for Adam to escape. He tricks the bartender into knocking Hiro out, then flees. When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze?, they decide to drink at a bar where they meet Daphne and Knox, who captured Adam.

Knox says that he will let Hiro join them if he kills Ando, considering Ando, a normal human, useless to their causes. Hiro uses his powers to travel back in time, retrieving a packet of fake blood and a retractable sword to make it look as if he really killed Ando.

This convinces Daphne and Knox. Daphne sends Hiro to Africa to find a precognitive painter named Usutu. After two failed attempts to catch the painter using his powers, Hiro decides to use conventional methods, which Usutu had been waiting for him to do, as he had been When did Arnold play Mr.

Freeze? reliant on his ability. He then shows Hiro a montage of those Hiro has to fight; namely and his newly assembled team of. Hiro and Ando are given food from Usutu to induce a spirit walk, which causes Hiro to witness Arthur Petrelli's past, among other things.

Arthur discovers this and teleports to Africa, killing Usutu and wiping Hiro's mind, leaving him under the impression that he is only ten years old. Ando barely manages to get the mind-wiped Hiro to teleport them to safety. With Hiro's memory gone, Ando is forced to reacquaint Hiro with his powers. After a series of tests mixed with some of Hiro's childish pranks in a Tokyo bowling alley, the duo teleport to Sam's Comics, which Hiro claims is the source of all knowledge.

Ando finds yet another prophetic issue of 9th Wonders! The comic directs the duo to Matt Parkman, who can presumably restore Hiro's memory. Matt, however, cannot even understand Hiro, much less fix him, and instead enlists Hiro's help in finding Daphne, which the comic also depicts. When the eclipse causes both Hiro and Matt to lose their powers, Matt loses faith in his ability to help Daphne.

In his own childish way, Hiro successfully convinces Matt to save Daphne. While Matt goes to Daphne, Hiro and Ando track down the nearest Sam's Comics to find the new issue of 9th Wonders!. The proprietors are surprised when the issue depicts Hiro and Ando asking for it.

Wanting to read up on his life, Hiro uses his credit card to purchase all the back issues of the 9th Wonders! The shop owner talks him around and Hiro leaves the restroom.

The other employee points out a panel in the first issue showing present-day Hiro and Claire Bennet looking through the glasshouse at handing baby Claire over to Noah. Copying the comic, Hiro tracks down Claire, saving the Bennets in the process by teleporting Sylar and Elle to a beach, and takes Claire back to the moment the comic depicts. Hiro reveals himself to his mother, and she heals his memory.

He convinces her to give him the catalyst, pledging to protect it. However, Arthur Petrelli appears, stealing his ability and the catalyst. He throws Hiro off the roof and returns to the present after sending Claire back to the future.

Hiro manages to climb up back to the balcony, he then seeks the help of his younger self to obtain the formula from his father. They're both caught in the act by his father who sends young Hiro to bed and then attacks present day Hiro believing he's just a thief. Hiro tears the formula in half just as his father strikes, accounting for it being torn in half in the present.

He is rescued by Daphne and Ando, the latter having gained the power to supercharge the abilities of others; with Ando's help, Daphne can essentially run through time. Once in the present, Hiro and Daphne travel back to the Pinehearst Company to recover the formula. Tracy is about to leave with the formula, so Hiro apologizes to her in advance before punching her in the face and grabbing the formula.

Daphne takes him back to their friends and he destroys the formula once and for all. He bought an abandoned fire station from the city as their headquarters. After Hiro denies this, Ando leaves frustrated.

Later When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? talking to Ando on the phone, Hiro is captured by Nathan's agents. Then Hiro is awakened by Claire on a plane with other captured people with abilities. Due to a battle with Peter and the soldiers on it, the plane crashes with everyone inside.

Batman's History With Mr. Freeze Explained

Hiro survives and runs for his life together with Mohinder Suresh and Matt Parkman. Meanwhile, Ando is getting worried and tries to get to Arkansas, where the plane crashed. He is visited by Daphne who worries about the kidnapped Matt and runs When did Arnold play Mr.

Freeze? Arkansas together with Ando. They are quickly reunited but Daphne gets shot by Hunter's agents. Hiro, Ando, Matt and Mohinder escape again from the soldiers and are also reunited with Peter Petrelli.

Hiro gets handed some drawings of Matt which reveal that he and Ando are to go to India. On the dawning stand Hiro, an unknown blond girl and a man.

Hiro believes he must find a sword there so he can regain his lost powers. Ando convinces the bride to stop the wedding which upsets Hiro because he is no longer the hero on a quest.

While on the bride's coffee house, Ando gets kidnapped by the groom and will kill him if the wedding is not celebrated. During the wedding Hiro stops it and defends the bride with a knife thus fulfilling Matt's painting as he realizes that he doesn't need powers to be a hero.

The wedding is off and while he and Ando are reunited in the coffee house they receive a message from Rebel, telling them that they must save Matt Parkman. When armed men break into baby Matt's house, Hiro discovers that the baby also is able to restart his powers, at least in part. After the baby touched Hiro, he is able to once again manipulate time, though he is still unable to bend space and teleport.

After freezing time, Hiro takes baby Matt and the frozen Ando, whom he puts in a wheelbarrow, and walks twelve miles to a bus station. They finally manage to track down Matt Sr. Hiro freezes time just as Danko fires his gun at Matt and drags Matt out of the apartment.

Hiro then unites Matt with the son he didn't know he had, giving Matt a reason to live again. Once in motion, Hiro manages to awake Ando so he can be ready for action, but when he unfreezes time, an agent realizes Hiro is not one of them, and Ando shoots a big blast of red lightning, affecting everyone and saving Hiro.

He stops time and he and Ando infiltrate Building 26 to free the trapped prisoners. They find and free Danko and Noah and find the drugged evolved humans, but Hiro's ear starts bleeding and he clearly hides the fact that he is in pain. The two free them and replace them with all of the members of the Building 26 unit and Hiro then unfreezes time and he and Ando showed the freed prisoners the way out.

Mohinder checks Hiro out and determines that Hiro's body is rejecting his powers and he can't risk freezing time anymore. Hiro freezes time again to save Noah Bennet from being tranquilized by Danko and tranquilizes Danko, but faints afterwards and is apparently taken to a hospital.

Later an apparently fully recovered Though still suffering from headaches Hiro and Ando witness the burning of Sylar's really James Martin body and Hiro tells Ando it is time for them to return home to Tokyo.

Hiro reveals what he has; he's dying of a terminal illness, news that shocks Ando. The two have started a Dial A Hero business as they want to be real heroes. Hiro's sister, is unhappy and insists they pay rent if they're going to continue to operate out of the Yamagato conference room. They get their first call from a little girl that wants them to save her cat Muffin Man, and as neither of their powers are useful in the situation Hiro still only being able to stop time Hiro has Ando climb up and save the cat.

Ando falls but Hiro stops time and saves him, however, when he restarts time, as a side effect of his condition, Hiro is briefly frozen in time himself while the world continues on around him. Ando takes Hiro back to Yamagato and Hiro finally unfreezes and the two discuss a carnival they attended 14 years before; Hiro got his fortune told by a fortune teller, causing him to start on his path to being a hero and Ando accidentally spills a drink on Kimiko, causing her to hate him while he's in love with her.

While in reflection about this, Hiro's time travel ability suddenly re-manifests and he teleports to the carnival 14 years in the past. While debating with himself if he should or shouldn't stop his past-self from getting his fortune told, he runs into the of his own time.

Samuel shows him that he has powers too and tries to convince Hiro to make small changes to the past to fix small mistakes. He pushes Hiro in the way of the falling Slushy which was Past Hiro's fault and it spills all over him instead of Kimiko. Hiro suddenly teleports back to When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? present and finds a slight change; as a result of him getting hit with the Slushy instead of Kimiko, Kimiko never grew to hate Ando and the two fell in love at the carnival. As a result of this, Hiro decides his new mission is to change past mistakes even though he doesn't have full control over his time travel power yet.

Ando, learning of this, reminds Hiro that Hiro is dying and may not be alive for the wedding which is over a year away and pushes him to tell Kimiko the truth about his illness. Hiro gets a call from a former Yamagato accountant named Tadashi on the Dial a Hero line and learns the man is about to jump off the roof and commit suicide.

On the roof, Tadashi explains why he's about to kill himself and although Hiro offers to fix things, Tadashi commits suicide. Hiro time travels to the past and apparently fixes things, but Tadashi jumps again having made the same mistake at another time. After 47 tries, Hiro visits Tadashi on the roof one last time and simply talks to him this time.

He realizes Tadashi hated his job and purposely got himself fired and tells him to use the opportunity to find a job he likes. Hiro tells Tadashi to cherish the life he has and admits to him his own terminal illness and says not to keep his unhappiness a secret from his family. Promising to always be Tadashi's friend, Hiro successfully talks him off the roof and prevents him from jumping. After leaving the roof, Hiro decides to take his own advice and tells Kimiko the truth about his illness.

Kimiko starts crying and embraces him, when one of his headaches hits and he seemingly freezes in time for a moment. Hiro unfreezes and suddenly teleports away to 's apartment, where he collapses.

While Peter tracks down healer in order to save his life, Hiro helps to come to terms with her own ability. Following this he is reminded ofand resolves to try and save her again. He later teleports three years back in time to the Burnt Toast Diner, seeing Charlie through the window. He first steals some clothes as he teleported to Midland in just his hospital gown. He encounters a young boy and tells him about his love for Charlie and the Brain Man Sylar.

The two encounter Sylar outside the diner and inside, Hiro witnesses Sylar interact with Charlie, detecting her blood clot and claiming he can fix it. Hiro then encounters Samuel teleported from the future by his dying friend Arnold who possessed When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? same powers as Hiro who warns him that unlike him fixing Ando and Kimiko's relationship, meddling with things at this point in time is dangerous due to how many people's fates converged here.

Hiro, realizing Sylar is about to attack Charlie, freezes time and stops Sylar just in time. He removes Sylar on a dolly as he still can't control his teleportation and puts him in a bus compartment. His past self teleports away and is in the picture of Charlie's birthday party, keeping that part of history on track.

Upon a reminder by Samuel, Hiro, introducing himself as Future Hiro, informs Past Ando of what Past Hiro has done and convinces him to stay as his past self never informed Ando of where he was disappearing off to this time. Hiro then visits Charlie who remembers him and he tries to get her to start on the world tour she always wanted to go on and she agrees, however, her blood clot starts to rupture into a fatal aneurysm and Hiro becomes desperate to save her again. He remembers Sylar said he could fix the clot and rushes to the bus station in Odessa where he encounters a free and angry Sylar.

He evades him by repeatedly stopping time and moving around, but due to his condition this tires him out and gives him a headache, however, he succeeds in convincing Sylar by promising to reveal his personal future. At the diner, Sylar telekinetically removes Charlie's blood clot through her eye and saves her. Hiro keeps up his end of the deal telling Sylar he will become a powerful villain who many people will gather to kill and he will die alone and unmissed.

Hiro then freezes time and returns Sylar to the Odessa Bus Station via motor scooter. At the diner, Charlie is angry with Hiro for saving her and not everyone who Sylar kills and runs off. Hiro later chats with Noah Bennet about love and is relieved when Charlie returns, and apologizes for her actions and admits she loves him.

He follows her outside and finds her gone and Samuel waiting for him. Samuel tells him that Charlie is at his carnival in the present and if Hiro wants to see her again, he has to take control of his powers and transport them there.

Hiro realizes Samuel is evil and grabs him in anger before managing to teleport them to Samuel's carnival in the present. This causes Samuel to remark that Hiro is finally regaining control over his powers. Hiro searches for Charlie and finds her nametag outside a dead Arnold's trailer and Samuel reveals he had Arnold trap her somewhere in time and the only way he'll tell Hiro where to look is if he does what Samuel wants.

Hiro reluctantly agrees and Samuel tells him he made a mistake eight weeks before. Hiro offers to find him in the present as he's not sure about his ability to time travel, but Samuel tells him it has to be eight weeks before and that if he wants to see Charlie again he'll do it. Hiro, exercising control over his time travel and teleportation powers for the first time since got them back, teleports to Mohinder Suresh's hotel room eight weeks in the past, but his control is not perfect and he arrives ten minutes too late and finds Mohinder dead.

He tries again and gets it right on the second try, arriving as Mohinder drops a lit match into a wastebasket with the film although doing so gives him a minor nosebleed. Hiro freezes time, exchanges the film for another one and puts a Kevlar vest on Mohinder to protect him from Samuel. After the fake film is burned and Samuel believes he killed Mohinder, Hiro reveals himself to Mohinder and tells him he's from the future and explains how he knew what was going to happen to Mohinder. Hiro tells Mohinder to disappear for eight weeks so Samuel will believe him dead and he can get Charlie back.

Mohinder refuses so Hiro freezes time and teleports him away, displaying control of teleportation outside of time travel for the first time. He traps him in a mental institution in Florida so he'll be out of the way and then returns to the present where he gives Samuel the film and demands Charlie.

Samuel says he will give her to him later before walking away. Lydia offers to help and after reading Hiro and seeing his desires, she has him take her back in time eight weeks to witness Joseph's death.

Hiro is reluctant, but does When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze?, although he indicates Lydia was responsible for the time travel. The two When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? Samuel murder Joseph and desperately try to teleport back before Samuel finds them.

With Lydia's help, Hiro manages to return the two to the present, but a suspicious Samuel figures out the truth. He tries to claim Edgar killed Joseph, but Hiro refuses to back up Edgar's claim that Samuel did it due to Charlie. Samuel goes to kill Edgar, but Hiro freezes time and helps Edgar get away instead. Later, in retaliation and in order to keep Hiro in the Carnival, Samuel has Damien try to erase Hiro's mind, but instead it just addles his brains, causing him to start to think he is fictional characters and teleport away to save.

When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? for his sidekickhe is arrested and taken to Ando at Yamagato as the police found Ando's business When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? on him. Hiro confirms this and claims Ando is the best sidekick he knows.

As he's led down a hallway, Hiro points out room to Ando who checks and realizes who he's talking about. Ando later visits Hiro and when Hiro reveals that the drugs that are being used on Mohinder are preventing his use of super-strength, Ando switches Mohinder's pills withbut accidentally swallows Mohinder's pills and falls into a drug-induced stupor.

Hiro hides Ando in a closet and later that night wakes up Mohinder When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze?, now no longer under the influence of the hospital's drugs, easily breaks free of his straitjacket and cell.

Ando snaps out of his daze and blasts the door open, allowing the three to escape into a swamp while the orderlies are distracted. Mohinder realizes that they can't outrun the orderlies and their dogs and wants Hiro to teleport them to safety, but in Hiro's addled state he is unable to.

Mohinder suggests a reluctant Ando use his power like electro-shock therapy and try to shock Hiro back to normal and Ando tries. Ando's attempt works and Hiro is restored to normal. Hiro immediately teleports himself, Mohinder and Ando away to Noah Bennet's apartment, getting away seconds before the dogs and orderlies find the spot the three had been hiding in. Hiro teleporting into the apartment interrupts Noah and Lauren Gilmore kissing and Hiro asks for their help.

InHiro is starting to feel worse and collapses in Noah Bennet's apartment. Hiro is rushed to the hospital where he is now dying from his brain tumor.

The doctors start to operate on him to attempt to remove the tumor and save him, while Hiro ends When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? in a hallucination where he is on trial for his acts of tampering with time during Redemption. Adam Monroe is the prosecutor, Kaito is the judge and Ando is the defense attorney.

Young Ando, Kimiko and Sylar are brought in as witnesses for the prosecution and used against him and Hiro testifies for himself and is found guilty. While being led toward the light, he asks Kaito for a chance to redeem himself and is given it.

Hiro sword-fights Adam and kills him with the real Ando's encouragement while in the real world he crashes on the operating table. Hiro's mother Ishi appears to him and in his mind heals him of his tumor, reviving him in the real world where the doctors successfully remove the tumor.

Later, Hiro chats When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? Ando, now cured. Hiro realizes it's from Charlie and goes to her room to find her an old, dying, woman. Charlie explains that Arnold teleported her to Milwaukee on January 26, 1944 and she started a new life and a family there. Hiro initially wants to travel to that date and return her to her own time, but Charlie convinces him not to as she has lived a good life which will never exist if he interferes.

With Charlie safe, Hiro finds himself purposeless until Ando reminds him of Samuel Sullivan and Hiro teleports the two to the Carnival in Central Park after saying a final goodbye to Charlie. There, Claire asks Hiro to teleport dozens of specials away from the Carnival to strip Samuel of his powers.

Hiro agrees to try, telling everyone to hold hands, but is unsure he can do it until Ando offers to supercharge him. With Ando supercharging him, Hiro successfully teleports everyone away, stripping Samuel of his immense powers and allowing Peter to defeat him.

Hiro and Ando later return to the Carnival and witness Claire jumping from the Ferris Wheel and exposing her powers to the world. When Noah forces Norris to show him security footage of himself at the hospital on June 13, he sees that time keeps skipping back and forth in one room he was in.

He assumes that the temporal anomaly was caused by Hiro. When Noah tells Quentin what he saw in the footage, Quentin comes to the same conclusion. Erica claims that he died at the Odessa Peace Summit on June 13, 2014.

Noah, however, does not believe her. Noah and Ren learn When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? Miko Otomo can only release Hiro by sacrificing herself. Hiro is eventually rescued by Miko using the Kensei When did Arnold play Mr.

Freeze? as a key. Hiro emerges from the video game in time to freeze time around Noah and save his life as he's about to be shot. Hiro greets Noah who asks Hiro to take him back to June 13, 2014 to change history.

Hiro is reluctant, but decides that Erica Kravid used him to bend time to her own purposes when she imprisoned him, so he agrees. Hiro teleports away with Noah, asking him not to step on any butterflies. At the Odessa Summit, Hiro and Noah appear and walk towards the building.

Having not time traveled in years, Hiro refuses to aid Erica Kravid's effort to send supplies to the future and the man sent to convince him traps him in Evernow which allows Erica to channel Hiro's power for her own purposes. Hiro is reported dead in the bombing to the man's shock. After the future Hiro brings them back to the summit, Noah explains the bombing to him.

After Noah learns from that Claire is in the hospital, Hiro sends Noah to save Claire while he stops the bomb. Hiro rescues from Harris and takes on two When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? who are armed with bomb vests while Mohinder chases another one. Armed with two swords, Hiro faces off with the clones who tell him he can't defeat them on his own. Stating that he can but he needs to know what will happen if he does, Hiro freezes time and teleports away, appearing several times just feet away from the one before.

Returning to Noah just after he says goodbye to a dead Claire, Hiro informs him that it is impossible to change the bombing as there are too many variables and any attempt to change the future will result in a worse one as he discovered when he tried.

Hiro and Noah attempt to return to their time, but are stopped when Phoebe Frady unleashes a massive cloud of darkness that drains Hiro's powers. Shortly afterward, Harris bombs the summit and Hiro and Noah stare at the rising smoke cloud in the distance in horror. Returning to Angela and Claire's children, Hiro insists that they can't change Claire's death or the bombing as it is fate and even he can't change fate.

Angela concurs with this and tells them about the future apocalypse she foresaw and that one or both of Claire's children hold the key to saving the world. Noah realizes that the safest place for them When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? in the past where they can grow up and gain their powers while Erica will be looking for toddlers in the future, not teenagers. Hiro reluctantly agrees to take the children, Nathan and Malina back to 1999 with Angela and tells Noah he will return shortly and not to change anything else.

It is shown that Hiro left Nathan with the nurse who helped him feed the baby, Anne Clark and Nathan would grow up to be teleporter Tommy Clark. When Hiro attempts to transport them to Geneva, he discovers his power is gone and Angela realizes that Nathan has power absorption abilities similar to Arthur and Peter. He took Claire's power, resulting in her death and has now When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? Hiro's power. Angela realizes they need to keep the children apart and takes Malina with her, leaving Hiro to raise Nathan himself.

In the present, Noah tries to track down Hiro with the help of Molly Walker so he can return Noah to his own time. Molly is able to locate Hiro's power, but not Hiro himself. Arriving at a house in Odessa, Noah finds an older Hiro to his shock.

Hiro has married nurse Anne Clark from the hospital and raised Nathan as his own son. Hiro explains that Nathan has his powers now and can only keep one ability at a time. Hiro is angry that Noah tried to kill Erica Kravid and Harris shows up to attack.

Nathan teleports Harris across the room, allowing Noah to kill him and Noah has Nathan take him to see Angela. After Noah's return, Hiro guides Nathan through returning Noah to the future and spots more Harris' arriving. Hiro orders Nathan to take Anne and Caspar to safety while he holds off Harris.

He says goodbye to Anne and gives Nathan the 9th Wonders! After Nathan teleports away, Hiro draws two swords and charges the three Harris' for a final stand. Nathan attempts to return to aid Hiro, forcing Caspar to erase his memory of all but Anne to protect him, leading to Nathan becoming Tommy Clark. Without his memories, Tommy shows that he thinks himself a simple teleporter and is unaware of his being able to time travel or freeze time. However, he is able to relearn how to use these parts of his ability after it is revealed to be Hiro's.

Anne tells Tommy that Hiro was always amazed by Tommy's powers and had stated that Tommy could do much more with them than Hiro ever could.

However, Anne doesn't know what Hiro meant by that. She also reminds Tommy that according to Hiro, what they're seeing is only one possible future which means he can still change it. Tommy is left emotional at seeing himself with Hiro and after his escape from the Eternal Fortress, realizes he can split himself in two with Hiro's powers. Tommy later rescues Noah from being killed and shows him how seven years in the past, Angela Petrelli determined that the only way for Tommy and Malina to save the world was to have a human conduit for their powers.

However, such an action would be fatal for the conduit. Tommy explains that he tried to stop the H. In Tommy's case, that had led him to Noah who agreed to sacrifice himself to allow his grandchildren to save the world. When he appears to in a subway, he freezes time in order to speak with Peter privately.

He sports a and ponytail, no longer wears glasses, wears a black overcoat, carries a katana on his back, and speaks fluent English. Future Hiro's fluent accent is, in fact, Masi Oka's real voice, deepened for dramatic effect. He is also much more serious, focused, and calm than the current-day Hiro, and his sense of humor appears to be diminished.

The future Peter Petrelli speculates that it was Ando's death in the explosion that changed Hiro. In this issue, Hiro rescues a girl named Sparrow and the two seem to know each other.

He also explains a bit what happened in the future after the bomb went off. He tells them how they aren't supposed to be there and asks why the future hasn't changed. Future Hiro learns that present-day Hiro has not had the chance to kill Sylar yet. He decides that he must get present Hiro back to the past so that When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? can stop Sylar, but before Future Hiro can do so,his Homeland Security squad, and raid the loft.

Future Hiro and Ando are able to escape, but present-day Hiro is captured. Future Hiro begins recruiting people so that he can free present day Hiro and goes off to Las Vegas to seek Peter's help. Ando and Future Hiro encounter Niki, who is in a relationship with Peter. Niki tells them nothing about Peter, but when prompted, tells them that she knows that is in Texas, helping those with abilities to establish new identities and hide from the government.

Once there, Future Hiro asks Bennet for help, specifically requesting, and. While at first Bennet doesn't want to help, he agrees when he hears that they know Claire is alive. Future Hiro and Ando then begin talking about what happened to Ando in the future.

Right when Hiro is about to tell Ando something important, he is shot with a by Matt. Before they are about to be captured, Peter comes and by utilizing Hiro's power, is able to help them escape. With Peter's help, Future Hiro and Ando are able to enter the building where present-day Hiro is being held and make it to him. Right after they free present-day Hiro, future Hiro tells them he will take them back to their time since present-day Hiro still doesn't have full control of his powers, but before he can do it he is shot and killed When did Arnold play Mr.

Freeze? Matt Parkman. Before Future Hiro dies he gives Ando Isaac's incomplete comic book. The older Hiro argues with Ando, who attacks Hiro with an energy manipulation ability in Tokyo, just before an unknown force destroys the city. Specific examples of temporal manipulation include slowing time relative to himself and rewinding time specific to certain objects a clock, a train, and a gun in various episodes.

As demonstrated by his encounters with Daphne, a woman with the power of enhanced speed, Hiro does not stop time completely.

Hiro has shown the ability to teleport both himself and others When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? physical contact with himself, both through space and time. Although stressful events and practice have helped Hiro to develop his abilities, Hiro initially has trouble with the more complicated teleportation and time travel abilities. For example, when he teleported tohe inadvertently traveled five weeks into the future as well. Although he was able to travel back to the same time and place from which he When did Arnold play Mr.

Freeze?, he was only able to do so when his life was in danger from a. Later, when he attempted to save 's life by traveling to the day before her death, Hiro accidentally traveled. He also inadvertently teleported to present day from just as he and Charlie were about to kiss and then could not teleport back, no matter how hard he tried. After the incident with Charlie, Hiro's powers began weakening, eventually becoming completely unusable though he is able to inadvertently reverse time for a bullet by one second, saving himself and Ando but unaware he did it.

He seeks out Takezo Kensei's sword in the hope that it will focus his failing powers. His father attributes this to a matter of confidence rather than any effect caused by the sword. In addition to his power over time, Hiro is skilled with a katana, having been trained by his father. After Ando teaches him how to use them again, Hiro shows great control over them even in his young mental state, being able to stop time with ease and using it to play tricksteleport himself and others and time-travel 16 years into the past with Claire Bennett.

At the moment Hiro has regained the ability to stop and restart time, but is still unable to teleport or travel through time. However problems have When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? arisen, when Hiro and Ando prepare to infiltrate Building 26, Hiro's powers falter and he instead receives a blistering headache and a nosebleed.

After the two rescue all of the evolved humans, Mohinder states that for some reason Hiro's body is now rejecting his powers and he can't risk freezing time again. Hiro does it one more time to save Noah Bennet from Danko, but it proves to be too much of a strain on him and causes him to pass out. After focusing on a photograph of himself, Ando, and his sister Kimiko taken at the Sullivan Bros.

Carnival 14 years ago, he inadvertently travels there. By doing so, he used both his time-traveling and teleportation abilities. He seems to have little control over his power. He seems to travel through time when he's thinking of something from the past. As of Hysterical Blindness, Hiro has the ability to teleport back. However, like his ability to time When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze?, his first teleportation seemed accidental and instinctual.

It took him from Yamagato to Peter Petrelli's apartment. He then collapsed from presumably the strain the teleport put on him in his condition. His time-stopping ability, if he uses it too much, exhausts Hiro and causes him pain. An unfortunate side effect of this ability is the strain it puts on the body can cause inoperable tumors. When Samuel provoked him, Hiro managed to teleport them both to Samuel's carnival, but later he was unsure if he could time travel eight weeks.

Hiro managed to perform this task, but it took him two tries to get it right as he said the first time took him ten minutes too late. The time travel caused him to have a minor nosebleed, but besides that he seemed to suffer no ill effects. He later displays just teleportation, teleporting Mohinder to Florida where he checks him into a mental hospital under a fake name in order to keep him out of sight for eight weeks in order to preserve the timeline.

He teleports them easily, but he indicates Lydia was responsible for it not him, but this is unclear. In the past he has trouble teleporting them back due to his lack of full control and probably the stress When did Arnold play Mr.

Freeze? the situation. However, with Lydia's help, he manages to bring them both back to the present. Hiro shows no trouble teleporting at will this time and takes more than one person with him, something he hasn't done since before he lost his powers. Hiro is easily able to teleport himself and Ando to Central Park where the Carnival is with no issues. There, Hiro is asked to teleport over a dozen people away from the Carnival. Hiro has everyone hold hands and manages to succeed in teleporting everyone thanks to Ando supercharging his powers which give him the boost to his powers he needs to teleport such a large group of people.

Hiro repeatedly states that he can't change fated events and attempts to do so could result in worse futures. When Hiro is trapped in Evernow, Erica Kravid is able When did Arnold play Mr.

Freeze? harness Hiro's powers to send When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? to the future when even Hiro is not there to personally use the power. Before being trapped in the game, Hiro states that he hasn't time traveled in years. After being rescued from Evernow, Hiro is able to freeze time around without even being fully out of the game.

He is also able to keep Noah out of the freeze without touching him as he previously needed. After traveling back to the Odessa Peace Summit, Hiro is apparently When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? to change the future and then reverse the changes as he indicates that he saw what would come of his attempts to change things. Along with the existence of of himself, Hiro has come across or induced a few or alterations in the series.

When directly questioned about this by Ando, Hiro says they are changing the future. This change was most noted by a picture which had originally shown only Charlie at her now showing both her and Hiro. Starting at the end of Season 1 and through much of Season 2, Hiro was in 1671 Feudal Japan.

There he becomes personally entwined in the history and events surrounding the warrior. This results in Hiro personally influencing many major events. However, Hiro gives into his own desire for Yaeko, causing Takezo to side with White Beard. Hiro destroys the guns by himself.

To fulfill the final part of the legend, cutting out his own heart, he leaves Yaeko behind and returns to the present. There the two successfully change some things: Claire prevents her father from answering a call that would have led to her becoming the catalyst When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? Hiro, after his mother When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? his mind, has her transfer the catalyst to him to protect it.

When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze?

Unfortunately, Arthur Petrelli still ends up with the catalyst as he travels back in time too and steals it and Hiro's powers from Hiro before sending Claire back to the present, trapping Hiro in the past. Hiro tries to destroy the formula in the past, but only manages to rip it in half like it originally was in the present before Daphne and rescue him before he does so and before Kaito kills him.

In Redemption, Hiro has regained the ability to time travel and has decided to use it to right mistakes. Returning to the present, Hiro discovers that instead of Kimiko hating Ando When did Arnold play Mr. Freeze? that night, they've been madly in love and start to have wedding plans in Acceptance. Hiro finally changes things by sitting down and talking to the man before When did Arnold play Mr.

Freeze? kills himself and convincing him that it's not worth it. He makes a deal with Sylar to tell him about his future in exchange for Sylar's help in healing Charlie's. Hiro was ready to begin a new life with Charlie before Samuel uses one of his family member's powers to trap Charlie somewhere in time, which he uses in order to manipulate Hiro into fixing a few of Samuel's 'indiscretions'.

The information that Hiro provides to Sylar may alter the timeline further in future episodes, although there was no sign of an alteration upon Hiro's return to the present at the end of the episode.

In order to keep history in line as much as possible as well, Hiro sends his own self back in time six months in order for him to fall in love with Charlie and tell Past Ando to stay, explaining what Past Hiro is doing.

The only change that seems to be displayed is that when Sylar and Matt talk at the diner, he says he only tried to kill a waitress there. Sylar is also now worried about dying alone due to what Hiro has told him and didn't kill Samuel for his power and took Lydia's without killing later.

Sylar also ends up repenting and turning good ultimately as a result. Charlie is kidnapped by Samuel and Arnold and sent to on January 26, 1944 where she ends up living a long life and meets up with Hiro again as an old woman in the present.

Hiro offers to head to that date and place and return her to her own time, but she chooses not to as she lived a good life and has a family that would never exist if he did that. His attempt works on the second try he replaces the film with When did Arnold play Mr.

Freeze? fake so Mohinder believes he burned the real onewith the first try ten minutes too late showing him Mohinder's fate. Hiro uses the opportunity to change that as well, putting a Kevlar vest on Mohinder, protecting him from Samuel's attack and making it appear that he died when he really didn't. He then requests Mohinder disappear for eight weeks to keep the timeline on track as much as possible and allow Hiro to get Charlie back, but Mohinder refuses wanting to stop Samuel so Hiro teleports him to Florida where he checks him into a mental hospital under a fake name so he's out of the way.

In the present, Samuel displays no knowledge of Mohinder's survival. In the present, Hiro and Ando rescue Mohinder from the hospital after Hiro, even in a severely addled state, remembers Mohinder is there. They learn that Samuel killed him, but just observe and don't interfere in the event. However, Lydia makes noise and while Hiro and Lydia manage to teleport away, in the present it makes Samuel suspicious of Lydia leading to the expulsion of Edgar from the Carnival and Edgar nearly being killed before Hiro saves him.

Though Hiro finds the bomber, he experiments with what will happen if he tries to stop the bombing. It is indicated that he experienced multiple possible futures trying this as he tells Noah that if he changes this event, the futures that will result will be even worse.

Hiro is unable to safely change the bombing and tells Noah it is impossible to do as it is fate and he can't change fate. He is also unable to save Claire's life for the same reason. Instead, at Noah's request, Hiro takes Claire's children Nathan and Malina back to 1999 to protect them so they will grow up and be ready for their destiny of saving the world while also protecting them from Erica Kravid.

This is shown to not be a change to the timeline but rather something that was apparently destined to happen as Noah had his memory of the day erased to protect the children from Erica Kravid and Nathan now known as Tommy Clark and Malina are seen before Hiro travels back to the Summit and then 1999.

The character has had a mixed reception. Malian-French pop singer adapted her from the character. Retrieved 2014-02-26 — via Google Books.

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